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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More PV Friends

Since this is my blog, I can post this stuff and bore you all to death.  My fiancee and I had a wonderful trip to Puerto Vallarta and met some interesting people.  One couple, Mac and Allison, were one of them. 

We met them on the "jungle/tequila" excursion on our third day.  They were sitting next to us across the aisle.  They were world travelers and we got to hear about a couple of their trips.  Mac was 66 and we never were told Allison's age but she was probably in her mid 50's.  They lived in Bend, Oregon after doing their educations in Davis and Sacramento in the late 70's, then moved to LA for many years.  They had been in Bend for 10 years and they loved the place. They were celebrating their 30th anniversary.

They were successful people, Mac was a veteran of Vietnam and a athlete of renown in his day.  I don't know what Allison does but she appeared to be very intelligent and had a nice personality.  They talked about their trips to Africa for a Safari in Kenya and the state of the continent.  Mac and Allison are black and they wanted to see some places of their roots.  After touring, they couldn't wait to get back to America.  Africa is a terrible mess and they were so grateful to be Americans.  It was refreshing to hear since it seems all we get is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson trashing the country.

We did not talk politics to any degree but we did talk about sports, that is Mac and I.  His real name was Cornelius.  Ramona and Allison were picture takers and they teamed up to run around snapping anything and everything.  We were gone for about six hours total and it seemed we talked about just about anything.  These people are successful Americans and unabashedly so.  We had a great day palling around.


  1. Again, thank for sharing your adventures. Ellen and I enjoy meeting people when traveling. We have been to Bend several times staying at the at the Lava Bells cottages, they welcome dogs. Bend is one of our target re-location locations should we decide that California is totally failed state. Yes, I know that Oregon is fill with liberals, but they have teated us well when ever we visit.

  2. Opps, should read: ....Oregon is full of liberals, but they have treated us well....

  3. Ron Nelson of NID is from Bend. I have been through there a few times. Mac and Allison even like the snow! It is too cold for me but a summer cabin there would be just fine.


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