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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Obama 6.0, A sad State of the Union Address

I was getting pretty antsy.  I was getting restless.  I wanted the boring, slow and vacuous speech to end!  Over a hour of recycling and what did we hear?  Giveaways galore!  You would think this narcissist President would be a little humble in his largess.  But nope.

From the first syllable from his lips I could tell he was angry he got his butt handed to him by the American people.  He was not going to let us see how disappointed he is that he has been rejected.  His jaw was clinched and his mannerisms showed me he just cannot be humble.  My goodness, the nation said last November, STOP!  We don't like what you and Harry and Nancy are shoving down our throats from your perches in Washington DC.  STOP!  Here, take that!  We are sending Republicans in huge numbers to show you Mr. O that we are serious.  But alas, Mr. O said SCREW YOU!  I am doubling down.

So I listened to more socialist giveaways and socialist re-history.  He will be tossed so many "Pinocchio's" by the swooning press corps he could build a raft and sail to nirvana!  His statistics were manipulated to make it sound as if all is wonderful.  He issued numerous veto threats from one side of his mouth while telling us we need to work together from the other side.  The man has to be two in one body and mind!  Does he not understand that Americans are living the day to day issues he says he has "fixed"?  His speech would possibly be believable if he was from say, Omaha and he had never set foot in DC.  Is he really a DC resident?

So there we have it.  Another total BS address for show, no substance.  I think his goal of keeping Republicans in their seats was accomplished.  Not much common ground and it was all staged as such.  Too bad for America.  I give the speech a "B" for delivery and a "F" for substance. 

Joni Ernst of Iowa gave the Republican response and did it in seven minutes!  A typical no nonsense type Republican.  She is a amicable woman and a true down to earth American from the so called "flyover" country.  She won a Senate seat held by the "I flew on Vietnam" liar, Tom Harkin.  It was a great victory for Iowa getting rid of the lefty.  So Ernst was telling America we Republicans were elected by you to come fix the mess here in DC.  I think that was pretty smart.  She did not get down into the weeds of onerous detail and she was upbeat and positive.  She is very likable.

Obama will be vetoing a lot of things over the next months.  My hope is the Republicans will not give in and keep fighting for the America we all love.  The people of the country love America as it is with some tweaks of course to make it even better.  They don't like the democrats trying to "remake" it into something else.  The major areas  where I can see some hope for passage are in trade agreements and Homeland Security.  The fight against terrorists must be won or none of this matters. Obama's spin on Gitmo was shameless.

America will hopefully elect a Republican President in 2016 and restore America to greatness.  We have booted Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and taken many State Legislatures and Governorships.  The last plum is the Oval Office.  America will return.


  1. I could hardly watch the corny showtime expressions feigning sincerety and wisdom in concert with the sheeple cheerleaders pretending they understood and supported the nothings he portrayed. The standing, clapping and sitting must have been a workout for most....but it was all show. Concern for the middle class baloney! The middle class represented the free enterprise system that employed people and provided the wealth our government wastes. Activists (like Obama) destroyed thousands of businesses and created the corporate-government nationalization they claim to abhor. But they love that grant money. For those who believe the Democrats will co-operate with Republicans...they always promise but never keep their word, because the goal is socialism like Russia and Germany last century. Same mode of operation because it works. The old and wise die off and there's a whole new, dumb population to fool. BMW

    1. I always tell the middle class to look at their power bill, their cell phone and regular telephone bill and even the ticket they have to fly for why they don't have as much money in thier pockets. All the fees, taxes and regulations at all levels of government are bleeding them dry. Obama did nothing to help that.


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