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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Surprise, Surprise, Obama Appointed Judges on 4th Circuit Rule for Obamacare

These judges were not even concerned they were voting to OK an a unconstitutional law.  These lamestream liberal activist judges are a total embarrassment and should resign immediately.  They are the first "judges",or should I say "appointed for life politicians masquerading as judges" to rule the mandate was legal under the Commerce Clause.  HERE is the story. HERE is the Wall Street Journal article on the same decision.

This link opens up a PDF of the decision.

What jumps out into your face will be that almost 1/2 of the 33 page decision is an immense list of people and organizations in support or opposition to Obamacare.  You can see why America is a split country.

Please read the decision and you will then see why we need to elect conservative politicians who will appoint  judges who do not legislate from the bench but interpret the Constitution as the Founders expected.  If we don't these "judges" will continue the ruination of our nation by underarming the law and common sense with leftwing dogma.

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