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Friday, September 9, 2011

ObamaNation is Rampant, Last Night's Speech was a Pile of Manure

Here we are, in deep recessionary times and the President gives us all a campaign speech.  There were a couple of things he said, (details to come later as usual) which I could support.  I will be more specific on my support after I analyze his working papers.  Oh, no working papers either?  Well, I will sit tight until we see the bills come out of the Senate from Harry Reid.  Oh, he forgot?  Well.maybe then Nancy Pelosi will get one of her troops from the left flank to introduce a bill?  Oh, they have to wait too?  Well, hell then this cartoon works. We can only hope.

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  1. From the Desk of Karl Rove...

    Twelve Words to Describe Obama's Jobs Speech
    (It is a little more than 12 words, but you get the point)

    Presumptuous: He demanded – 17 times – that Congress immediately pass a bill no one has seen.

    Tired: The speech contained little new, just mostly recycled ideas or extensions of current programs that haven’t worked.

    Small: Its proposals, while expensive, offer little hope of really jump-starting the economy.

    Mind-boggling: Mr. Obama wants to drains hundreds of billions from Social Security for another stimulus.

    Slippery: It will all be paid for, the president said, but it’s up to a Congressional committee to figure out how.

    Misleading: These were just GOP ideas. Really? Republicans have proposed another $450 billion stimulus bill, Mr. Obama?

    Arrogant: He refused to consult in advance with anyone on the Hill, even refusing a meeting request from the House Speaker and Majority Leader.

    Self-centered: The only job he’s really concerned about is his own. If he really wanted a bipartisan package, he would have worked with Republicans to come up with one.

    Unnecessary: The president would have been better off traveling the country this week to lay out proposals, surrounded by people he could claim would might benefit.

    Completely political: Before he spoke, Mr. Obama sent supporters an email titled “Before I head to the Capitol” that ended with “You should donate today.”

    Hyper-partisan: This speech – especially its angry tone – was aimed at setting up the Republicans for blame next fall. Then he’ll say the economy would be better if the GOP has just done what I ordered them to do.

    Misguided: Mr. Obama is betting his re-election on a massive spending bill.

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln enjoyed the show.


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