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Friday, June 26, 2015

Confederate Battle Flags are what?

Now this picture confused me.  It came off of Facebook.

This was the text from the picture.  You decide what you want.  Freedom of Speech lives! 

"The Confederate Battle Flag represents racism.... I don't think so. I for one know the history and I'm from the North and married to an Alabama girl for the last 36 years. The red, white and blue stand for the same as our US flag. Red= valor, blue= justice and white for purity. The stars are the 13 original colonies. Not far from ours today. The difference lies in the interpretation. First it was never a state flag. It was designed as a battle flag for the southern states. The X is the main difference. It represents the south wanting out of the Union after the northern aggression to push their laws on the south. It was the succession movement which is what lead to the civil war. It never had or represented race or racism, slavery or even white supremacy that some believe it did. Simply their wanting to leave the union... Please do your own research. People need to actually read a history book! Something that teachers do not teach and politicians with hidden agendas continue to destroy historic documents so they can pass their agendas. Which is continuing to enslave the people by taking away our ability to be free people. What I mean by that, they use our tax dollars to live like royalty, They love big government because they can hide from accountability. Meanwhile they do everything possible to keep us from gaining financial security. IRS, Taxes, USDA, FDA, EPA, and every government agency is like a leech and sucking every dollar out of our wallets. You want to abolish something- get rid of the government control that is in our lives. They are not allowing the people to be free. Stop voting for these politicians that vote for their buddies and making themselves millionaires while screwing the people.

We need people for the people. We need to stop allowing these people to live off our hard work."


  1. Amen Brother!

  2. Free speech is dead in the USA!

    1. With this frenzy of Taliban like flag and icon burning, what is the difference between us and them?

  3. Another great example of how the Lib's act, they do what ever they want, they "feel" justified, no laws apply to them, remember the Occupy Wall Street, law breaking "protests"?

    An activist climbed up a flagpole outside the South Carolina Statehouse and removed the Confederate flag early Saturday morning -- in a startling, and short-lived, protest against the controversial symbol.

    Bree Newsome, 30, of Charlotte, N.C., apparently is part of a group of activists. She and a man who had entered the wrought-iron fence surrounding the flag were arrested after she came back down. And the flag, which is protected by state law, was raised again a short time later.

    Sherri Iacobelli, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Safety, said that Newsome and James Ian Tyson, 30, also of Charlotte, have been charged with defacing monuments on state Capitol grounds. That's a misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $5,000 and a prison term of up to three years or both.

    About the time of her arrest, Newsome, who is black, released an email statement to the media. "We removed the flag today because we can't wait any longer. We can't continue like this another day," it said. "It's time for a new chapter where we are sincere about dismantling white supremacy and building toward true racial justice and equality."

    The incident is just the latest flare-up in the national debate over Confederate symbols. Gov. Nikki Haley and other state leaders earlier this week called for the flag to be taken down, but this will require an act of the legislature.

    1. The :white supremacy" mantra is now the latest Alinsky program to destabilize America. Anarchy is the true form of government (or lack of) in the planet's history and it is coming out in many ways now. The country's critics on race and the position of whites in the system are just a way to create havoc. I am not surprised that the liberal "white" press champions these things. Alas, if the place go to hell they will be the first to be up against the wall when these anarchists win.


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