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Monday, September 19, 2011

We Americans need a breather!

I was reading the latest on Russ Steele's blog about the Moonbeam in charge of the largest state in America and I wrote this comment,

"A executive position should surround itself and be advised by those that possess the know-how the executive wants to implement.  What I have seen with the liberals when they are in charge is they surround themselves with ideologues of their political bent rather than experts in the fields.  This has been a dangerous and ineffective way to drive the bus.  Our state is the leading edge of why the country is in the crapper right now.  All those bills Moonbeam is considering right now are not solutions to anything that will help the citizens.  The bills are more regulations and rules to control our behavior.  We need a moratorium of  Moonbeams and the State leftislature's good intentions for a couple of years.  We need a breather."

I have felt this way for as long as I can remember in my 61 years.  I used to listen to my dad's dad (a WW1 veteran who served in France) complain about politicians way back when I was a kid and I never really understood why he was so PO'd when he was discussing them (he was a democrat too).  I finally over time did figure it out and today we see what those people have brought us.  The golden pavement, the road of good intentions has left us broke at all levels of government and down to the individual American.  We have loved ourselves to death for goodness sakes.

From local zoning regulations on our private property (along with building codes telling us which light fixtures we are "allowed") to State laws, (1000's every session) to the Federal laws, (EPA regulating our wet puddles on the ground) and on an.d on.  We are tired Americans.  We want the madness to stop.  I wish Moonbeam would just veto every bill on his desk, even those with the best of intentions.  A veto would tell us that even he is tired of the madness.  But, alas, it will not be.  The politician of my grandfathers era is the same as the ones today.  They feel they must pass new rules and regulations or they are not doing their "job".

When I was an elected official I felt my duty was to represent the people in the battles between the bureaucracy and the people.  It did not make me popular with the bureaucracy but I was determined not to be co-opted in the system and become just your plain run of the mill politician currying favor and becoming friends with the regulators.  When I got out and became a civilian again, it became apparent I was not liked very well by government.

What I see in the country I prize as the greatest freest place there ever has been on planet earth is the push for some sort of human perfection through laws.  I say we need a breather.  The people are tired of having every move they make regulated, permits required and fees paid for what?  So they can enrich the regulatory mechanism put in place by people with "good intentions".  So, ease up, put mo a moratorium on those good intentions Moonbean, EPA and Obama.  We are exhausted.

Oh and if you think my term leftislature is cute, use it.


  1. Todd,

    Thanks for the notice of my new blog. I agree we need a rest. More vetoes please!

  2. Great post sir. That about sums it up.

    ...good to see you the other night.


  3. Good to see you too Woodsy. I was expecting SF and JP would follow you or me to see what you look like. What a hoot! Friar Tuck's what a great place. Nice party of ten we were with too. Had a real nice time after the Italian Fest and ziplining in Angel's Camp before that. Poor Angel's Camp is a ghost town though. Of curse Frisch says he saved it. Funny how liberals are.

  4. Never said any such thing Todd. Your lies are really pretty disgusting.


  5. Mister "knpw-it-all" SF got hurtsy feelings? Grow up.

  6. Oh, here is your quote from RR Stevie which you responded to my observation that Angels' Camp was dead on a Saturday. Tell us all why you would say this if you weren't somehow trying to convince people my observation was wrong? You seem to have an opinion on everything, so explain your comment on Angels Camp.

    "Well Todd, compared to you a lobotomized sheep would be smart. I travel 20,000 miles a year in the Sierra Nevada and have been to Angels Camp for meetings with members at least 3 times this year. We also have an office in Sonora. "

    I think you are simply a self important rent seeker, sucking off the teat of we taxpayers and in my view, you and Solyndra and peas in a pod.

  7. Todd, here is what you said on Rebane's:

    "Anyway, I would suggest Frisch (tax eating rent seeker) travel down to say Angels Camp. I was there today and it is a ghost town (I saw maybe two pedestrians at lunchtime). The little communities along the way are the same."

    Here is my response:

    ".....I travel 20,000 miles a year in the Sierra Nevada and have been to Angels Camp for meetings with members at least 3 times this year. We also have an office in Sonora."

    I directly answered your implication that I don't know what is happening in the Sierra Nevada, not your report on how many people where on the street.

    I am wondering how someone can be so stupid and still breath (sic) sometimes.

    By the way in the same post I schooled you on the point that as a native Sierra Nevadan you don;t even know enough not to call it the "Sierras".

    You are such a friggin' liar.....


  8. Frisch, you are simply a little whiny baby and a disgrace to all rent seeking tax eating non profit leeches. You should be ashamed og yourself. You crack me up. You are an expert on everything without the brains to back up your claims. You are a story teller, nothing more.


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