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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fair booth busy for Republicans, slow for democrats

I worked the 7-10 shift last night (Friday) for the Nevada County Republican Central Committee and it as usual was busy and a blast.  I shared the duty with Peter and Nacy Brost and the place was hopping.  We are down the same aisle as the dems and unfortunately for them they have to watch all those people coming over to our booth and bypassing theirs.  Some liberals in our community say we are a "purple" county but it doesn't make the grade of  reality.  Our county is an R or "red" county and no matter how much the lefty Obama fans think otherwise, the facts are the facts.

I was pleased to watch a 18 year old student register for the first time and guess which party box she checked?  Yep, R.  We also have petitions for various issues (union dues) and a informal one as well.  The informal petition is to ask the Citizen's Commission on Redistricting to allow a minority opinion to be published.  It appears the Commission has been  hijacked by the democrats and our once great state will be further thrown down the leftwing crapper after they issue their maps.  Why not allow a minority opinion we ask?  Fear the people will see first hand how the liberal hegemony will be maintained I guess.

My daughter and grandson came along with a few other friends.  I have found that over the years if you stay in one place at the fair, eventually you see everybody.  Great fun and I am doing it again tonight. Nice to see Barry and Kim Pruett and their kids too.  What a nice family.


  1. I can just imagine the DEM booth being one lonely
    place to be this year. it was quit a tomb last year. When I walked buy back then, I think the two libs manning the joint were playing solitaire.

  2. It seemed pretty quiet the whole time I was there. The crew came down and said hello to me. The folks passing by their booth would stop and tell us they said things like, "Are you still democrats?" and other quips. Funny people out there.

  3. Now that had to sting a little. I just couldn't make it to the fair this year. Too busy moving.
    I hope the Tea Party booth was two or three people deep signing up new members.
    Next year can it be placed next to the DEM booth? Now that would be entertainment.( and a great photo spot)

  4. We had the APPLE booth across from us and it was manned by a very tall woman. The post petroleum mantra was not too popular.

  5. The Nevada County Republican Central Committee conducted a Republican Presidential Straw Poll at the Fair Booth this weekend. Over 160 people voted in the Straw Poll.

    The results are as follows:

    Rick Perry 41 votes (25.2%)
    Michelle Bachmann 35 votes (21.5%)
    Mitt Romney 26 votes (16.0%)
    Herman Cain 14 votes ( 8.6%)
    Undecided 11 votes ( 6.7%)
    Ron Paul 10 votes ( 6.1%)

    Not bad for Perry who only entered the race on Saturday.

  6. Barry, I agree that is a very nice showing but it may indicate a potential future problem for Perry. This showing so soon and so early may indicate unrealistic expectations by those who showed favoritism for him in this poll. I base this on an assumption that a lot of them probably don't know that much about Perry yet. This could prove to be a problem for Perry as soon as he gets vetted by the press. Once people are disillusioned they tend to retain their negative attitude. It is still very early and this is getting more and more interesting. The width and breadth of the dynamics of this election are so vast at this point that there is no point in trying to anticipate what the race might look like before the nominee is determined. Truly a unique race for a unique time.

  7. Barry, that just shows you that the Right are "fair weather" folks and will vote for whoever is popular at that exact moment without even researching a candidates qualifications.

    I wouldn't be bragging about that!

    R. Brown

  8. I think the fact we have numerous candidates vying for the office and the democrats are stuck with Obama is a very good thing.

  9. Brown, I am thinking that some of those "fair weather" folks may not have been aware that their vote at the fair would affect the outcome of the coming elections. But then they don't have your intellect do they?


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