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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Obama Gestapo (OG) goons on the loose (the new "enemies list")

Well I think we all knew this kind of crap was coming didn't we?  Obama is famous for his goons digging up the private divorce records of people to use as a hammer to intimidate.  He did this to a opponent of his own party back in Illinois when running for a state office.  Now we see the Sal Alinsky tactics once again in this slimy attempt to intimidate people who donate to a PAC supporting Romney. HERE is the Weekly Standard article. HERE is the original article.

The video is an interview of one of the eight people the OG's (Obama Gestapo) goons led by a Michael Wolf, a recent staffer (Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations) of the democrat in the US Senate and what they are researching.  It is also an expose on the lie the OG told the world about Mr. Vandesloot's position on homosexuals.  All this OG crap to intimidate campaign givers into silence but in this case the OG's tactics backfired.  According to the article,  "Bloggers have harassed his children, visiting their social media accounts and asking for interviews and information."

Frank Vandersloot, the CEO of Melaleuca  seems to me to be your typical American success story and a genuinely nice man.  OG goon Michael Wolf, democrat, has been trying to get into the divorce decree of Mr. Vandersloot to glean some personal embarrassing information but so far has been unsuccessful.  So, Michael  Wolf, democrat operative for Obama published a lie about Mr. Vandersloot's view on homosexuals and the video interview debunks Wolf and his slander.  Is this a tactic the liberals, even the local lefty blogger's and their minions condone?  Since we read about the "outrage" from the left when a democrats voting record is published and they decry that as "dirty politics", will they decry this Gestapo tactic by Obama?  My guess is no. 

Having been the recipient of a whisper campaign while running for County Supervisor, I know the low level the left will stoop to to intimidate people.  In my case it did not work and it will not work with Obama's tactics either.  Mr. Vandersloot states in the interview he will double down on his giving.  He states he will not be intimidated by goons trying to shut him up.  Maybe this happened in dictatorships, hell, Putin in Russia has his goons beat protesters over the head with truncheons for speaking out, but it doesn't happen here.  So, Mr. Vandersloot and the rest of true Americans reject these OG tactics and I think the American people will reject Obama in November.  A sweeter result could not be found.

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