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Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama is the incompetent leader of incompetent people

Day after day, month after month, year after year, it just doesn't change.  Obama and his employees just keep making the errors we all knew government bureaucracies and administrators make and yet no one is held accountable.  In the real world getting rid of idiots from your business or even your personal life is a fact of life.  But in the PC world of the liberal, it is always someone else's fault so no need to boot idiots to the curb.

Funny thing is though that Obama kicked his white grandma to the curb when it suited him in making a point about racism back in 2008.  He has never helped his poverty stricken brother in Kenya or his auntie in America, here illegally.  But he will go to the ends of the earth to help and protect Sebelius on ObamaCare and Eric Holder on Fast and Furious or the Black Panthers.  What kind of physiological mess is going on in his noggin?

HERE is Sebelius article and you can read and hear her hubris.  She as well as many others in the Obama administration show us every day how they really don't care about the American people.  Why would Sebelius, following Obama's lead, tell the American people all these lies about the health insurance program they have forced on the people?  Very few are signing up because the truth is opposite of the propaganda spewed by her and Obama.  The insurance policies will be  huge in dollars and trouble.  People can't sign up because the untested programs don't work.  Those "poor" folks who used to go the ER are now going to have to pay.  Do you think human nature will change for them?  I think not.  When they see the huge deductibles and co-pays and policy amounts, they will and are saying, SHIT!  I am headed to the free ER!  Screw this free ObamaCare.  It ain't free!

These attempts to turn our health care system into a branch of the Federal Government cannot succeed.  Not with the kind of American making up our country.  Sure, there are many freeloaders but for the most part, Americans want to work for their porridge.  Besides, Americans always figure out the strings for that free lunch.  In this case, their pocket books will be drained and then they will be subject to "panels" telling them to get in line for that hip replacement (if it ever happens).

So when these programs are found to be unworkable, it is and always has been the wish and desire of the politicians to "fix" it and so it stays alive forever.  Ted Cruz and the Tea Party Republicans know this.  That is why they wanted to kill it (that is true at the local level too).  A government program is the closest humanity can get to eternal life (other than Jesus).  That is why Cruz and his minions are viewed as heroes by the American people.  That is why the socialists of America hate them.  You have to remove the program, kill it, send it down the rabbit hole with Alice, never to be seen again or like the Phoenix, it will live.

All the people that have had three years to implement this monstrosity should be booted from the process.  Obama spent around a BILLION dollars to develop the website alone!  But, as with all liberals, it is not his personal money (they hold that in offshore banks) so there is no pain in spending it.  There is also no downside with the press whose job it is to tell us about the waste and fraud.  Where is the 60 Minutes piece?  Hell, if it were the Koch Brothers we would see the biggest "hit piece" money can buy.  Heads should roll, but Obama, as we have seen, is loyal to a fault with those he calls a friend.  No one has a worry about being fired.  America is screwed for another three years.


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  2. Heads should roll, but Obama, as we have seen, is loyal to a fault with those he calls a friend.

    He will always dispatch someone who becomes too big a political liability....Van Jones springs to mind. Holder is completely safe because he probably knows where every skeleton in every closet for this administration lurks. Valerie Jarrett point in dumping the person who does all your thinking for you. I think as time progresses you could see Sebeilius go.....arrangements will be made and she'll ooze off into the sunset with a well paid sinecure waiting like they arranged for "Large Marge" (Napolitano) at UC.

    No one has a worry about being fired. America is screwed for another three years.

    Three years....? I wish I was an optimist like you Todd.

    1. Gotta be a tad optimistic fish. After-all, America is a great place for fixing things.

  3. Bless your heart Todd. You are so right...

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