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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fracking in California saved bu NO votes!!!

It appears the California Legislature read my blog and decided to follow my advice about leaving fracking alone.  Of course I jest, but last week the Legislature defeated the ban by a huge margin and those "white cracker" limousine liberals from the coastal counties can now go cry in their champagne. (They exploit even their own constituencies in my opinion)

HERE is the Wall Street Journal editorial about the vote and the who and what.  I like the part where the "white cracker" libs all voted to ban and the "poor minority" representatives voted to allow.  Of course all the Republicans voted to allow.  Many democrats though simply abstained so they would not be on record against the bill.  This would ensure their massive contributions from the Sierra Club, Earth Justice and Michael Moore would continue. (Al Gore is too cheap to give)

I wrote a post about this on May 3, 2013.

I am almost giddy.  Even the central valley democrats can't stomach the rich white cracker liberals of their own state now.  It is all about jobs.  Even though the oil and gas industry agreed to abide by the "transparency" regulations about the composition of the slurry pumped into the holes to break up the shale, this was not even enough for the rabid eco extremists.  We know there is no way those nuts will ever agree to oil and gas usage.  They are still true believers in the "global warming hoax" and when they come out of their ganga smoke haze, the reality may take hold.  Well, maybe not. (Now the egg police can get ack to their jobs)

It is said California may lead the country into energy Independence someday soon.  I, like most rational people on this issue of energy think all forms of energy should be developed.  I have yet to see a windmill on the 747 at 33,000 feet.  But I support the free market capitalist endeavors to create mechanisms to extract all those photons and wind currents.  Why not?  My beef about the eco nuts is they want to pigeon hole all energy into what they want and forget the oil and gas.  Fortunately there were enough democrats, (even though many abstained because they are chicken-shits) who know fracking and oil are where the jobs are, where the tax receipts come from and where the gas for their limos is held.

Pragmatism?  Maybe, maybe not but for the short term, the eco nuts just got spanked real good.

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