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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Liberals Should Read the Constitution Too

The left is going bonkers because the Republicans in the House want to read the Constitution on the house floor.  The Republicans want everyone to remember why they are there and what the document they all take an oath to, is about and says.  The left says it is a waste of time. 

Well, maybe it  is a waste of time to those who think our National Contract is some sort of meaningless document.  If the left had their way they would boot the most important document ever conceived by man. They hold no special feeling for it unlike the rest of America, the 80% of us who would die for it and for all those that have already given their lives for it.  Perhaps oaths hold no liberals feet to the fire other than say a pledge to pray to Gaia or a voodoo doll. The liberals think the document is just a guideline or an outline.  They say it is obsolete.  Well, if you believe in nothing of value except yourself, then yes, the document is worthless.  I remember when Congressman Clyburn from South Carolina , a democrat of course,  was interviewed and asked where in the Constitution is the words allowing his proposed law.  He replied that they do a lot of laws that aren't in there so what's the big deal?  Wow!

So I am planning to watch the proceedings in the House.  I want to see all the new Congressmen and women take the oath.  Then I want to see it read to America.  The Republicans will be bringing sanity back into the People's House.  I also can't hardly wait to see Nancy Pelosi turn over the gavel to John Boehner.  Poetic Justice accomplished by the American voter.

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