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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ann Coulter backs Romney

With about a week to go until the Iowa Carcases, the voters will finally start having their say on who the Republican leader they want will be chosen.  Some of our R's will bail when they see the voting results, others will be pleased and proceed.  One thing for certain, the American primary process is really interesting and revealing.  Ann Coulter has her take on what she considers the positions of all the candidates on her two most important issues, illegal immigration and Obamacare. 

Coulter makes the case that only two candidates, Romney and Bachmann, hold her view on the two issues and when I read her analysis, I had to agree.  HERE is the full article.

I have yet to decide for sure who I will support and since California doesn't get to vote until June 2012, my vote will be meaningless anyway.  The R nominee will have been long decided and then on to the convention.  We could see a brokered convention but it is unlikely.  My biggest fear is a Ron Paul and the  egomaniac Donald Trump will try a third party route and therefore assure Obama a second destructive term.

We have seen the rise and fall of many candidates over the last few months but to me that is what the primary process is all about.  One thing is consistent through this though and that is Romney hangs in there at about 25% in the polls.  Newt, Cain, Perry and Huntsman made runs at the top tier only to fall back when the totality of their records are exposed.  If only the lamestream media had done their tried and true process of destroying Republicans on Obama in the last race, we might have a country on the mend, but I digress.

We will get to see the lamestream media regroup and circle the wagons for Obama while our nominee and his or her running mate gets the anal exam on a daily basis.  Remember Palin?  Here was a fine woman, a family centric Governor of a state that any American would be proud to be run by, and because she was a Republican the lames ripped her to shreds.  It was the darkest days of a free press in my lifetime to read such terrible things contrived by the liberals in the media doing their prostitution for Obama and the democrats.

So, when Coulter concludes her article that her two most important issues are supported only by Bachmann and Romney, she makes the case a Romney nomination is the result.  Bachmann cannot be elected  nationally she says. 

So next week we will get to see the first votes cast and off to the races.  My only hope is Ron Paul will not win in Iowa.  All the rest of the candidates would be much better than Obama but I think Romney may be the only one left standing that can win a nationwide vote.


  1. I watched Romney at a townhall yesterday in Iowa. He and his wife were in their bus and the setting was a large contractors warehouse in Ames. He did a excellent job. If he really does the things he says he believes, we may have a winner.

  2. Have a winner....?

    I find it rather "interesting" that in most polls people, even thought these people are asked about the current performance of this President, the state that they dislike the job that our current President is doing, but they like him much more than every Republican that is on the slate.

    Face it, the shenanigans that the Republican legislators have committed have disenfranchised the majority of the American voters.

    There is "no chance" that the Romney ticket will even come close in the next election. I'd suggest that Romney gets a job and earns some money rather than wasting his time and money.

    The independent voters, of which the winning candidate for President will need, will not be voting for the right unless they stop this stupidity and listen to the middle classes concerns. These concerns do not include support tax breaks for the upper 1%, but they do include not shutting down the government over some kind of pipeline stupidity.

    Michael Smith

  3. You must be getting your info from the DailyKOS. My opinion and analysis is 180 degrees from yours. Obama is a buffoon and the people will give him the Jimmy Carter boot. Romney attracts the indies and the have fled Obama in the millions.

  4. Here's something interesting that I saw on Fox news on-line:

    Independent America: Voters leaving Republican, Democratic parties in droves

    A recent analysis conducted by USA Today showed that American voters are fed up with both mainstream political parties and are leaving them in droves.

    The newspaper claims that "More than 4.5 million voters have left the Democratic and Republican parties since the 2008 elections."

    Over the last decade this trend has only seemed to accelerate says USA Today. While many people feel there is little difference in the parties, their options remain slim. Yet, voters switching to Independent have climbed dramatically.

    According to the statistics gathered from eight swing states, "Democrats' registration is down by 800,000 and Republicans' by 350,000. Independents have gained 625,000."

    Nationally, Democrats still outnumber Republicans 47 million registered voters to 30 million, however Dems have lost a majority of the voters since 2008 as people move toward being independent. Meanwhile Independents are becoming a viable party in itself with 27 million registered voters.

    USA Today claims the reasons for the exodus in the republican party to be negative campaigning and lack of action by the republican party, people dying off the rolls, people leaving in disgust, and some are stripped of their status for being "inactive voters."

    They state that the upward trend benefits Independent-minded politicians like Ralph Nader and Ron Paul.

    This trend would appear to be poised to explode as Congress ended 2011 with the lowest one-time approval rating ever of 11%. According to last week's Gallup poll for the year, Congress' annual average was also a record-low at 17%.

    Gary Bartlett, the North Carolina elections director, was quoted as saying "whoever is attractive to the unaffiliated independent voter" will win the 2012 election, and that person is currently the President.

    Michael Smith

  5. Well, golly, you ventured out into the world and yet you still have no idea of what you read or quoted or saw. The future can be seen in the past. In a two party system the party that can turn out the indies and hold their base will usually win these days. It matters not they are bailing on the parties because the bulk of those that vote will vote for either left or right. So, perhaps a remedial course in poly-sci and statistics would assist you in understanding the real world of American politics.


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