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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baltimore Police are being railroaded and the inner city people are ludicrous

The "Baltimore Six"
The faces of those between you and the crooks.  But if you listen to the liars from the inner cities you would think the criminals are the good guys and these brave men and women are the bad guys.  The world is upside down and backwards in my view.  This issue of policing is now the subject of the lunacy of the liberals as has been the environment movement  and government power.

I just listened to a black woman Congressional House member being interviewed.  I give her credit for already being able to take a pretty clear set of questions and obfuscating them into gobbledygook and anti Republican BS.  She was asked that since the democrats have run Baltimore for fifty years and all the electeds are democrats, would that not be an indictment of liberal/democrat policies as a failure to solve problems?  She blamed the Republican Governor of four months!  He did not get the education money to the city fast enough, she said.  Jeeze!  Baltimore has the third highest per capita spent on k-12 in the country and that produces a 25% graduation rate!  But in this numskull democrat woman's brain she says it is the need for more money.

All my 64 years I have watched the demise of the family unit.  The black family unit has been hurt the most though.  And, as I watched the Watts riots and all the others back in the mid 60's, I saw the self destruction heaped upon themselves in the inner cities.  Who wants to start and maintain a business there?  These liberals spew the mantra of "gotta get more jobs" into the cities.  Well who will do that?  Or what business will risk going into a place so dangerous? What business can get a permit and operating license without being extorted? So, the rioters are looting and killing and burning and then when interviewed  say they need a job!  My goodness it appears cause and affect is not taught in schools anymore.

As a white man here in America, I can say I am certainly fed up being blamed for the problems these people are foisting upon themselves.  I and my relatives have never owned another human being.  I and my relatives were always job creators.  I personally have had many friends who are not white.  Those friends are no different than me and their aspirations were the same.  Success for themselves and their families.  But these inner city people have a different agenda and I am not sure it can ever be cured.

Now the mantra is we need to stop the "mass incarceration" of black men.  Well, if they are innocent then I am all for that.  But if they are guilty then, NOPE!  They need to do the time.  Crime rates overall are way down since law enforcement cleaned up the streets of America over the last 20 years or so.  The bad guys can't rape, murder, steal and do drug dealing to our kids when their asses are in prison.  That seems to me to be pretty evident. There are a lot of black people alive today because their potential murderers are in jail.  That point has been made repeatedly by Rudy Guliani for a while.  When he implemented "stop, question and frisk" the murders of blacks by blacks went way down in New York city.  Chicago should try it since it is now more dangerous for a black man there than on the streets of a Afghanistan city.

In Baltimore and other places where there is a death during police work, we now get to see the illogical thinking of a liberal.  A criminal like Freddie Gray with a rap sheet of twenty arrests becomes a martyr for other black people in the inner city.  Why can't they make a policeman a hero?  I mean, if the cops withdrew from these areas how long before anarchy takes over?  Not long.  So the people that should be praised (the bad apples will be dealt with) are now the bad guys.  The criminals are now the "good guys" and worthy of praise.   I don't think the training of police is lacking.  They do their best under some very difficult circumstances.  Today a New York city policeman was ambushed.  Where are the marchers supporting his rights? 

But listening to the talking heads from the left, all would be better if the folks got more money or a job.  Well, that works for me if their was more than just a handout.  You want a job?  You show up on time, are respectful to all and dependable.  That was how I started out and it seems to work.  Stay in school and take advantage of the free education this country gives our children.  My goodness, it is FREE!  What is the excuse for not taking advantage of something that is FREE?  Then you can get your diploma, move on to college or trade schools and learn how to function with your own brain and brawn.  That is what makes good people.  Show respect for others, treat them as you desire to be treated.  Little things like that.  Don't burn down your own home.  Or the neighborhood CVS Pharmacy.  Then when you show stability, business will come in.

I do believe America is at a crossroads.  Either we "enable" these "co-depents" on government freebies (all races in this batch) by continuing the "programs", or we wean them and get tough love going.  Get a job or no welfare.  Get an education or no foodstamps.  If America doesn't stop being a co-dependent nation as created by the liberals, we will be a failure.  Don't let it become a failure.


  1. Spot on. Can't wait to see the DA that made the charges go down in flames. A 35 year old, know nothing lib that is in way over her head.

  2. Already her charges are falling spart. Now I read the knife she says was legal is not legal in the city. That was the original reason Freddie was arrested I believe.

  3. The DA is a total clown. This was 100% political and anti police. Her charges are melting fast.

    1. She will be recusing herself soon for conflicts. She is a clown. As are the Mayor and the rest of the fools that have run the place for fifty years.


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