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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is a politcians job?

Back in the 70's when I was young and full of beans, I was living both a carefree and responsible life at the same time.  I was working and I was dependable, then I started my own business and still I was able to enjoy life and have fun outside of work.  Then in 1978 a bunch of no-growth lefty types circulated a petition to limit the number of building permits to 100 a year, county wide. 

I was a home builder just like my pop.  He came to the area direct from the navy in the latter part of 1945 and began his construction business soon after.  So here we had a bunch of recent arrivals coming to Nevada County and trying to take over.  All of us in real estate and building (and most other trades or services) banded together to fight the initiative.  Well we won, we kicked their ass and life in the county returned to normal, or so we thought.

The defeated econuts then ran for County Supervisor and took two offices and with a third already there, things started happening that brought a lot of anger and hostility to our little back water county.  The left started trying to shove their philosophy right down the throats of the communities and for the most part they won the war.  Growth projected at 215,000 in the 70's General Plan and then 155,000 in the 90's General Plan "update" leveled off at 98,000 or so.  The document governing land use, as well as the implementing zoning, has placed so many hurdles in the way of innovation and investment that any hope of a vibrant, decent job climate went the way of the eco dodo bird.

This leads me to the issue of politicians and what their job is.  I saw the results of people getting elected and making a travesty of individual freedoms and property rights.  They of course never said they would put in place all these restrictions to liberty because they knew they would never get elected if they did.  So, they lied and got elected and then all hell broke loose.  These were the land-use wars of Nevada County and we who favored freedom and property rights were defeated.

I learned that politicians lie!  But now after all these years I have got to see and hear some politicians that are not lying as far as I can tell.  We had a sweep of real people in 2010 thanks to the Tea Party.  We held the House in 2012 too.  Those people, including Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio in the US Senate, told us what they were going to do if the people of their state and districts elected them.  And they lived up to their promises.

The Tea Party politicians simply want a smaller government, lower spending and accountability.  They campaigned on those simple things and got rewarded by the voters to go get that done.  They were totally transparent.  Unlike the rest of the establishment politicians who seem to not want to rock the boat.  Well we got to see all this play out in the last month or so.  The establishment wanted to go along to get along, the new people wanted to change things.  We got to see what happens when anyone wants to change things.

Ted Cruz especially, was the leader of the change.  He is a very smart and erudite man.  He told America what needed to be done.  So how do you accomplish what needs to be done?  You convince others to your cause  and then vote.  And that was what Cruz and others tried to do.  But the forces of status quo  (FOSQ) would have none of if.  The FOSQ demonized and name called these people trying  to do what they promised.  The FOSQ belittled a huge segment of the American people.  Rather than attempt to fix the problems the FOSQ placed huge walls in the way and eventually got their way.  Many American politicians and the FOSQ do not want to fix anything.

I think the job that those Tea Party politicians in the House and Senate came to do will get done at some point.  There is a wave of repulsion sweeping across America.  People are fed up with all the Obama lies and his appointees moronic actions on ObamaCare, the Benghazi coverup, the IRS scandals and lately the closing of monuments to the veterans.  There are many more outrages but until we get the Chief Lawbreaker to start following the Constitution (he calls the Bill of Rights, negative rights) things will not change.  I give Obama credit for telling the American people he wanted to "fundamentally transform" the country and he did not lie about that.

The rest of the Congress, at least the FOSQ, better start governing.  They are being held back by the democrat faction in the Senate led by Harry Reid.  With a four vote majority Harry Reid has been able to kill most every bill of meaningful change sent over by the House.  He alone is responsible (under Senate rules) for allowing votes on bills.  I thought his job was to vote.  How is it Constitutional to squelch votes in the smoke filled back rooms of the Senate?  America deserve much better.  Hopefully voters will toss the real scoundrels out of office, the Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosi's.  If they would elect more people like the Tea Party candidates, those that actually try and make a difference, America can be saved and then return to its greatness.  If not, we will be an asterisk in the history books.


  1. Well Todd...Last year Rand Paul was very disgusted that Congress gets a 600 page bill in the morning that has to be voted on that day with no time to study it. Studying it reveals hidden things that have nothing to do with the intended bill, but costs millions of dollars that doesn't leave anything for the intended bill. Congress votes for the bills without reading them. He was trying to change this. Thanks again Todd, for being a good Supervisor. What you write is true and good.

    1. This "stripping" of a bill's guts and replacing it with non germane stuff is and has been perfected right here in California. The practice has spread to others states and now of course to the Feds. It should be a rule this cannot be. But, the shysters in our legislatures use every trick and ruse to fool us and get their way.


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