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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elections seem to be set here

Here we go and the ride will be fun and exciting.  Well maybe only to us political junkies, everyone else will probably yawn.  HERE is the list of candidates for each office in our jurisdiction from the Elections Office.  I am still looking for the lists for all the special districts, schools, fire departments etc.

If I counted right there are 32 people running for the US Senate seat now held for too long by Diane Feinstein.  Isn't that amazing?  Then we go down the list to Congress (two districts) and the State Senate and Assembly.  Each race is packed with folks who will be coming to a mailbox and TV set near us all real soon.

Next is District One Supervisor, my old district I was honored to hold for two terms.  Nate Beason has three challengers which means a runoff is likely.  I had seven I think back in the 1988 election and ended up with a small victory margin in November.  It is a lot of work. In District two the lucky guy Ed Scofield is unopposed.  District Five has two so the race will be decided in June. 

All the Judges except one, Tom Anderson, are running unopposed.  This is usually the case because nobody wants to PO the Judge.  George Smyrnos, a DA who went from here to Sacramento is Anderson's opponent. Smyrnos lives in Grass Valley.

Nevada City Council has three running for three so they may not even need to run I believe.  They could be appointed.  The Central Committees of the Democrats and Republicans bring up the last page.  There will be competitive races in most of the Republican districts but there seems to be little interest in the democrat districts, except District Three.  The ones who win will appoint the rest of the seats for the democrats.  Not very representative of the democratic process it appears. Republicans still out number the democrats and we are a red county still.

But all this activity shows me there are still a lot of folks who take their citizenship seriously enough to put their views out there for people to vote on.  With all the messes that need cleaning up I hope these folks can help.

The State of California though is really a mess and I don't see any way to fix it.  It has been dysfunctional for many years and it all rests on the shoulders of the democrats who have controlled the legislature all my life.  There were some Republican Governors in there too who I blame for the mess as well.  But until it gets really really bad, I guess the voters will keep voting the inmates back in charge of the asylum forever.

I will be submitting my lists of those I choose to endorse at a later time.  Being 61 and seen it all in the political world, I will hopefully make the right picks.  But, if I don't, I will have to  live with that.

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