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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SB 48 Must Go. LaMalfa and Nielsen need our help to get a referendum approved

I received this request today and I am right on board this attempt t overturn the latest crap the democrats are going to stuff down the throats of parents and children in our schools.  The schools can't get the three R's done but we are going to now have them teach about abherrant sexual practices to children as young as 5.  We have to help.
Dear Todd,
Recently, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 48, a law that mandates the teaching of 
ransgenderism, bisexuality, and 
homosexuality to children as young as 5 in California's schools. Against our strong
opposition this bill was moved
through the legislature at lightning speed with nearly unanimous Democrat support.
Because Sacramento is completely out of touch with the priorities of California's
citizens and parents, we are left
with no recourse but to rely directly on the people of California, the voters, to
overturn this senseless law. We ask 
that you join us in supporting the repeal of SB 48 by signing the referendum 
to immediately stop this madness.
- SB 48 will use all social science curriculum, including history books and other
instructional materials, to teach
children as young as five not only to accept but also to endorse transgenderism,
bisexuality, and homosexuality.
- SB 48 does not allow parents who object to having their children exposed to 
this material to 'opt out.'
- SB 48 has been misrepresented to the public and passed as a bill aimed to
stop bullying. But whatever the
stated goal, the actual provisions of the law say nothing about bullying. Instead, 
they regulate the content of 
classroom instruction.
- SB 48 requires all public schools - including charter schools - to "include 
positive discussions of the sexual 
orientations of transgender, bisexual, and gay Americans in all social science 
courses." The sponsors have
repeatedly asserted that SB 48 mandates this provocative material for California
students in all grades from
Kindergarten to High School.
Californians are no strangers to indifferent Sacramento politicians who ignore
the people's will and the rights
of parents. Because they ignored our calls to Stop SB 48, it is now up to us,
the people, to Stop SB 48.
We strongly urge you to join the fight to Stop SB 48 by visiting
collecting signatures 
in your community and donating to the cause. Please click on the buttons at the
top of this email donate to
this important cause and to download your petition immediately - because signed 
petitions must be returned 
by mail by September 30, 2011.
You may also contact the Stop SB48 campaign at 916.948.1940 to get answers to
any questions you may
have. Thank you for your help.
Doug Sig

Senator Doug LaMalfa
Assemblyman Jim Nielsen
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