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Friday, July 12, 2013

A few Views from Above and around the Fray

So far this summer I have seen quite a few man made disasters here in our country and some from across the sea as well.  I am waiting now for the prosecution to wrap up their rebuttal of the closing arguments of the defense on the Zimmerman trial in Florida.  I am also watching and reading the fiasco called "Obamacare" being argued in the Congress.  Immigration and even the transportation bill are being fought over.  California's  Legislature and Governor are leading the way in moronic governance an even locally here in Nevada County we see the results of spoiled people telling us they hate elephant rides.

What is this all about?  Do we humans have too much time on our hands?  Why are people so willing to get into others lives and render opinions and/or dictates?  Hell, I don't know.

Where did austerity go?  European countries were on the verge of dissolution, economically speaking, yet the news seems to have left them alone.  I thought austerity was a pretty smart thing but then the folks in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain started rioting when they saw their gravy train checks might be impacted.  So, the politicians decided to toss austerity over the side and keep the status quo apparently.  France tossed out Sarkosy for Hollande, a socialist, and he immediately raised the tax to those "rich" Franks and they boogied to Belgium to protect their money.  Greeks retired at 50 with full pensions and they expect Germany to pay them.  The Greeks said those darn Germans, those sons and daughters of the Nazi's of WW2, they need to pay reparations for the destruction they brought to Greece.  So pay up Hans and Franz or we will do...?
So Europe seems to have calmed down and returned to the status quo of overspending and unsustainable monetary allocations.  Kicking the can down the road was an American phrase.  Now adopted by the Eurozone countries.

The Zimmerman case has been pretty interesting.  He claims self defense and the prosecutor says 2nd degree murder.  As we all saw the ineptness of the prosecutor's presentation I decided they were going to convict Zimmerman of something, anything, and the Judge seems to be of the same mind.  Yesterday the State tossed in "child abuse" as a charge since it has a much lower standard for conviction.  The Judge tossed it and I bet if she thought she could get away with she would have let it be entered.  Then the Judge decide to inform everyone that "manslaughter" is an option even though it was not alleged by the prosecution.  That Zimmerman fellow will be lucky to have his hair after all this.  My guess is he is telling the truth but the jury will convict him of something to avoid riots.

Obamacare is proving to be what we all said it would be.  A total unworkable mess.  John Roberts should reverse his bogus ruling and toss the whole thing into the trashcan.  Why Americans would allow a government to now own their personal body is something I still cannot understand.  Even liberals, those protectors of "rights" have tossed their support into Obamacare.  I expect once they have a bunion that needs removal and a bureaucrat tells them to wait three years they may get a clue.  The employees of America will have to get used to a thirty hour week or even less.  The people running businesses are not stupid.  They will adjust whatever is necessary to avoid this ridiculous mandate.  I still don't understand how the Federal Government has made all employers their employees.  Meaning employers are the defacto  accountants for them regarding wage\s and taxes.  That and all those posters on the walls of every business that has one employee seems to be a stretch of improbable proportions not found in the Constitution.

Immigration is the latest diversion.  What is amazing to me is the lack of articles and opinions in the press about the  the Federals lack of enforcing existing laws.  We have had immigrants and laws on immigration for 200 years.  The difference now is twenty million people decided to come here illegally because there was no enforcement of the laws.  So, rather than enforcing the hundreds or thousands of laws already on the books, the political class wants to do a "comprehensive" reform.  What a crock.  There is no stomach by the politicians (except for a bunch of republicans) to enforce existing laws so why would we expect them to enforce any new laws?  Bo trust in this issue. I think this mess is a democrat strategy to gain a few million new voters.  Hell, all the polls I see on this show the "Hispanic" Americans don't want to see a few million more people driving the wages down into the dirt.  I would have expected blacks in America to be against this "amnesty" attempt as well.  But the fact that blacks are on the lowest segment of the employment totem pole has escaped the Congressional Black Caucus members.  Most from the inner cities of America and where high unemployment is rampant.  I just don't get their position on this at all.  Most of the time they are trying to raise the number of weeks a person can be on unemployment and increase the number of programs and dollars on the giveaway programs.  I bet their constituents want jobs, not handouts, but those black politicians don't seem to care.

The Transportation Bill is a mess too.  How tough can it be to allocate money for the highway system?  Mt goodness, the roads will be dust by the time these lovelies get around to passing a bill.

Then we have our once great state coming in dead last in the latest poll of business friendly states.  California is also the most expensive one to start a business.  Who would want to risk their capital especially in the inner parts of the state when they can go to another state and get rich by keeping their own dollars?  Nevada County too is experiencing this uniquely Californian illness.  A brave Board of Supervisors gave the Rincon del Rio project a go ahead and now it is being sued by a couple of spoiled brat neighbors.  Never mind the project would be almost unseen by them and a couple of others.  Never mind the young people are headed out of the county because the spoiled brats that have moved here could care less about the health of or community.  Jobs?  Who cares they say, we have ours in Sacramento.  We have ours and the rest of you saps can go to hell.  I hope the Rincon project wins and puts many locals to work.

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