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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pamela Geller's smackdown of CNN's Infobabe on "Freedom of Speech"!

HERE is the Youtube interview.

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I had never heard of Pamela Geller before until I watched some news shows yesterday.  After two Muslim men attacked a gathering in Dallas, Texas, I was hearing the talking heads yapping about her and how she brought this on herself.  Say what?  She put on a contest about drawing a cartoon of Mohamed, the Chief Prophet of Islam from the Sixth century.  The critics were attacking her for a CARTOON contest!  And these critics were American "journalists" supposedly making their living in the "freedom of speech" arena!

In a nutshell, the infobabe of CNN got her ass handed to her by this Geller and it was not pretty.  Geller was articulate and knew her stuff.  The infobabe was showing how "uneducated" and foolish our once proud media figures have become.  I now see why CNN is on the wain.  Geller was making a big point that Islam has no humor.  She said Khomeini in 1979 said that there is no humor.  So why not take him at his word?  A religion like Islam that will send out the storm troopers to kill you for drawing a picture?  She calls that behavior uncivilized and those that believe you should die, "savages".  I agree.

The CNN infobabe quoted the "keynote" speaker at her event as a Islamophobe but Geller would have none of the "guilt by association" BS.  She said go interview him.  That is his opinion (I agree with him) and let's talk about my, Geller's, opinions.  You can see the techniques the modern day media uses in these interviews.  Would this infobabe do this to Hillary Clinton and her "Foundation" that seems to be a scam?  I bet not.  Would this infobabe say the same things to a Muslim about the "religion of peace" that seems to murder and behead Christians all over the world?  Nope, my guess is these info-people of today are perfectly happy to attack and impugn those people they know will not kill them for "blasphemy".

The two men who tangled with the wrong Texas policeman yesterday are a good example of what is wrong with Islam and its "true believers".  The apologists for these men, the Mullah of their Mosque in Phoenix and the lawyer for Elton Simpson, a convert to Islam, said they just could not believe the man they knew would do such a thing.  Well, then my question is this.  What causes a docile man or woman to become a monster who will kill and murder people for their "religion"?  The religion of peace?  Hardly.  These monsters beheaded 300 Christians last week!  Convert or die they say.  We want Sharia Law implemented like they have in Iran, they say.  If you commit adultery we will stone you to death!  You steal we will cut off your hand!  You "blaspheme" and we will hang you!  If you are a woman and you are raped, you are the guilty one!  If you are a homosexual we will kill you!  My goodness, Geller is totally right.  These kinds of laws are barbaric  and the people that enforce them are savages.  They belong in the 6th century!

The sad thing for our country in my view is our "protectors" of the First Amendment are now the purveyors of PC and accusation.  If you watch the CNN video and listen carefully you will hear and see what I am talking about.  Rather than ask questions about why Islam and Muslims have this violent streak, the infobabe accuses Geller and is nasty in her questions!  My goodness, Geller is truly the one to be praised for her bravery in confronting these "jihadist" nuts.  It is as if the infobabe forgot about the murders in Paris and Denmark.  I mean come on CNN, you report these atrocities everyday and yet your infobabe jumps all over Geller!  So, rather than pointing to the ridiculousness of CNN and the other alphabet soup networks, I watch and read other outlets.

 Sidebar:  Yesterday evening I thought I would see what NBC was talking about and as usual, they were doing a feel good about the Clinton Foundation.  Even though only 15% of the money goes to the causes, the NBC show (not news in my opinion)  praised Bill and Hillary.  My goodness, I thought, these people are shameless.  NBC is probably looking to be the Hillary press guy.  So I could not stomach the BS dished out and went to baseball.  Much more pleasant.

Freedom of speech is a tenuous thing if the people in charge of it exercise it to destroy those that are the true protectors of it like Geller.  We can  never let the government take over the Internet as I view it as the last best hope for true access to freedom of speech.  Stop the PC crap and get real.  That is Geller's message and I could not agree more.

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