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Friday, March 14, 2014

Racist? State Senator Hernandez introduces bill to overturn parts of Prop 209

Asian organizations are not too happy with the Hispanic Hernandez's proposal to remove them from our colleges.  HERE is a article which sums up their issues with SCA5.  So, now we have a democrat super majority in the state Legislature and they are going to give us all a vote it appears.  What troubles me about this though is when these politicians conjure these things up there are always unintended consequences.

A Petition from/by Concerned Californians says in part  "1/30/2014 marked one of the darkest days in California’s recent history of politics. On this day, the California Senate, controlled by the Democratic supermajority, approved Senate Constitution Amendment No. 5 (SCA 5), which would repeal provisions of Prop 209 and allow the State of California to deny an individual or group's rights to public education on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin."

Truer words were never spoken.  HERE is the full petition wording. HERE is the bill.

So there is consequences to elections and gerrymandering lines here in California.  After the redistricting was hijacked by the democrats, we all knew it would not be long till these kinds of things started.  First attempts  watered down Prop 13 and then others.  But the Prop 209 law?  It passed 55/45 and all but three or four counties passed it in the state.  LA and SF and a couple of Bay Area liberal counties voted in opposition to 209.  HERE is the Wiki on 209.  

What is interesting to me is that the initial hysteria by the opposition groups to 209 that "minorities" would be severely impacted has proved false (now whites are the minority).  There was a small initial drop as a percentage (review the Wiki chart down about a page) but things leveled out and have returned to about the same percentages as they were in 1996.  One exception however.  Whites are down now 10%!  Asians increased and Hispanics are about the same as are the blacks.  So why would Hernandez and the democrats want this bill to tweek Prop 209?

Our colleges should be filled with students of merit, not favoritism.  We should be a land of competition not one of privileged.  Prop 209 was simple.  It said anything to do with government will be done by merit, whether a contract or a slot in a college.  This bill will slice out education and in a Orwellian move, say public education is not "government"!  So it appears those folks who cried the blues all those years for special favors, affirmative action programs, are back.  I guess they can't make it against the Asian kids so they will be slicing those students out of the system.

The rot that affirmative action and favoritism by race and ethnicity causes was dealt with.  Ward Connerly, a mixed race man and one of my heroes, championed 209 and won.  His arguments against favoritism are as strong today as they were in 1995-96.  Connerly was called every derogatory name the liberal lefty scum could conjure up.  He won and went on to get similar bills passed in other states.  Merit is what should prevail in America.  These whiny leftists in control of our state will never give up trying to secure the goodies for their groups.  Why not study harder?  Why not make the teachers in the failed public schools be held accountable for these failed students?

I feel bad for many of the students.  It really is not all their fault.  It is the democrat/liberal system and the teachers unions that have wrecked their chances for a better life and income in America.  Then because those that are in charge failed, they want to move the goal posts of success farther away and call it "fairness".  It is not fair what they have done to the young people of California.  It is a travesty.  Lowering the standard for some while keeping others out (whites and Asians) does not make our state a better place.  It makes us a state filled with mediocre graduates who are now having to compete in the real world.  

Rather that lowering the standards these liberals like Hernandez should be thinking bigger and better not less and dumber.  God help our state, it is in the hands of maniacs.

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