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Monday, October 3, 2011

Very little if any outrage on the Solyndra corporate scandal by the leftwing

Where is that anti-capitalist, anti corporation, anti-corruption (by corporate political giving) we have come to expect from the rabid leftwingpress and activists  of America?  We see some misguided numbskull's protesting in a park off of Wall Street in New York City but even they don't have a problem apparently with Solyndra and the governments cozy relationship with the "green" companies.  Why would that be?  Oh, yeah, that's right, the left is in charge of the government giving and it is going to a "favored" endeavor the left likes.  In my view it is almost funny if it weren't so critical to our system.

HERE is a view of this lack of concern by the rabid leftwing and it is spot on.  The Weekly Standard analysis gives us all a look inside the way our government disburses our tax money and picks winners and losers with our funds.  The author makes the case that if it was an Enron the left would be on a daily jihad against the administration and be calling out "corporations" are evil and need to be reined in.  Oh, that's right, they did.  In the case of Enron, the Bush Administration did pursue the company and out some of them in jail.  It also changed a lot of rules to try and prevent new Enrons.  In the case of Obama, the Soylndra's are prospering, the Administration is doubling down and passing out more taxpayer money to other "green" solar companies and not even missing a beat.

The Obama people have been doing the giving with our money on such a scale it is mind boggling.  The money then returns in the form of campaign dollars as we have seen with Solyndra and the unions.  The stimulus handouts to the unions in 2009-10 have yet to be scrutinized and audited so my guess is there will be millions of bundled campaign donations that will never be scrutinized by the FEC until it is too late.

America is wising up a bit though.  There are some news outlets which are telling us the facts and maybe, just maybe, the voters will be fed up and boot out these democrat thieves.  The hypocrisy of silence is what truly troubles me though.  The rabid lefty Paul Krugman was relentless in his crucifying of Bush yet remains silent on Solyndra.  Krugman and his ilk even pooh-pooh the issue of this new way to commit graft by the democrats.  Krugman is supposedly a "smart" man according to other liberals yet his silence on these matters has now allowed Americans to finally see how people like Krugman are no better than snake oil salesmen.

The left is trying to divert our attention from the graft and corruption of the Obama Administration by changing the subject.  They grouse and complain that the Republicans are mean and nasty because one of them went hunting in a preserve that had a painted rock with a nasty name name on it.  Or that Herman Cain (and the rest of the candidates) should have spoken up to defend a homosexual soldier by chastising an audience that booed him (we never see the left call for the left to distance themselves or condemn their brethren for the same things).  Those are a couple of examples of how the leftwing journalists do their best to change the subject.  Obama and his Chicago style political machine need to go.  The American people can't afford him and his policies.  We can't afford his graft and we certainly can't afford to allow his apologists in the leftwing press diminish the importance of his graft.

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