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Sunday, May 13, 2012

16 billion in the hole, thanks California democrats

HERE is the full article this video references in the New York Times.  If there was ever a real world example of the failure of the modern day democrat party and its policies, we have it right in front of us all.  I don't let Arnie off the hook at all but my gosh, the mess truly is a work of the left in our once great state (and a stupid electorate that wants free stuff).

Here we have Jerry Brown pleading for the people of our state to buy into his plan to balance the budget by raising taxes while we all know even these sources of new money won't accomplish the goal.  We have a structural problem in the budget here in California.  I call it the "democrat" rot structure (a spending problem not a revenue problem).  It is full of termites eating their way through the place and rather than kill the termites off, the democrats keep feeding them!  The rot cannot be fixed unless the people of California get their heads out of their arses and boot the "co-dependent" democrat legislators to the curb and replace them with people who really want to fix things. 

The reason the voters will defeat these requests for tax increases is they have seen the results of bad government and this vote is one small way to smackdown the people the left keeps putting in charge of the asylum.  I recall a "temporary" tax increase of the sales tax maybe twenty years ago which became permanent when Willie Brown pleaded with the people to vote it into permanency so the state would have balanced budgets.  The temporary became the permanent and the deficit was not fixed because Willie and the gang under the dome spent it all and more.  No discipline.  The legislators in charge have been democrats all my life (except for 1995 in the Assembly) and the blame for incompetency is wholly theirs. 

So we get to see the estimated deficit go from 9 billion to 16 billion overnight.  The people of our state have to say no.  Look at the high speed rail cost estimates.  No sooner had the people voted to start the fantasy of a fast train, then the cost went up about 90 billion!  Fool me once, your fault, or whatever.   It is a sad fact that our media doesn't do a daily drumbeat on these farcical things our legislators do to our state.  To balance the budget of gross overspending these dumbkoffs of the left under the dome in Sacramento have "stolen" our transportation trust funds, our redevelopment money (used for discretionary projects in our cities) and almost every other fund or bond they can swipe from.

Hell, the voters even bought into the lie that if they lowered the budget approval numbers to a simple majority the place would be just great.  Those terrible minority Republicans, the party of almost a "super minority, those obfuscators deluxe from the right, the men and women who were always the foil in a 2/3 vote requirement, the people who would not let the left have their way without a fight, hell, the people tossed them out and the left still makes it worse. 

What to do?  Until we change the policies and laws, until get the regulatory burdens lifted off the backs of business, until we allow people to exercise their Constitutional rights to their own property, and until we boot these scofflaws from the left under the dome, we have no hope.  The state is headed backwards economically.  Until spending is under control there is no stomach for increasing taxes in my view.  But, since our state's media is in the tank for the lft for the most part, the mantra of failure of the democrat controlled government will not be changed.  More money is needed and you "rich" folks need to pay more.  That is the mantra.  Not a mention to the bloated bureaucracy of government at all level of state hegemony.

 Teacher unions and other unions of government employes are untouched except for a little show perhaps.  Welfare expenditures for our 12% of America's population but 38% of all welfare recipients untouched.  No "little" Davis-Bacon reform, no workers comp reform, no paperwork reform, on and on.  Or the money we spend to rehab drug dealers and users yet we have a huge number of incarcerated men mostly, regardless.  No, the dysfunction is all around us and most of us simply want the government to butt out of our lives.

We want the kids under the dome to supply us with protection from crime, decent roads and schools that work.  The rest is fluff and we can probably live without the 130 consumer agencies and thousands of "self-esteem" boards and commissions.  So Jerry Brown wants more money?  Yep.  Ain't gonna happen

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