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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Wins Re-Election

I guess four more years of Obama us now certain.  Too bad. America is truly divided ideologically.

We elected some conservatives in our county and districts though so there are some bright spots in an otherwise gloomy set of election results.

Victories for
Doug LaMalfa
Brian Dahle
Jim Neilson
Ted Gaines
Bill Hablett
Jan Arbuckle
Lisa Swarthout
Howard Levine

At least the City of Grass Valley voters did not place the leftwing extremist Firth in charge of anything.  Good job.

Reviewing the rest of the races will come a bit later.  It appears to me though our county is a island of sanity in a cesspool of liberal extremism we call California.


  1. Could Todd and Walt have been any more wrong? Time for these two to pay up and eat a big pile of crow. Just review their predictions... so far off base it's amazing.

  2. This is the same comment submitted to Rebanes Ruminations


    I can collect my winning corndog at next summers county fair.

    The election went pretty much as I predicted with Romney losing because he was pushed too far to the right. He never looked comfortable as a candidate. He could have won if he was allowed to be the moderate he really is. The Democrats gobbled in the Senate even in solid Republican states because of more mainstream candidates. Lose lips sink campaigns. Just ask Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. To will elections you need to keep your mouth shut and your pecker in your pants. Romney supporting Mourdock was unbelievably lame and showed what a poor campaign team he had.

    The Dems were miles ahead in organization and communications. It's OK to be a Conservative but we do live in 2012 and you have to reasonably keep up with the times. A woman's right to chose has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility but because the Pubbers had to throw bones to the Thumpers it probably lost the election along with the unbelievably insensitive and impractical view on immigration. The Republicans now have no legacy. Reagan is dead, Bush is exiled and Romney has no place or interest in continuing in politics. The Tea Party Pit Bulls will be de-fanged by the return of the moderate republicans and that will cause a major civil war within the party.

    Obama's victory was wide but not very deep. Nate Silver got it right again. Th Republican Party failed as an opposition party.

    1. Yep ypu were right your predictions PaulE. Got a line on the lottery? I'll get you corn dog at the next fair.

      What is fascinating to me is the total votes were not that different as a percentage yet somehow this is a problem only for the R's.

  3. Well,,, that was one good, swift kick to the nuts.
    LIBS won the BS game. Like Rush said. It's hard to beat Santa Clause in an election. From "free this. to free that" The declared war of classes helped take the day.
    Hope you like the stock market results today. Now back to reality.
    Job loses will continue, the dollar will be worthless. There is only so much money LIBS can pilfer from the working man to give to those that refuse to work.
    Then we have this little foreign policy issue. Think the Libya issue has gone away?
    How about the Israel VS Iran? That is coming to a head real soon. Is "O" ready to handle a nuke war? ( the answer is NO) Israel is now on it's own. If the Muslim Bro hood has it's way, there will not be many Jews left for "O" to apologize too.

    Yup,,,, Progressives stole it fair and square. "O" won well within the margin of monkey business within the voting process.

    Good thing I have converted most of my assets and holdings into gold and silver, since the dollar will soon be worth less than the paper it's printed on.

    Like I said.. Now back to reality, and no more blaming Bush.

    1. If most of your assets are now in gold and silver this means that you only profit when the economy is doing poorly and the dollar is declining. Therefore, if you believe Obama is truly going to ruin the US economy and destroy the dollar you shouldn't be complaining at all. Rather you should be rejoicing for Obama's win because you are sure to become an incredibly wealthy man.

  4. The hard right bloggers in Nevada County have been shown who the radicals are in our nation, those who hold their views are the radicals. This election continues the status quo and I don't have any real expectations for the second term of the Obama administration unless Barack becomes a true leader within the party and shuns the corporate big money that presently controls the party.

    1. I agree BenE, the liberal left are truly the radicals. Good call.

  5. Sorry DM, time to man up and stop crying!

  6. This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday. That is amazing in and of itself. And all the women who were elected last night! A total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes.

  7. When you are the party of angry white commentators and angry white Tea Persons- of Rush, of Beck, of Hannity, of Savage, you are going to automatically lose the majority of American voters. Older white men will no longer, and can no longer control any national elections. Will never, ever again happen. Until you start showing respect and tailor issues to the less fortunate, young people, women, gays and non-caucasians..ya know, the MAJORITY of will lose. Very simple math. Basically, older white males are impotent in matters of national politics..(although impotence nothing new for some of these tea people :)).

