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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Recommendations of the Propositions on California's November 6, 2012 Election

We certainly have a plethora of Propositions don't we?  I usually characterize a Proposition as a punt by the legislature (don;t they make the big money and campaign to make these decisions?).  They put hot button stuff out there for the people to decide since they are unable to do their job.  But the odds are if the people pass it, the courts will boot it, like most controversial items.  So here we are with 11 little gems from numbers 30 to 40.

Proposition 30  is a NO Temporary taxes to fund education

Proposition 31 is a NO  State Budget and some say it contains vestiges of Agenda 21

Proposition 32 is a YES  Political contributions by corporations and unions

Proposition 33 is a YES  Insurance rates set by driver's histories

Proposition 34 is a NO  Death penalty repeal

Proposition 35 is a YES  Human trafficking

Proposition 36 is a NO  Three strikes law

Proposition 37 is a NO  Food labeling

Proposition 38 is a NO  Taxes for education and early childhood programs

Proposition 39 is a NO  Taxing treatment for multi-state businesses

Proposition 40 is a YES  State Senate Redistricting

I am not going to do all the work for you, (wink wink) it has already been done for me by Dottie Ray Souter.   I am in agreement with her and I think the only Proposition in doubt might be 31.  I went to each one and read the summaries, review the people and organizations for and against and read their reasons and then decided.  Is is not science but I specifically am opposed to more taxes and government controls.  I look to see if the measures champion freedom or slavery.  I side with freedom. 

I was almost against the YES on Prop 32 until I saw the independent expenditures were exempt.  It is clever though in that one would think this is in opposition to the SCOTUS decision, Citizens United, but I don't think it is.  The labor unions are going apoplectic so it must not be all that bad.

Then we have the social Props, the opposition to the death penalty and the Three Strikes law.  I put Three Strikes in there as a social prop since in my view the crooks need to stay put and the social engineers of the left will go out of business when all the crooks are unavailable for their rehab programs.  The human trafficking measure does not go far enough for me though.  Since these monsters traffic our women and girls in the sex trades, I say those men need the snip snip of their manhood so they will always remember we don't treat females in the way.  But, not likely gonna happen.

Prop 31 is a conundrum to me since on its surface it appears to be almost workable but when one reads the words (which are the things adjudicated later) I could interpret some to be sneaky ways out of the real intent.  I just don't trust the legislature and their pals.  They can't balance our budget (a Constitutional requirement) and they can't seem to cut spending so here we go, raise the taxes.  They have wrecked our education system but we get two more measures to raise taxes to dump into the dysfunctional system.  If only the people of California would toss these liberals out and out grownups in charge.  Sigh.

Then we have the redistricting measure.  I spoke at the regional hearing in Auburn as did many others from our community back in May 2011.  The Commission was deaf and nothing they did with our areas resembled what the people wanted.  So, when others saw the disaster in the Senate lines they took it to the people.I hope it passes and gets our state back into a "fair" structural state of being.

Good luck to all my Yes's and No's and I hope I see some victories.  But, this is a democrat state and LA and SF are a democrat strongholds.  That is where the big vote numbers are.  So who the heck knows?


  1. I have to wonder why you've said "No" to the death penalty revision?

    When you consider the cost of a "typical" death penalty case is costing the State of California @$7,000,000, and the current cost to house a prisoner is @42,000 per year. We could house a prisioner for 166.67 years.

    This seems to make economic sense in this day & age.

  2. 100 bucks for the rope. Cheap.

  3. Let it be known that Todd officially supports human trafficking by this evidence: "YES Human trafficking" I always knew you were a sexist man.

  4. You nutty? Appears to be. The YES is too implement the law against trafficking. What a hoot!

  5. Todd's predictable simpleton response to the death penalty cost analysis shows why right wing ideologues cannot be a voice at any table when discussing reasonable, thoughtful solutions to very complex and costly societal issues.

    1. Sure Jen, ah huh. You libs are just to smart for us right wingers. You are simply a blowhard and you have no education I guess. A 100 dollar rope for a child murderer is really the best way to go. Saves everyone time and money and my gosh, justice gets done. There I saved the taxpayers $6.900,000 bucks. Happy now? Oops, you are lib, never happy is the middle name.

    2. Pretty damn smart compared to you Todd, as is apparent. Especially after your inane and irrelevant "rope proposal". Does the act of hanging another human being make you feel all full of youthful manliness that is sorely lacking? Advocating for hanging is just so very "christian" of you.

      As we always see, as the rest of the developing world makes progress in the march of civilization, Todd wants to bring life and attitudes back to the 1700 and 1800s. You can see this basic framework of his longing for the "days of yore" when reading any of his ranting thread topics.

    3. Jen, you are simply an uneducated and not very classy person. The death penalty is favored by me and a large majority of Americans. These killers and child molesters need to be off the planet. There is no place for them in our society. I understand you bleeding heart liberals want to rehab and caudal the killers but most rational; people don't. You are simply a blowhard liberal without much between the ears and your disdain for the victims of these people makes you a cartoon.

  6. I bet Jen would change her tune if it was one of her close family that was murdered. ( or would you offer room and board being a grand LIB?)
    Yes the bleeding heart Libs forget that Manson was on death row till their clan of libs got it voted away for a while. Now he's up for parole every few years.
    Sooner or later some parole board will find pity for the SOB and cut him loose. ( the excuse will be "over crowding" or "compassion")
    A fist full of Jackson's for a rope? I can beat that price but good. One buck for a .357 hollow point to the back of the head. One top of that, a job would be created. someone will need to be paid to clean up the mess.

  7. Here we go again,, Voter fraud by DNC caught on tape AGAIN.

    Hasn't Jen claimed there is no problem with that in the past?
    Naa,, no need for ID, and verification.


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