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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chuck Schumer is a delusional democrat Senator! I am so happy!

Wow!  I just finished watching Schumer give a speech to the National Press Club this morning.  He had quite a long screed on how he and the democrats will be taking back the reins of government in 2016 and be in charge for a generation!  On and on he droned.  It reminded me of Brezhnev addressing to Politburo or Castro making one of famous multi hour addresses.  It was so "out there" that when he finished, not one person in the audience applauded him!

Chuck Schumer, a delusional man!
As I listened to him I thought to myself, "this guy is from a different planet"!  He spoke about how his party was going to grow the government because that is what America wants.  He wants bigger and more intrusive government programs to "help" the middle class!  I could not believe it but by the time he was done I was cheering him profusely!  Yes!  What Americans want is bigger government and they proved that by electing a huge Republican majority just two weeks ago!  Sorry, I could not resist that.

So he is the third in line for the democrats in the Senate, they reelected Harry Reid as their leader this last week and Dick Durbin as number two as well.  The democrats are in denial!  As I listened to Schumer tell the people who write the news how great the democrats are for the middle class I could see the wheels turning in the press members heads as they heard this delusional man.  My goodness they must be thinking, this fellow was in charge for eight years and the country is in deep crapola economically yet he is telling us, the smartest people we know, that things are rosy!  Anyway, I could see that Schumer actually believes what he was saying and I am very very happy he does.

After he finished to no applause he took some questions from these gatekeepers of the truth.  Of course not one said "hey Chuck, you just had your ass handed to you by the voters, analyze that for us please"?  He then would not allow a questioner to even finish their softball questions as he cut them off rudely.  I honestly feel sad for the State of New York that they would give this man 40 years of elected office.  My goodness, he is the poster child for what is truly wrong with these liberals full of hubris.  He is not a nice man and he was talking to his fan club!

So to me I could not be more pleased that he is looking at the world as he does.  He has misread the mandate of November 4, 2014 and we are lucky he has.  If his views are embraced by his party, we will be in charge of the country for a long long time.  Oh, and most of his address and answers to questions comprised of Republican bashing.  I laughed my butt off as he complained about the state of America and tried to make it the R's fault.  Go Chuck!


  1. No wonder he is so enthusiastic about "embracing government".....he's never spent ....single..... minute in the private sector! Didn't even bother to practice law....just oozed into politics!

    1. That is wjy the place is a mess. Chucky slams the private sector but he never met a payroll.

  2. Expecting sanity from Chuck's as ridiculous as expecting an honest appraisal of the public sector from E.J. Dionne.

    1. Go watch him at the event on CSPAN and you can see that he has dead eyes! No soul in that man.


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