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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Canada to Get a Conservative TV Channel, Finally!

It appears the politically correct country of Canada is finally going to get a view of the world other than their standard leftwing  CBC and PC channels.  The story is HERE.

Canada was once a rugged individualist country, pretty much like the USA.  Over the years it became a milk-toast version of  that lifestyle, becoming so PC the only people allowed to talk politics are the liberals.  Well, hey, maybe now the millions of conservative people of Canada will be getting a chance to see and hear their philosophy broadcast over the airwaves and on the cable wires.  When the students at some University threatened Ann Coulter and caused her to be a no show to a speaking engagement last year, I knew they had gone to far.  When Mark Steyn was charged with hate crimes for writing a book about items in a non-PC manner (he was acquitted), I new they went to far.  When the Prime Minister got a NO Confidence vote a few weeks ago  causing new elections I knew they had gone to far.

There has been no conservative voices allowed.  FOX is not even allowed.  Well, the times they are a changing.  When a country passes laws to criminalize speech and dissent they will be not long for the world. The Canadians did actually vote in a conservative government but like the USA, the liberals have decided the country cannot live without them being in charge and as I said, new elections are coming in May.  I hope PM Harper utilizes the new media outlet of conservatism and whips the leftwing again.

So, it appears to me the world is moving to the right and many people want to hear all sides not just the liberal PC crapola they have been forced to listen to all these years.  It has reminded me of those WW2 war movies where a small band of citizens had a hidden radio in the floor of their houses which they would bring out when the coast was clear.  They then, under punishment of death by the Axis powers, were able to listen to the truth.  Maybe Canada will come into the 21st century and realize it is in their best interest to butt out of what is broadcast to its people.

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