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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Local liberals have a thin skin

On this blog and some others here in our area many of us get into arguing contests with words with liberals.  They are the biggest babies,  to use a time worn phrase.  When they think you are accusing them of something they cry a river and want you banned.  We on the conservative blogs are way more tolerant of them than they are of us.  Here is a commnet I made on another blog regarding the liberals always bashing Christians and making excuses for Islam.  Of course we see them do this consdtantly and many of these liberals are atheists with no religious tenents.

"It is fascinating to me the liberals always defend Islam and its intent and trash Christianity. Maybe the leftwingnuts really are supporting Islam because they are the violent psychopaths in our culture and Islam better reflects them. Christianity, Jesus forward, is peaceful and kind. Yep, maybe that is it. Lefty philosophy is truly a violent one."maybe coming from only one side of their brains?

  This statement got them all in a tizzy and they are trying to shame me and get me banned for stating this.  Of course I used the word "maybe" but they seem to have taken the comment personally.  The comment before mine was a Christian bashing by a loony lefty and since these poor liberals didn't criticize the liberal basher, I suppose they agreed with him.  That makes my whole point.  The other thing I have come to see with the lefty's is they never answer our questions.  The cry and stomp their feet for us to do their bidding, demanding time after time we answer them, yet they never answer us.  Why is that?  Could it be a mental illness?  Do they have a selective memory?  Yes they do.  When we answer them and we usually do, it is purely a setup for further bashing of us.  We always fall for it becasue we think we are having a conversation.  They think they are educating us and we should shut up.  They do have a knack for acting like little kids though.  They pout and cry to the blog masters.  I am not the only one they do this too however.  It is a lieral universal malady.

For instance, one of them bashes Christians and never holds the Islamic terrorists to the same disain.  He tries to cnvince us that the six mureders by anti abortion extremists here in America over the last thirty years is some sort of moral equialent to the murder of three thousand Americans in the 9/11 attacks.  Now any rational person would see that as pretty amazing.  An amazing strecth even for a backwoodsman from West Virginia i suppose.  But he and his ilk actually make that comparison time after time.  I simply point out the fallacy of their argument, ask them why they trash Christians and praise Islamist and they go ballistic.

The facts are stubborn things.  When a liberal is confronted with facts, say, the murder of 30 million peasants by Stalin (and I thought the liberals were for the poor), they run for cover and claim we are going back to old history.  Yet, when the liberal is tongue tied about answering our questions, they always revert to calling us a Nazi or reference Dachau to try and shut us up.  They wore out racism as a way to shut is up, now they use "terrorist".  Even their Vice President, Joe Biden, when frustrated in a conference committee with Congress, yesterday, called the Tea Party "terrorists".  Well, all those little gray haired ladies might resent that Joe (the wives of the soldiers from the greatest generation).  But as you can see, Biden and Obama, the top two democrats, revert to this.  Reagan and George Bush, both of them, never did.  That is because the liberal will say anything, and do anything to get their way.  Conservatives have too much respect for people to get down into the liberal dirt.


  1. Todd,

    Got the following from good friend who has a lucrative practice in Washington D.C. shrinking Libs. LOL




    A normal state of a healthy person whose brain developed under the caring guidance of the progressive establishment. As opposed to the rigid and bigoted Republican / Capitalist / Conservative brain, a Liberal / Socialist / Demorat brain is hard to map because it undergoes perpetual reshuffling of its centers and synapses. Generally it can be characterized by a compassionate concern for not taxing the rich enough, combined with generosity in spending other people's money. A liberal brain is known to have a well-developed "blame-America" synapse, a benign "Smarter Than Thou" tumor, a Global Warming Panic Center, the Entitlement Synapse, Moral Relativity Gray Area, and a "P.C. Lobe" responsible for speech codes, multiculturalism, racial quotas, and alternative lifestyles (not excluding sex with children or siblings). The underdeveloped areas of a Liberal Brain usually include those that handle common sense, personal responsibility, sense of humor, patriotism, and work ethics. The eternal motivational force that keeps a liberal going is typically a daily dose of Starbucks coffee combined with the dialectical struggle of the opposites - the feeling of being a victim of oppression and the feeling of guilt for oppressing others at the same time.

  2. Oxford Liberal candidate Tim Lobzun's election night was as low key as his campaign as voters abandoned the party in droves.


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