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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Germans recruited to ISIL? Really?

I have a Sunday only subscription to the Sacramento Bee.  They were running a special and I decided to try it again.  I had canceled my subscription many years ago because I got sick and tired of their liberal bias in the news articles and on the Opinion pages.  I thought I'd try again but lo and behold nothing has changed.

Matthew Schofield
Today on page 15A there was a article by McClatchy Foreign Staff reporter, Matthew Schofield, titled, Islamic State recruits vulnerable Germans.  It caught me eye since I was unaware there were Germans headed to the mid-east who wanted to fight for the head choppers.  I thought how is this possible?  We can't even get the Germans to confront Putin of Russia or defend themselves from Greece!  The country and its people have gone very soft since they were the scourge of the planet 70 years ago. 

So I read the article and it became clear to me that real Germans, the white ones, were not those "Germans" that were headed to the ISIL camps to learn how to blow themselves to smithereens along with innocent children.  But to really find out this fact, that the people headed out were "immigrants" from other countries, such as Turkey or other Islamic countries, one has to search and analyze.  Just as these reporters do here in American articles, you just can't find out the nationality of people other than "white" in these stories.

There are teasers in the article though.  Mosque is in there.  Immigrant is there (but from where?) and some other coded words.  But never anything directly stating the ISIL warriors  are really transplants from other countries and non-white.  There is even the same accusation that "Briton's" are headed to ISIL.  No mention these are Islamic transplants.  Why the press does this deception has troubled me greatly over the years.  There are millions of people from the Islamic countries in Europe and America.  Yet, you would never know they are the ones populating the "foreign fighter" ranks of ISIL.  The deception is they are "Anglos".

Whenever there is an article or news story in America about a criminal act, the press has rules to not call out the race of the perp.  But if the perp is white, no problem at all about identifying his/her race.  Isn't it relevant to know the race of a criminal?  How do the police notify others on a BOLO?  We have allowed political correctness to overtake common sense in the pursuit of criminals!  Are we that stupid?  Apparently so.

I was reminded of this PC reporting "rule" while looking for the race (and ethnicity) on some heinous crimes including "gang rape" of young girls.  In some of the articles, the reporter uses words like "man" and similar terms rather than alerting us to the truth.  In those cases I read, the perps were Mexicans!  Not one mention they were, or the fact they were illegal aliens!  This PC puts all law abiding people at risk if they cannot be told the truth.

So there we have it.  Another PC reporter fails to mention the true identity of the perps and leaves the impression they are really "German" or "British".  There are very few if any "white" Europeans fighting for ISIL.  That is just not something taught in the schools of Germany or Great Britain.  It is taught in Islamic schools though and preached in the Mosques.  Can you imagine a Pastor here in America preaching "suicide bombing" to his flock?

I would hope that our "press" would get off the PC wagon and start telling the people the truth.  Report the facts, don't withhold facts because you don't want to hurt some suicide bombers feelings, or his family members.  No wonder print media and the Alphabet networks are headed to the dustbin.  MSNBC is now the PC frontrunner in TV as is the New York Times in paper. 

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  1. If anyone has a doubt about the press not giving you all the info on a story. Just read about the one story from Detroit where numerous people were shot aat a birthday party. One dead. Tell us the race.

    Juxtapose the stories on the Charleston scumbag.


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