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Monday, April 7, 2014

Illegal immigration in the USA. Could we see the same results as Ukraine and others?

What a mess.  Russia, led by the dictator Putin, is in my view trying to remake the empire of Russia and once again become a world power.  He has stumbled on a way to do this without war or bloodshed.  He is "protecting" ethnic Russians in surrounding countries.

During the reign of the communists from 1918 to to 1991 and beginning with Stalin, Russians were moved into lands conquered by the Red Army.   The army forcibly moved people from their homelands.  Siberia was a favorite spot for relocation.  So as a policy, Stalin knew it would be a calmer safer place in a country if the majority was Russian.  (Even though Stalin was from Georgia).  He, to my knowledge did not transform his home country.  So Stalin murdered and starved and relocated people he then replaced with Russian ethnics.  Today we see the ultimate end result of the policies from 70 to 80 years ago.

Ukraine, as many other countries in the old empire, have a number of areas that butt up against Russian territory.  Those areas in Ukraine, the Baltic countries and Belarus, have a population of Russians living there.  In Ukraine we saw the Russians annex Crimea last month.  Putin said all he wanted to do was protect the Russian population.  As we see, he has sent in his troops after a spate of unrest.  He said the Russians in Crimea asked him to come protect them.  How could he say no?  Now it is happening today in the rest of the eastern border areas of Ukraine.  In my view this is what could happen here in America.

Our country has allowed millions of people to immigrate here, mostly illegal. We as a people have seen our government do very little to stem the tide of these millions.  Personally, I was not too worried about this until our government started changing the laws to accommodate the illegal immigrants.  What I mean is they passed laws or judicial fiats to allow the legal residents of the country to pay billions to house, educate and feed these folks.  Once the message was out there was little downside,  our country was overrun by illegal immigrants.  They proceeded to take the jobs the Americans would not do according to the left and the press.

I have no problem with a person coming to America to work if they are legal.  I have a problem when they come illegally and stay and are off the radar of responsibility to this country and its tenets and laws.  Having attended a "swearing in" of a friend from Russia many years ago, I saw the pride and connection she had to her new country.  She knew the Constitution better than me.  She became an American that day (and a successful businesswoman).  In her physical body and her mind, she gave up the old country for this place.  When this does not happen we see the results as we do in Ukraine.

In America illegal immigrants have legal rights but apparently no responsibilities to actually become an America.  The left has said we will represent you in the legal sense if you desire to stay tethered to your home country.  No need to swear allegiance here.  We will take care of you and we will make it possible for you to become a "legal" person here.  Without all that pledging to the country or its rules and regulations.  Heck we will even give you a discount on higher eduction over the natives!  So, without the proper assimilation into the American Way we seem to have a schism.  Hyphenated Americans are untouchable for assimilation into "American" and if you criticize that lack of connection you are now guilty of "hate" or whatever dejour criticism is on the table today.

The problem with that approach to open borders and no accountability to the documents and institutions of America can now be seen in the countries Russia has its eyes on.  Stalin knew at some point when a country became majority Russian through his policies of deportation, he could march in a take the place without firing a shot.  Putin is now implementing this.  Another region in Ukraine has asked Putin to come protect them today.  I am sure he will agree.

America needs to pay attention to this.  We cannot have immigration reform if the results are that people do not become true Americans.  They must not only be here in body but also in soul.  We need to ensure that people that want to be here morph in to true Americans.  They have to have the allegiance or at some point all these hyphenated people will be lost to the truth of the greatness and hope America really is about.  We do not want people's allegiance to befor  another country simply because the issue of trust is so important.  How do we know if someone will support this country if the have not made the step to align themselves with America?  One only needs to remember The Major Hassan murders at Fort Hood to see what  could happen if a person holds another country/relogion over this one.

If we want America to be strong and last into the ages we must require people to become "real" Americans.  Get rid of the hyphens in our day to day language. Study and require allegiance to America (and capitalism).  You can still celebrate your country's special days of course, but when it comes to America, you must tell us all and practice daily, the allegiance and love this country deserves. If we don't you can call us Ukraine!


  1. I think it must be way over your head. You figure it out. Test later.

  2. It's an excellent point Todd. There's a difference when people come to this country yearning and striving to be citizens, so much so that they learn our language, history, and constitution better than natural born citizens. When our population swells with people who are here only for a job and benefits, that's not healthy for our society. Our nation needs people who are givers. Coming to the the United States of America for a better way of life for yourself or your children is an understandable objective, but it's not enough to justify handing over the keys to citizenship. If we're not careful, we may someday find this nation being led by a president who are not well grounded in the founding principles of this nation. -JG

    1. Exactly JG. MichaelA has his answer. Thanks.

    2. Plumbers can unclog all sorts of things. I hope I've helped unclogged this matter for Michael and your other readers.--JG


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