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Friday, July 24, 2015

Black Prosecutors Association?

Loretta Lynch

I was watching CSPAN this morning and they re-ran a Wednesday speech by Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the National Black Prosecutors Association conference at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington DC.  Nice digs for taxpayer funded employees eh?  So here we have a "black" bunch of people who are supposed to be prosecuting bad people and all they can talk about apparently is how society is picking on "people of color".  Lynch is a very articulate person and appears to be very smart as well.  I was hopeful that Obama had picked someone for the top spot in law enforcement who would be unfazed by "race".  Her speech was a huge disappointment.

HERE is her speech.

Listening to her I was hearing the female side of Eric Holder, the man she replaced at the job.  For one thing, I asked myself if she would come and speak to the "White Attorney Generals Association"?  Of course I don't think there is one and it would not be accepted in America by almost anyone.  I always thought the law was "color-blind" and we elected people, especially DA's to be "colorblind".  Well in my "Pollyanna" view of the law enforcement duties of prosecutors I am now a bit distressed.  Why should there be a Black Prosecutors Association?  Why is there a Congressional Black Caucus?  Why is their a "Hispanic" Chamber of Commerce, or pick any race, they all seem to want to be "apart" from the total population.  They want to be apart because in my view they have not accepted their membership in the USA.

How can we solve any problems in America when we have people like Lynch and her compatriots seeking "apart" from the country?  We don't have a "white Chamber"  We "white" people want us all to be Americans, no hyphens.  Yet rather than expend their time and energy to be part of America they want to be "apart".  Lynch talked about "incarceration" injustice.  She talked about police power and how street cops need to be more "sensitive".  She will be going around the country to places like Seattle and Richmond, California to talk to police departments about Eric Holders "new strategies" from policing to incarceration.  Isn't that special?

So here we have the top law enforcement person doing the "let's be nice to the bad guys" dance and disregarding the real problems.  If a person commits a crime and is caught, are we supposed to have a handholding seminar before the arrest?  My goodness, all this "feel good" gains nothing for the people who are robbed, mugged, murdered and stolen from.  People in all communities want to have safe streets but listening to Lynch her plan is to defang the cops!  No one gets peace except the perps!  Look at the aftermath of the Baltimore riots.  Lawlessness abounds because people like Lynch and her activist "cop haters" have control.  But the poor folks that just want safe streets are tossed aside.

I guess I just don't understand how we let the inmates run the asylum.  All the people in these towns and cities subject to crime are not helped at all.  The streets of Chicago are filled with dead bodies.  Mostly blacks killing blacks!  But nary a word of hope for the everyday citizens from Lynch.  She wants to have a kumbaya with the cops and never mentioned Chicago.  If blacks and whites and all the rest want a safe America for all, they need to dump these hyphens, they need to come together as Americans and we can all fight the evils surrounding us.  But as long as we have these people that want to be "apart", it cannot happen.  The losers of freedoms are those poor people that can't come out of their houses because the bad guys control the streets.  Lynch doesn't seem to care and if she does it seems to me her speech was a dog whistle for anti-white hate.


  1. What would happen if a group wanted to start a "National White Prosecutors Association"?

  2. Sorry to say what we're seeing is racism and tribalism in America's of, by and for all people. What's with these organizations for specific races....similar to the KKK mentality.BMW


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