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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Please don't look at the picture if you have a weak stomach. Obama and Hillary played while Chris Stevens died (and three other brave Americans)

This picture is now on Facebook and probably many other sites of social media.  I am informed this is actually our Ambassador being held down and tortured with a cattle prod.  This was done by Islamic Jihadists.  Can anyone verify this picture's veracity?  If this is true, does this act as a step up resume" for Hillary?  Or should we send her packing back to Arkansas?


  1. As much as I can't stand Obama and Hillary, I don't think that is Chris Stevens.

    The photo taken here was reported that most likely Chris was already dead at the time this was taken.

  2. That is why I was careful in my post. This certainly is a terrible picture of what terrible people can do to others. My hope is Hillary and Obama will somehow be held accountable for this murder.


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