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Monday, October 6, 2014

NC Scooper, You crack me down!

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Scooper Scoops
The parody and sarcasm blog, Nevada County Scooper is toooo funny!  I have been parodied many times and the left in the county even did a play at the Nevada Theater one time.  The play was mocking my stance on Wild and Scenic as well as my defense of private property rights.  I invite more if they want to do so.  What is it they say"  Any news is good as long as they spell my name right. HERE is the link to the "Scooper".

So the Scooper mocks me and makes fun and even makes up quotes!  Here is one I found today regarding the marijuana debate. Too funny!

“We are thrilled to have so many dope-smoking slackers not voting,” said local Republican activist and lexical aficionado Todd Juvinall. “This makes it easier for us to win. It just proves that we are Right by default. And this will give me more time to mindlessly ridicule people on my blog.”

Now I am not a marijuana  user and never have been but my position on the plant is mixed.  I am torn about the use for medicinal help for pain or maladies for adults and I oppose it as a recreational plant to get high.  Call me confused.  I have seen the use of the plant ruin many lives as people I know can't stop using it and it certainly affects their lives negatively.  I consider it a "gateway" drug.  It seems that most users are too snoozy to be productive in our high octane capitalist country.

I do see the fellows out and about now in Nevada City, those guys here to apparently harvest the plant.  They all look similar.  White guys with dreadlocks and beards.  Usually skinny and with pockets of cash.  I do think it probably helps the local economy though.  Most decent good paying legitimate jobs have vamoosed to other places.

So anyway, I am honored to be written about by the "ghost writer" at the Scooper.  I do appreciate his fine words about me.

"The Scooper thinks Mr. Juvinall is a fine example of a good, patriotic American male and it is our pleasure to send that message out into the ether".  All single, rich, attractive women can contact him at his blog"

Thanks Scooper/Finklestein!  And as always, LOL!


  1. To restore my general faith in humanity I was desperately hoping that jeffy was behind the NCScooper. After all he bills himself as a professional "wordsmith" and everything that he claims authorship of is so painfully mediocre! He runs his website like he's playing "junior reporter" and he's just bad at it!

    Even though I despise the guy if he turned out to be "fink" I'd feel better about us as a species.

    1. No way. Scooper is humorous. Pelline is vile, and I doubt that he could mask his less than savory character.

    2. I doubt that he could mask his less than savory character.

      That would be the difficult part I imagine.

  2. How many of you remember my good friend in Alta Sierra - Don Qurnell, who passed in the last 2 years from Cancer?

    I used to consider Don a father figure after my dad passed from Colon Cancer @9 years ago. Don and I did not see eye-to-eye on everything, but he was a great friend and both having engineering in our blood-stream we were able to work on numerous projects together successfully.

    Now we did have our disagreements as I did not like listening to Rush every morning, and he thought that the Beatles, in their early years, looked like girls..... LOL!!!

    About 2 years before he died, Don informed me that he had Cancer, and he attributed it to the smoking that he did in his early days. Don asked me to help him install a grow space under his home, next to his shop, that he could start growing some medicine as he said that he had numerous projects that he wanted to complete before he died, and he said that it was metastasizing and had already spread throughout his body, so he knew there was very little that could be done to solve this problem at this point...

    I agreed and we spent @1 week installing a very nice space, with the very best equipment, and Don started producing what he needed.

    I found him to be in much better condition after he started using his material, he was alert, smart and as angry with President Obama, and the Federal Government as ever; which made me very happy. He even installed a picture of three chimps (Dad, Mom and the Baby, with Obama's picture glued in place), and he used to say to me almost every time I came by, so how's the President doing? Which made me shake my head, but him laugh!

    Get grew for @2 1/2 years before his death, and when I look back I feel it was a honor to do something like that for a man who made such a great impression on me, and I miss him, like my late father almost everyday as he made my life better, not only by his "sense of humor", but also by his being able to step in as a father figure to me as there were times when things we tough in my life, and I always knew that Don would be there to advise me how to get through them.

    I miss his friendship and guidance everyday, as he was my friend, and in a way, my father......

    My only wish is that he is now in a better place, and happy!

    Brad Peceimer

    1. Yes Brad, I was Don's friend for many years starting back in the mid 90's. Dottie was a friend of my wife at the time as well. Don and I worked together on many issues and I am proud to say Don's idea about creating M Measure F was a high point. I did not know Don had a grow space until I saw it under his house after he passed away. If it helped him I am very glad.

    2. Thank you for your friendship with Don, as I know that he respected you in every way and thought the world of your work and efforts.


  3. FYI, even though Measure S will not apply to Grass Valley, Nevada City or Truckee, voters in the towns will be voting on Measure S.

  4. Regarding the rumored new show called "Grass Valley" about pot farming:
    I think the upcoming show is a good fit and can be a modeled after the hit series “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey. I don’t know about the Brass Rail Saloon in North San Juan but brass knuckles are certainly on display this political season

    Measure S has temporarily unveiled the deep culture war going on in our community. Partisans on both sides are passionate, and thus are operating closer to the surface of the murky waters.

    On one side of the political isle you have Republican Women Federated operating through their main stream, hard-to-challenge proxies that include the likes of Sheriff Keith Royal, County Counsel, Board of Supervisors and almost certainly the Elections Dept. Add to this the RWF fringe proxies in the form of the State of Jefferson & Tea Party miscreants, and what you end up with is a toxic soup of authoritarian muscle flexing bare chested as their prevailing order is challenged from a most unusual quarter.

    On the other side of the local political isle is the progressive element, as well as all those discerning individuals that can read the tea leaves that the war on pot was lost long ago (as prices for weed crashed due to prohibition not working). Moderates, liberals, and some thinking conservatives who respect the reality of the marketplace (or are sick of local tin-horn authoritarians touting virtues of restraint (but they get to call out what items to restrain)) will vote Yes on S to send a signal — at least as a protest. However, without enough of the right-wing recognizing how they are being played by current and retired public sector employees to fend off the end of prohibition, any revolt in the form of measure S passing seems doomed.

    Should measure S go down, it will not be a proud moment for true conservatives who wish to limit government, respect free markets, and promote individual liberty. Don’t believe me however, just ask Sheriff Mack and / or Tom McClintock. Again, it is about listening to thinking conservatives — not the local public sector variant masquerading as such.

    In summary, it looks like not enough of the local political right in Nevada County will recognize how they are being used by the very entities that they would normally seek to oppose.

    So yes, plenty of drama but honestly the bully tactics of the local power structure are more along the cynical tactics used in the nation’s capital — hence the “House of Cards” analogy.


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