    Ironic and delicious that the party of "business" and numbers got it all, ALL wrong. Keep it up Tea Party based Repubbies! Love ya. :)

    1. Jen, honey, you are delusional and I have already heard the talking points you spewed up above so please give it a rest. You are truly a bigoted man hater. Too bad. White males are no more endangered than ugly white women or three toed chickadees. You can just be as delusional about the Obama victory as you appear to be but it is all about turnout. America is still 70% white since that seems to be important to you. I think of Americans in terms of being Americans, you see color and gender because you must have been dissed for a promotion or refused a date by some old white male once. You need to stop being so angry honey, America is much better than you and your ilk. if you would just do you part for the country and stop whining it would be a much calmer place.

    2. You apparently didn't learn the lesson from Nate Silver this week. And you and many of your minority old white men are still stuck in 1940s America.

      President Obama represents America. You represent everything that LOST on Tuesday. And everything that will continue to lose electorally on a national basis for the life of this nation. CA can now move forward as a national leader, bolster its educational system and put its priorities into action.

      Sucks, don't it? :)

      I'm proud to be an American. Looks like you and your lot of hard right blogging pals are embarrased to be American. The inability to change, or at least understand change, is quite sad. Pathetic really. You and your pals are either now, or soon destined to be, filling the role of the crazy grandfather or uncle at family gatherings- you know, the people that everyone cringes with when they start to lay out their "philosophies" at the holiday dinner table..

      The world is proud of America, and the re-election of President Obama. As I saw in 2008 when I was overseas, he inspires millions of others in every corner of the world. All for the better.

    3. Jen do you live in a cloister? Obama won by 2.3 percent honey a change of 1.7 and he loses. He just had a better ground game.. That is too close to call. You won this time we will win next time. Ying and yang. America is 70% white folks. You seem to be hung up on that color thing. I am not. We have great Americans like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio Nancy Sanchez and countless other folks I adore who are not white. You are just a white man hater.

      Perhaps you should rethink your lessons from the election. America kept the old white men in power in the House (Republicans! OMG!), the old white men are in power in the Senate and the Vice President is an old white man. So there you have it. My first choice for VP was Marco Rubio and/or Condi Rice but according to you he is too white as a Latino so is disqualified under the liberal "white Latino" rule and she is a black woman with brains and you libs can't hack that. You want her on a plantation.

      So you just have everything backwards. But I will give you a break and pray for your wayward and uninformed soul.

  8. Todd

    The Republicans have won the popular vote only once in the last 20 years. Let's face it, they are the Jr party when it comes to Presidential elections. It will only get worse if they don't move to the middle. It was Romneys to win but your TP partymates pushed him out of the pocket where he was sacked and smothered. Really fun to watch.

    1. Actually the Tea Party did not cost him the election. The Obama ground game was superior and the media allowed Romney to be bashed on a daily basis since May (Obama spent 800 million bashing Romney too). The media also protected Obama and I do believe it suppressed the R vote. If you look at the turnout totals Obama was down 8 million and the R's down three million. Even the Benghazi coverup was abetted by the press (except FOX). There was simply a better ground game regarding the GOTV and that is the bottom line. Of course the millions of dollars garnered through credit cars from overseas helped. All this means nothing though regarding the veracity of the American elections because the press(and Obama's FEC) got their man in and the hated R was defeated. So we get four more years of incompetence and as a journalist, you should be careful because they will be making some changes on the free speech side of the First Amendment.

      Regarding the Big Tent. I agree we need to somehow convince the latinos they should vote for us (we got 30%). We have more elected latinos in America than the democrats do but the press refuses to report that. The press always reports every little fart if a Republican squeezes one out (and relentlessly above the fold and in the lead story). The democrat shysters get a pass most f the time so they feel invincible when it comes to indiscretions. It is actually a resume' enhancement for a democrat to be prisecuted. Anyway, the R's will be back, we held the House and at least we can put the screeching halt to some of the socialist crap the left is dishing out.

  9. Pretty amazing victory. The press seemed convinced romney would win. So, it was a surprise, esp to the Republican establishment.

  10. It will be interesting how the GOP reorganizes. The core issues of the GOP probably won't change, e.g., strong defense, fiscal responsibility, ban on abortion and ban homosexual marriage. But the packaging will change so the controversial issues are not front and center. There will likely be a rhetoric of tolerance and it seems that Rubio will be in the mix.


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