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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nevada County, America, a center right county and country!

Wow!  What a night!  Starting with the eastern states and ending up all the way out west, all across our country we saw the repudiation of the liberal agenda.  Only around the edges, almost only in the heavily urban areas, did we see the status quo maintained for the democrats.  I think the urbanites will be shown the error of their ways an will come around over time though.

HERE is the map of Congressional districts from Roll Call Magazine.  Looks like a red snapper with blue gills! LOL! It takes a few seconds to load but you can see how America has gone conservative. HERE is the Real Clear Politics totals from yesterday's pounding of the left.

Mia Love, a black woman, became the Congresswoman from Utah(4) last night.  I did a post on her during the 2012 election where she ran and lost.  But as she became better known she became a great candidate and the results are in.  She is the daughter of Haitian emigre's!  She is such a great example of conservative principals and she is a great speaker.  Congrats to her!

Nationally the people of America tossed out a whole lot of democrats from all levels of government.  I think the people said, hey!  "We gave you all this time to get the country and its economy back on track and you have failed".  Rather than solve the economic woes, rather than even trying, the left wrapped itself in stupid social issues.  They thought those social issues would sink the Republicans.  War on women, homosexual rights, racial politics, abortion and contraception (where is Sandra Fuke?) were shown to be paper tiger issues.  When people are hurting economically they turn those out that don't fix it.  Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were tossed aside because they were ineffective!  Simple as that.  93 million of our fellow citizens who want to work but can't find any.  All those "kids" having to live with mom and dad because there is no place to take that precious college degree!

Obama and his agenda are not welcome.  He wanted to transform America and he and his cohorts tried their best to do so.  They have made a huge mess and American voters said ENOUGH!  We love America and we thought you just meant you would fix those things that were broken.  Not to change America into a socialist country!  Jobs, jobs, and jobs!  Simple.  Americans are not a lazy people and after six years of Obama and leftist politics, Americans want to get back to work.  Obama and his war on coal, his EPA shutting down thousands of jobs for coal miners and his stopping the Keystone Pipeline showed that Obama was an ideologue not a pragmatist.  Americans in general are pragmatic.  Mostly, we want to work and make our own way.  We want less interference in our lives.

Obama would not listen.  Harry Reid would not listen.  Reid even changed the rules to allow Obama's hand picked leftst Judge candidates to be approved by 51 votes rather than the historic 60.  Americans said what?  What the hell?  Why are you not helping us find work?  Harry was not listening.  The people fired him from leadership because changing the rules for his pals was not what the people wanted.  Harry, adios buddy, take that back bench and think about your mistakes.

Republicans took the Senate and I see that Alaska is now in the R camp too.  Soon, Louisiana will be too.  12 more Congressmen (14 aqs of now) were added to the R majority in the House.  100 women are now in Congress!  Governorships in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and Illinois went Republican!  Those are the bluest of states yet they too know the democrats were helpless to fix the mess they made in the economies of their states (how are those inner city jobs doing?).  We will see in the coming days the results of state races to see if Republicans picked up more legislatures and down ticket offices.  America is going red!

California and a a few other places are still blue, democrat, but maybe that will change too.  When you see California in color, red makes up most of it with blue, democrats, taking the coastal counties and Sacramento.  Nevada County is still red and that is shown by the majority of elected officials registration and the votes for statewide office holders. HERE are the State results.  HERE are the local county results.

So already the lefty talking heads on TV and other media, even local lefty bloggers, are trying to tell us what we should be reading into the "wave" defeat of their pals.  But it will not work.  The people said it is time to get America back on track and we think the Republicans can make that happen.  Republicans need to get things done and not be wall flowers.  Of course the media will attack them relentlessly and they need to have the cajones to withstand the attacks.  They must take this mandate and send the repeal of Obamacare to Obama.  Don't take no for an answer.  Get those debts under control.  Get help to "main street" and away from "wall street"!  Get the regulators a long vacation so Americans can proceed to success without all those stupid rules! Get the people back to work!  Get the government out of our lives and out of our way.  Unleash the creativity and work ethic of our people!  If the Republicans misread this mandate, they will be a one term bogey.  So, let's go!


  1. I see the "purple" man is in denial. He and Annie Fannie and the nut Levy are just too funny!

  2. Good post Todd. Led by their clueless El Lidder, who doesn't think this election meant much and that he continues to support the majority who didn't vote all of whom continue to support him, this should be an exciting two years for Republicans. Part of the fun will be keeping an eye on Hillary and ALL the other Democrat hopefuls who will do everything possible to grow the distance between them and Barack Hussein Obama.

    1. Obama told us all today what a narcissist he is. He will not budge on anything an so we will will have stalemate. Of course that soe not hurt my feelings but when the Congress has to deal with an intransigent man like BHO, what can one do?

  3. The clueless Lib's supported and passed Prop 47 in California, we are now doomed! Crime will go up and a lot of it will be violent crime.

    Here's what law enforcement and victim's rights folks said upon it passing:

  4. I read the love letter that RL Crabb did on his blog about Izzy Martin and I posted this there. I am sure he will call me a fucker. LOL!

    "Having fought against Wild and Scenic as CABPRO's CEO back then it is revisionist history to allow the subterfuge go unchallenged about the designation. All the things I and others said would happen if the usurper from the Bay Area, Sher shoved the measure through the legislature has come to pass. SYRCL and Sierra Fund and others have taken the grants and tax money and fight all the measures regarding water storage, re-licenising dams and even the tearing down of the Englebright Dam. Land use (except for their own) is restricted along the river and its "viewshed", they fight mining and favor illegal growers. I watched all the Plannng Commission hearings for the General Plan and Izzy Martin was the leader against property rights and in my view is anti-constitutional.

    So, there certainly is more but the county is not better off because she and the others were in charge. As a target from the moment I threw my hat in the ring in 1984, I and my kids and family were subjected to all kinds of hate from those on the other end of the issues. Of course I did not complain then when I received numerous death threats and my vehicles were tampered with. You can complain about "right wingers" all you want but the left was much nastier and meaner over the years."

  5. Sure would be nice if Patricia Smith and the YES on Measure S folks would get busy and take down their signs now that they got completely wiped in the election. The damn YES signs are still all over the place. These folks need to show some respect for the community and get their signs cleaned up.

  6. I am now in moderation on RL Crabb's site. He is such a baby. My goodness, he and Pelline dish out their crap attacking others all the time and they both have such thin skins. I really think they are blood brothers. LOL!

  7. I wanted to drop by and say thank you all for your support of freedom of speech. You all ripped lefty jeffys cloak off. It is the land of liberal laments over there. They can not fathom that so many divergent voices came together and stood for the truth of measure s. All we had to do was tell the truth and educate. 3 to 1 NO tells all. This was really about rights, property owners rights. It is great how many people stood up before we won! Did anyone notice that the growers FPPC complaint was summarily dismissed?

    1. I read a lot of your comments along the way and I was inpressed that you put up with all those personal attacks. I too have dealt with that but you were much nicer than me. LOL! You and the Sheriff had a cimpelling argument and it looks like it worked very well. The trouble with the Smith argument was people already know that the "nedical" part is a joke in California and atherefre a hard sell.


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