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Friday, October 28, 2011

Michelle Obama is spreading her class warfare opinions too

What is it about the liberal that makes them want to turn one part of America against another?  I guess it might be in their DNA since their beliefs can't be based on reality in my view.  How a bunch of people could consciously try and divide our people in the basics of  our lives to gain political power is anathema to me.  America should be about opportunity for all, not about envy.  Michelle Obama who enjoys (or maybe now enjoyed) a large positive following of Americans has stepped into the fray in support of her husband.  I don't have a problem with that but I do have a problem with her demonizing fellow Americans  and using scare tactics to gain support for her husband's reelection.

HERE is an article from White House Dossier authored by a past reporter who covered the WH.  It allows us to read Michelle Obama's own words, spoken in a private setting, which show me she is just another class warfare divider like her husband and the liberals.  You know, the bitter clingers to guns and religion.  Or, she is finally proud to be an American. To intimate the Republicans are against free speech, religion and freedom in general is truly ridiculous.  It is a playground scare tactic and I believe it will fail miserably with the fair-minded American voter.

The tactic is the last bastion of a set of scoundrels trained and schooled in Chicago style politics and leftwing community organizing.  It would not surprise me at all that perhaps the WH is helping to direct the OWS scofflaws around the country.  Obama and his policies, as well as Pelosi and Reid in the Congress, stir up hatred of people who work hard and try an be good stewards of our Constitution.  Harry Reid is always at the podium using his hate speech to rile folks who have with less to get mad at those that have more.  Pelosi, a millionaire in her own right and recipient of the fruits of American freedoms, is constantly blaming the Republicans for some wrong she hallucinates up.

This class warfare mantra is very destructive to our country.  We should not be fomenting hatred through envy.  We are the greatest country on the planet and we are so because Americans were united in the hope and opportunity our shared government provided.  No we have a set of people, the Obama's, who have never believes in American exceptionalism and the basic tenets of our Constitution and capitalism.  They believe in something else.  They want power to get their way.  If they can scare enough people into voting with them, they could succeed in "changing" America.  That change would not be good for anyone in the short term (as we have seen with Obamacare) and the long term.

So we all must resist the Obama's view of the world.  Their view is not one of freedom.  They espouse it by claiming the Republicans are against it not by saying they are for it.  We all know we Republicans are not anything that the Obama's and the liberals say we are.  I have learned in my life that the liberal will always claim their opposition is actually what the liberal is.  An old school yard ploy but it won't work with American adults this time around.

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