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Monday, October 11, 2010

60% of Americans Fear their Federal Government

A USA-Gallup poll just released should give everyone pause.  60% of those polled said this

"Meanwhile, six in 10 Americans say the government has too much power, and nearly half agree with this alarming statement: "The federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedom of ordinary citizens."

The rest of the story is here

So why would this be?  Could it be the Tea Party?  Yes it is and the general uneasiness most Americans have with governmemt anyway.  Still, 20% of those surveyed think governmemt should get bigger and more involved with all aspects of  our lives.  Who could they be?  Yes, those liberals are the culprits.  They just seem to love having the government at all levels bossing everyone around. 

Well, maybe the election will change that.  My observation about this survey leads me to think after reading it the surveyors were thinking they would get a different message.  Since Gallup and USA Today are left leaning I bet they sure were surprised at the results. The local left wing blogs will never tell their readers this story.

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