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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri and justice in America

There it is right there for all the world to see.  Our Grand Jury system.  After three months of investigation, after only the prosecutor giving input, after the GJ interviewed all the "eye witnesses"  they could find, after all the hype, the GJ issued its "no bill" yesterday.  That means no indictment.

HERE is one media wrap of the night. If you Google there are hundreds more.

Back when this all transpired in Ferguson the race hustlers and many others claimed this was  a murder of a black man, 18 year old Michael Brown.  I listened to the DA, Robert P. McCulloch,  read the findings and it took about a half hour.  He then took questions for about the same amount of time.  I was impressed at the professionalism of the DA, a democrat, and I could see this whole episode was a tough one for him.  Of course the race hustlers had tried to get him booted from the investigation since his father, a policeman, was murdered by a black man when he was young.  To his credit the DA stood up to those bullies and refused to step aside.  His demeanor as a public servant and law enforcement officer was a fine example of the "good" people who serve us.

After the decision last night we got to see the thugs run wild in Ferguson, burning and looting their own neighbors.  Amazing!  Even with a call for calm by the Brown family, many could not resit looting the gin and whiskey from the liquor store where Michael Brown stole the cigars and pushed the little counter person the day of his death.  Irony! 

I recall asking people who said the cop should hang for "murder" that they should wait.  The facts were all over the place.  Eyewitnesses reported numerous scenarios and most were blacks who were on the street that day.  Mr. Brown is dead.  That is a sad thing of course and I grieve with his parents.  However, Michael Brown was shown to be the responsible party for attacking the policeman by reaching into the car and trying to grab his weapon.  When Mr. Brown charged the cop after having hit the cop in the face, he sealed his fate.  The cop feared for his life and unloaded his weapon at Brown, killing him.

The race hustlers try to convince others that this is a common occurrence across America.  That is a lie.  It is in fact very uncommon and as far as I know the people that attack cops are from every racial background and those that are killed in the cops self defense are also from every race and background.  We try to make sure in America that a cop who discharges his weapon is held to a very high standard.  They represent the state and we civilians must have confidence they are not shooting people for any other reasons.  That is what came out of this circumstance.

Since the pleas of the Brown family have gone unheeded by the thugs who like to practice violence, we can expect more of it.  In my opinion, this episode should motivate people to change things in a peaceful way.  People in Ferguson should run for office and then implement those changes.  They can make a concerted effort to get a good education and then get hired as policemen and other law enforcement positions.  That is the American way.  The race hustlers will keep agitating those that are prone to take the violent way but that to me is a short lived way to solve the problem. 

President Obama came on shortly after the completion of the DA's report for the GJ.  I was hopeful he would have a short encouraging speech and call for a calm response.  He kind of did but then he went off like a soda rocket into a history lesson on American injustice.  I was actually yelling at him.  My neighbors probably thought someone was in great pain!  Anyway, he should have said a few words and then went back to bed, but he could not resit dinking America.  My goodness, the man is on the edge I guess.  Here was a man given all the privileges of our great country and all he can do is trash it.  I was disgusted.  He could have said positive things about the system but he has to bring in his Saul Alinsky training to agitate those who are easily agitated.  I blame some of the rioting on him.

So maybe out of this episode of tragedy, Americans of good faith will come together and say we need to stop, count to ten and then talk.  In Chicago, murders of young black men by other young black men are out of control.  Obama should go do some "community organizing" in the streets of that city and urge his fellow Americans to stop the violence.  But he won't.  It is a shame he is so shallow.


  1. The facts are meaningless, those "witnesses" that lied and made false statements should be prosecuted, but they will not, they will be given a free pass due to race. Brown's stepfather should be charged with inciting a riot for his "burn this bitch down" rants to the crowd that night, with microphone in hand, but he won't based on race.

    Officer Wilson did his job as a trained professional law enforcement officer, Brown was a thug and attacked Officer Wilson as the facts and evidence show.

    Why was the National Guard that was ready to go not deployed? We will likely find out Obama and Holder intervened and "asked" the Governor to hold them back.

    We are doomed, the truth doesn't matter, facts don't matter.

    1. Since the country has the Second Amendment. I would suggest we are not doomed. But when the AP does a story as they did in today's Union about the Grand Jury, it just means we have to forget the lamestreams and read other information sources.


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