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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tom McClintock, a pain in the big spenders asses

The Hill has a article on our Congressman Tom McClintock.  He is certainly my kind of Congressman.  Cut the spending should be a 100% message and voting activity by the Republicans in Congress.  Unfortunately that is not the case. 

Tom stays the course and I think over time he will prevail.  I voted for him in the recall campaign against Gray Davis but of course the RINO actor Arnie prevailed and proved to be a terrible Governor.  Tom was my guy because of his position on a balanced budget and less regulation.  I must say listening to Speaker Boehner's speech this weekend maybe Tom is having an affect.  The Speaker was on a mantra which I totally agree with.  Many of Boehner's comments were McClintockish.

Go getum Tom.  Hold all their feet t the fire.  Stop the spending and get the government out of all but the US Constitutional enumerated items.  Thanks!


  1. Thanks for posting Todd, I am so gald we have McClintock there to keep them honest. So disappointed in the leadership of the GOP, you have to cut spending as well as cut taxes, you have to stop the corporate welfare and get the government out of the free market system in order to alow folks to succeed or fail on their own, I hope in my two beautiful daughters lifetime's this will happen so that they can see a Nation that is proserous again. Even if we only have 1/2 of 1/3 of the Governement that doesn't mean we have to just ignore the facts, next year if something is not done now, we will be faced with raising the debt ceiling again.

  2. I have a question for you about McClintock: Why did McClintock and his committee Water & Power present HR 1837 to the house floor for an hour discussion and then a vote yes? The bill specifically says in Section 401 Water Rights & Area-of-origin protections (1) The Sec. of Interior [Federal Government] have FEDERAL SUPREMACY over the operation of Central Valley Project [State Government].

    Then in subsection (2) it says "These circumstances are unique to CALIFORNIA. Therefore nothing in this act shall serve as PRECEDENT in any other state." (Because Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon and Wyoming all argued AGAINST it.)

    The Bill gives Westlands and Kern County Water Agency 40 percent of the Delta water off the top. These private companies were paying for "Surplus" water. What was left after "Area-of-Orign" met their needs--That's you and me. (In drought times we have to cut back -- but not these private companies because they get the water off the top.)

    As of March 1 filing with FEC for campaign contributions, Tom received $11,000 from the Cotton Farmers and another $12,00 from Fresno County. (He only got close to $10,000 -- Total -- from Northern California--his district in the last election)

    Yes, I voted for Tom also...but I voted for him to represent my county and protect STATES rights.... I never thought he would sell us out....I'm not voting for him this time. (Pat Snelling)

  3. Pat thanks for the comments. I would suggest you all Kim Pruett and ask her the questions. I am not familiar with the bill you speak of. My guess is it is a bit more complex and Tom should be able to help you.


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