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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Howard Kurtz who moved over to The Daily Beast did an interview with Ailes, the big kahuna in charge of FOX.  You can read the interview here.

I just love the candid responses by Ailes, just like I believe most everyone at FOX is also candid.  This is of course upsetting to the left and Ailes skewers them.  Jon Stewart, NPR and the leftstream media get a dose of opinion from this very successful man.  He also explains why he was so quick to offer a two million dollar contract to Juan Williams, the liberal FOX contributor fired by NPR for telling the truth.

It is my hope the new Congress defunds NPR and forces it to compete on a level playing field with free market sources of news and thought.  My guess if that happens?  It will fold.  It is about time NPR is forced to balance it's leftwingnut screeds with some conservative balance.  Why should the taxpayers fund a network dedicated to spreading liberal/socialist propaganda against thoughts and ideas shared by most Americans?  It shouldn't.  Along with deleting the NEA, Energy  and other tax payer funded leftwing departments, NPR needs to compete fairly or go away to  leftwing news land, they can reminisce with Air America.

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