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Monday, November 7, 2011

Nancy Pelosi and the slobbering lamestream media's view of her

When I started reading this putrid story by a obvious weak kneed woman writer for the New Yorker, one can see why the hypocrite elite on the left are becoming less and less convincing in their outrage about the class warfare they are spewing.  Here is the opening paragraph of "The Power Walk" named article by Jane Mayer.

"On a recent Friday, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, showed up for her morning power walk along the Potomac. It was nine o’clock, and she had been up for hours. She had read several newspapers. Her lipstick was perfect, her hair was professionally styled, and she had on an impeccable white running jacket over black jogging pants. “This is like noon for me,” she said. Instead of carrying weights when she walks, Pelosi, who is seventy-one, carries an iPhone—and uses it incessantly."

If this story doesn't exemplify the out-of-touchness the elite democrats live under, then you must be a moron voter.  HERE is the full article. These kinds of people, the Pelosi's, the Steny Hoyer's and the Jessee Jackson Jr.'s represent the extreme left and they are in charge of their party. These elitists, both politically and economically, have spread the class warfare fight to the top of their party and Obama is spewing it now as well.  It is in their makeup.  The socialists have decided to play their cards and divide Americans by economics to gain power.

This fluff article however does expose (probably unwittingly by the author) some problems for Pelosi and the left.  It tells us she has been vigour sly fundraising for her party (while telling us all how bad lobbyists are) and tells us that "This year, she has held three hundred and eleven fund-raising events." The article also tells us Pelosi is PO'd that 60 Minutes is doing a story on a conflict of interest she may have accomplished by passing a law benefiting herself and her husband.  Oh my, no, say it ain't so!  A democrat concerned about their personal fortune?  So, read the fluff but when you do you may have the same reaction I did in that the author, trying to do a love piece, made some errors and did not commit journalistic malpractice after all. Naw, maybe not.

Regarding the 60 Minutes piece.  My guess is it will also be a fluff piece but maybe they too will screw up and actually let the people of America know the democrats like Pelosi are simply hypocrites and elitist.  She complains the police in Oakland were wrong and the rioters from OWS-Oakland were just fine.  Yet in my view she is or should be, the poster child for the anger the scofflaws of OWS feel about whatever they are mad about.  Pelosi and her democrats passed the laws which have screwed up America and when she and Reid, and Obama had a hegemonic grip on our country's government, they doubled down and rushed us all to insolvency.

So, please read the Mayer article, and if you can keep your lunch down, you will get a first hand look at how the lamestream media will be treating the democrats in charge.  I have never seen a fluff piece like this on a Republican.

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