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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

California Proposition 1, the Water Bond (Assembly Bill 1471), I cannot vote for this boondoggle

I just got my supplemental ballot info yesterday.  If anyone ever had any doubts how government lemmings can run over a cliff together, this bill is a fine, up-close example of their group think.  I started reading it and my eyes glazed over in quick order.  I scanned it and then went back for more detail.  It is a "pork barrel" fiasco but my guess it will probably pass.  Those sly politicians know how to get you to vote for anything as long as it can be manipulated in to a crisis.  They could put a disbursement of gold plated horse crap  in the text and the people would still vote for it because it is "tied" to the drought. 

HERE is the Ballotpedia link to the bond measure.  HERE is the bill with all the adds and doodles by the politicians.  A really good insight on how they spend your money.

Cynically using the  drought,  these politicians saw a chance to get you to spend 7.5 billion dollars (three or four times that over the life of the bond with interest) right out of the general fund.  Please read it.  Or at least attempt to read it.  It has goodies for every interest group on the left one can imagine.  I thought it was to get going on building storage and infrastructure for water for the almost 40 million people of the state.  Was I naive?  Well not really.  I knew they would pack everything including the kitchen sink into the monster and they sure did.

Ever conservancy, watershed,  non profit, and hobo with good intentions will be getting your money.  There is enough planning money to be disbursed the green engineers will have full time employment for years.  After reading through the monster, my guess is there might end up being a pond or two constructed over the next twenty years.  But most of the effort will be spending the goodies.  Deciding who gets the money will be quite a job in itself.  There is money for wetlands, money for levees, money for land trusts and watershed groups.  There is money for river watchers, and every iteration of possible words meaning water.  Millions for Tahoe, millions for "forest health" millions for "areas".  On and on.

Remember the Congress used to pass spending bills and those wily people were putting into the bills pet projects (earmarks)?  Well, this boondoggle will enrich a lot of the California politicians pals and we will be holding the empty bag with no water in  it.  I also remember "Big Green" twenty or so years ago.  The bond was packed with goodies for ever single green group and ever wish was to be granted.  The initiative bond failed because of their hubris and overreach.  The greens in the group collecting the signatures placed the names of the recipients into the initiative!  The people saw right through that and defeated it.  This time the Legislature and the Governor made it more generic to mask who is going to get the goodies.

So, just read it and see if I am full of beans.  If you think tossing another, they say, initial 7.5 billion bucks at the drought is a good idea, then vote for it.  If on the other hand you agree this is a boondoggle and will only grease the palms of ever green eco freak in our state, then join me with a NO!


  1. We need dams more dams for water. Will this do it?

  2. Prop 1 is full of hidden pork for "non-profits". The Lib's want Prop 1 to fund their "non-profits". Vote No on Prop 1, vote no on any measure that gives government and "non-profits" more money.


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