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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vote Whitman, Fiorina and McClintock on Election Day. (Among Others)

We have a lot of things to think about this election but it really is nothing new.  Every election is important, and if we had an elected dog catcher position I would feel the same way. I urge eveyone to GOTV and do your duty.  Sitting on the sidelines and carping about things is no longer acceptable for Americans.  There are clear choices at most positions here in Nevada County, California and the nation.  We must show the sleath liberals, their attempted tkeover of our government is not going to happen.

I am always cautious about elections since I had a couple of close ones I won and a couple I lost.  You have to sit down in your chair on election day and be able to say, "I did all I could" to get elected and now it is up to the people. If you can say you did all you could, you will be peaceful.  When I ran for Supervisor in 1984 and was in the runoff with the incumbent in November, I stayed home with the wife and kids and some friends  and watched the returns on Channel 3 and listened on KNCO.  My opponent was having a big party at the AVM in Nevada City.  Well, guess what?  I won and my littlre family celebrated at the house, and my opponent and all her suppoerters were devestated.  I don't go to election party's, maybe I am a bit superstitious.

The local Democrats and their supporters in the blogosphere like Sierra Foothills Report are desperate to win.  They are doing their best to trash Tom, Meg and Carly.  They are crying about nasty campaigns yet they are the nastiest people.  We have a small town and this batch of left-wingers are so full of themselves they fail to see they have marginalized themselves politically here. Reasonable organizations like CABPRO, the NCRCC and many local businesses are where people need to go for the truth.  Read the conservative blogs, stay away from liberal rags run by self poclaimed middle of the roaders and you will pull the lever for honesty and truth.


  1. Todd wrote..."Sitting on the sidelines and carping about things is no longer acceptable for Americans".

    You are absolutely right about that! That is why I cannot vote for Meg or Carly, both of them chose not vote in any election for years, do not understand that. A good Tea Party member would call that spitting on the American flag!

  2. Todd, you ran for supervisor 36 years ago. Since then, many self-centered people have moved into Nevada County. Remember the attorney that forced the fairgrounds to shut down the stock car races? My son James had a blast at those races while growing up, watching our friend Pat Harvey kick butt on the track and all that good stuff. Hot dogs and cold drinks that a family could afford. Remember those wonderful Friday nights in the summer?

    I have been waiting for a Ridge Road resident to file a lawsuit to shut down the announcer’s booth at NUHS during the Friday night games. You can hear the amplification for about a mile. It is only a matter of time before someone files a lawsuit over that family-friendly activity also.

    Yet you can hear a Harley Davidson for miles, and there are now hundreds of them running all over the area. Some are operated, no doubt, by someone who will complain about the noise at NUHS. I’m sure you get my point.

    Times have changed. I spent 4 years on the board for the GV School District, and a year as president of the GV Little League some years back, and I learned then that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. When you factor in the lack of common sense, it is easy to understand why we have become polarized locally, and as a nation. Why, you might ask?

    Because we no longer have ‘common’ goals. It used to be that citizens expected the government to provide the basics….a balanced budget, roads, sewers, fire and law enforcement. But now the ‘common’ good seems to be demanding the government provide everything from taxpayer-funded abortions to classes on breast feeding.

    Have we gone nuts or what?

    Our only hope is a near dismantling of the current “entitlement” mentality, and the only ones capable of moving us ever so slightly in that direction is the conservative movement, but even that won’t accomplish much.

    But your observations on who to vote for are spot on, just don’t hold your breath too long for change that might return us to any real level of sanity. The Titanic had a warning of what was ahead also, and we all know how that voyage ended. Folks just don’t want to learn from history anymore.

  3. Thanks Mike but I must correct one thing. It was 26 years ago not 36 when I beat my first liberal. I do think Andrew Jackson's tenure in the Presidency was more vitriolic though. The nation was very divided then. Sort of like now.

  4. Regarding the post of Mr. Dodge. I would say not voting for Meg and Carly is a vote for the status quo. California has to take a chance to make changes and we are certainly not going to get it with their opponents. Sometimes we have a narrow set of choices, maybe we only like a few things a candidate stands for but my experience says it is unlikely that the candidate's full agenda will make law. Brown and Boxer are proven failures, Meg and Carly are winners. Please vote for them.

  5. Meg sure is winning, last poll showed her behind by more than 8%.

    Someone needs to end that campaign ASAP!

    Too bad that she wasted all of that money....

    Rutger Hauer
    Grass Valley, CA

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  7. Personal attacks and profanity not allowed.

  8. Great post Mr. Sherman.

    Now, contrast Mike Sherman's post with virtually any liberal post and see the real difference between liberals and conservatives.

    I can't believe that 60something liberal boomers post the childish things they do. You can't have a discussion with a liberal because it's like talking to a teenager. Seriously.

    Liberals need what teenagers need: a hard dose of reality and a hardcore butt whoppin.

    Woodsy 2.1

  9. Woodsy 2.1, I have deleted the contents of the anonymous posters here and as you can see there are many. They use foul language and personally attack and then scurry back into their caves. They never address the issue (they are incapable I suppose). You are correct they are children. One even used your moniker to attack me personally. What a crack up!


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