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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis executed, good riddance to another murderer

Murdered Officer McPhail

A convicted cop killer was put to death in Georgia after holding off the ultimate sentence for 22 years.  This scofflaw was pistol whipping a vagrant in a Burger King parking lot, surrounded by his friends and other people, when an off duty policeman yelled at him to stop.  Davis stopped, started to walk away then turned and shot the officer.  While the officer was laying on the ground Davis came over and shot him again.  34 witnesses (the press reports only nine witnesses, a blatant lie) identified Davis as the murderer.

HERE is a excellent recap of the Davis story which sows the ways the liberal and their buddies in the press try to influence people against the death penalty.  Of course, the last best hope of the left to achieve their goal is too claim the sentence was "racist".  Unfortunately for the left, all the people shot by Davis before he murdered Officer McPhail were black and most of the witnesses were black, some were personal friends of Davis.  Seven of the jurors in Davis trial were black (five were white)and you have to have a unanimous vote to convict in America in a death penalty case.  So, the liberals were stymied. 

The left and the liberal media consitently steer every minority death penalty case into one of racism and a hate crime (whatever that is).  That was obviously not a selling point in this sentence yet that never stops them from trying to prolong the life of killers.  HERE is the New York Times article which you should read and you will see how the lamestream media reports these issues with their obvious sympathy for the killers.

I.   say good riddance to Davis and any murderer who takes a human life as he did.  The same for Mumia in Pennsylvania and the rest.  I did a post on the execution of Brewer (a white KKK murderer of James Byrd Jr., a black man) and to me any murder is a hate crime regardless of the lawyers trying to parse them as something more.  We must remove these murderers from the planet.

Watch this short news story video interviewing the mother of Officer McPhail.  At least she got tell us her feelings about the execution.  I searched high and low for a news story which contained the race of Officer McPhail and found only this video story which had a picture of him.  Every article I read contained the picture and/or the reference that Davis was a black man.  You decide if that is fair in the news world of reporting the facts.


  1. The lefty bloggers here in our area only have sympathy for the killer. Typical liberal dementia.

  2. No, progressives tend to study the facts, the scientific evidence in cases like this. This was a travesty by any measure.
    Georgia Boycott!

  3. Against the murderer? Or are you supporting the policeman's family? You see,liberals don't think. They are simply hypocrites. Where was your outrage against the Brewer fellow in Texas if you are against the death penalty?


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