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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Republicans "Wave" at the Departing Democrats Tonight!

I was pretty nervous about the vote today across America and I was proven to be too nervous it appears.  The GOP smacked the democrats down and Harry Reid will now be a back bencher!  Congrats to the American people for sending a strong message that we don't want to "transform" our great country.

More on this later.


  1. It was a great day for conservatives. The liberal agenda was taken out to the woodshed nationwide. Republicans picked up 12 seats in the House bringing the total to a post WWII era record. In the Senate Republicans picked up seven seats for sure and possibly nine. Republicans won governors' races in Illinois, Maryland, and read that right...I said Illinois! It was a giant win for Republicans.

  2. Hey. I think I read that post somewhere before! LOL.

  3. Obliviously the country took a big step in the right direction(no pun intended) California is a lost cause,

  4. Well, despite the fact that we got our ass kicked in nearly way possible, we are "purple"! Not for any reason supported by facts, but because I say so! Everything turned out the way I predicted because I am an award winning journalist! Even Annie and Windy are amazed at my election prediction prowess. Here is my best prediction ever. By the Fourth of July, 2015, Terry Lamphier WILL NOT be on the Grass Valley City Council! LOL!!! TRUE FUE

  5. Your estimate re Lamphier is a great over/under. I will take the over but not by much. Then GV city council can pick there own replacement. Jerry Glover likely.

  6. “I was somewhat resolved that this might happen, but it’s worse than I imagined,” said “Yes on S” leader Patricia Smith, adding that she hoped to see more “Yes” votes come in when the returns from Truckee were counted".

    Maybe it had to do with all the lies from the Yes on S folks, maybe it was because of Patricia Smith's endless false claims and insane rants. Patricia Smith was a key part of Measure S going down big time, maybe it's because normal, average folks are sick and tired of the massive drug culture our community has become.


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