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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama and the democrats may be in deep doo doo. Updated 9-14-2011

The results are in for the Nevada 2nd Congressional seat and it was a hold for the Republicans.  HERE is the Las Vegas papers story. HERE is the Reno paper which is more relevant since the district is in the north of the state.  Mark Amodei took the Heller seat after Heller was appointed to the US Senate by the Hispanic Governor.  The reason I say Hispanic Governor is to remind people that Harry Reid, the democrat Senate Leader, said it was not possible for a Hispanic  to be a Republican during last years election.

HERE is the latest results in New York 9, the seat  (cleaned and disinfected) of disgraced Anthony Weiner.  A huge victory if it holds up, (AP has called it for the Republican Turner). It is a plus 147,000 democrat district and it looks like the republican will win 53% to Weprin (D)'s 47%.  Of course, when they are close we all know the democrat election officials are tempted to pull shenanigans like they did in Washington State and Minnesota.  But it looks good for the Republican.

In my humble opinion, I think the country has had its fill of Obama and the democrats in DC.  Even New York states Governor Cuomo has been acting like a Republican. If only Jerry Brown would come out of his democrat stupor and get real here.  But I digress.  The nation does not want Obamacare and it does not want socialism.  Europe is learning the foibles of socialism and Obama/Reid/Pelosi still tried to shove it down the throats of America.  We are not interested in a nanny state.  We want the government to get out of the way and let Americans be Americans.  You know, the freedom loving, leave me alone folks who are the dynamo that makes the planet hum.  The latest attacks by Obama on Gibson Guitar, Boeing and organic milk producers are now showing Americans what happens when big government is in the drivers seat and it isn't very pretty.

The left's attacks on the Tea Party and all the PC crap is not selling.  We have got to see the thuggery of unions and the rape of the public treasury by pension raiders.  We are spending too much even though we send 2.4 trillion buckos to the scofflaws of the left in DC and 100 billion to the scofflaws on the left in Sacramento.  We, the American people, the ones with a conservative philosophy, will take back our country from the usurpers from the left and restore the greatness of America.  And we will do it at the allot box.

UPDATED 9-14-2011. HERE is the end results of the NY-9 race which is called for the Republican Turner.  It looks like the Jewish voters there were upset with Obama's policies on Israel.  Who would have thought this could happen?


  1. The Democrats are toast.

    Stevie Enos...just kidding...this is not he.

  2. The only thing that people hate more than the Democrats are the Republican. According to almost every poll this is very true. Too bad that in congress, and the house, TPP members and Republicans have shot themselves in the foot so badly.



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