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Monday, August 19, 2013

Rancho Seco cooling towers seem lonely

I took a day trip this last weekend and I wanted to see the old Rancho Seco property in Sacramento County.  This nuke plant was closed in 1989 by a public vote.  The 2,772 Megawatt plant was silenced and the surrounding lands are now managed by SMUD and the Nature Conservancy.  I wonder if the fish glow in the dark? (just kidding)

I recall the hoopla about the plant and it had an inordinate amount of downtime while repairs were being made.  I wondered what may have been if the plant was fixed and its power was made available over the last 25 years?  But, the people of Sacramento made their choice and closed the plant.

Now with low cost natural gas perhaps the people of the SMUD district will see some payback.

I winder if the hysteria over the movie "The China Syndrome" had any impact on the vote?


  1. Hysteria over the dangers of nuclear plants? Nah, Japan is recoving just fine and dandy.



    1. And what do you say about France? You are just as I said, hysterical. Too funny.

      Oh, and I think there was a tsunami that caused Japan's disaster. Place them out of tsunami zones.

    2. Guess you forgot about the 9.0 quake in Japan..Oops.
      CA= full of earthquakes. Big ones. Ergo, San Onofre-gone. Rancho Seco-long gone. Diablo Canyon-inevitable shutdown coming in the near future. The citizens spoke and are speaking. Democracy in action.

      In CA, wind and solar are playing a significant role in our power and will be playing a major role in the future as you know. There is no stopping clean energy. Not sure why anyone would, but that doesn't really matter. CA leads the nation.

    3. Most plants haver a lifespan so it is no surprise if they eventually go offline. Also, if they are not cost efficient they will be mothballed. I agree that all forms of energy are needed so we agree on that. Regarding democracy. Our country was founded as a republican form of government. Different than a straight democracy. You can see the results of that in today's Egypt.

      So, it appears we have some agreement and some disagreement.

    4. Re: energy,
      Our President who is so reviled by the right happens to be a big fan of natural gas and methods to get it out of the ground. Surely you would support his position. He and Gov. Cuomo of NY even had to avoid a photo op yesterday when the President toured some upstate NY shale locations. As he said, the President wants All of the Above. On the other hand, I predict he will veto Keystone. So you will win some, lose some.

    5. So do have some links where the prez is extolling his love for natural gas? I thought his EPA was going after fracking, which means he is going after fracking. So please backup your comments with some proof. Anecdotal doesn't work here with energy.


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