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Monday, November 5, 2012

Ron Nelson, Happy Trails my friend in your retirement from N.I.D.

My friend Ron Nelson is now retired.  We have known each other since he and his wife arrived in Nevada County about ten years ago.  If ever there was a man in charge of a government or quasi government agency that deserves our praises, Ron is that man.  He spent most of his life serving the people of Bend, Oregon then our little county. 

Back when Ron first arrived here in Nevada County I and my girlfriend at the time were part of a dinner club.  We rotated the location to the home of that months lucky couple and it was fun and entertaining.  Ron and his wife became part of the club through a connection with a member who had a campground concession with N.I.D.  We all became fast friends.

I had periodic breakfasts with Ron over the years.  We were similar type people in that we both enjoyed our public service years.  We talked about all things water and local politics.  Ron always spoke highly of his Board members and he really enjoyed his work.  During his tenure here Ron made things happen for the future benefit of the people of our county.  With a Board of people who placed future considerations at the top of the list, Ron got piped water to those in need and oversaw the expansion of the treated water systems.  He oversaw the hydro re-licensing (which brings NID millions),  All the things he did are those important things most people never pay any attention too.  But, with people like Ron and his supporting Board, Nevada and Placer County's water needs should be assured for many years.

Ron Nelson to me is the epitome of what a "public servant" really is all about.  He cut through the maze of bureaucracy with his common sense and decency.  It was more important to him to help the people than to make them jump through hoops of paperwork and bureaucratic dictates.  All his efforts to make things better for the District and its customers are appreciated by most of us.   I wish Ron and his wife "Happy Trails" in their retirement years.  Thank you for all your service Ron, good luck.


  1. Will wonders never cease..:) First post where you didn't weave some type of right wing rant into the story. Kudos on a nice tribute.

    1. I am always a nice person Jen. Take off your anti-conservative blinders.

  2. Great tribute, Todd. I'm sure we will see Ron continue his service into his retirement years. Rarely do folks like Ron just hit the golf course and that's it...they can't help themselves. Again, thanks for this post today, you provided good information that filled in some of the blanks about NID and their recent good works.


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