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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Blaze is Here!

Conservatives have another place to go for news, videos and information and truth.  I am amazed at the amount of information compiled by these folks.  Here is what the website says about itself. I have added a link on my sidebar list of recommended sites.

"The Blaze is a news, information and opinion site brought to you by Glenn Beck and a dedicated team of writers, journalists & video producers.
Our goal is to post, report and analyze stories of interest on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to faith and family."

Sarah Palin has also has a set of sites as well and Russ Steel has listed them on his website here.

The internet and other forms of  technological media make everyone who takes the time to read, a informed American.  With the dumbing down of our populace by the education system, the left in our country thought they could make the next generation ignorant and therefore easily led.  Well, with all of us posting the truth on our various websites, we have stemmed the flow of stupidity.  Check them out, they are very well done.


  1. Todd,
    What are you worried about? You have your fiends at The Union for that!

  2. I have friends everywhere. Where are yours?

  3. I think it's more like enemies at the Union. He is hated. He'll tell you he is hated because he speaks the truth. Not so. He is hated because he doesn't know how to discuss an issue, is rude, dismissive, and spams all the threads with his nutty talk. No one listens, because he says one-liners over and over again. He is passed over - hence this blog. Ego has no bounds.

    "Are you going to change yet again, shift your position according to the questions that are put to you, and say that the objections are not really directed at the place from which you are speaking? Are you going to declare yet again that you have never been what you have been reproached with being? Are you already preparing the way out that will enable you in your next book to spring up somewhere else and declare as you're now doing: no, no, I'm not where you are lying in wait for me, but over here, laughing at you?'
    'What, do you imagine that I would take so much trouble and so much pleasure in writing, do you think that I would keep so persistently to my task, if I were not preparing – with a rather shaky hand – a labyrinth into which I can venture, into which I can move my discourse... in which I can lose myself and appear at last to eyes that I will never have to meet again. I am no doubt not the only one who writes in order to have no face. Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same: leave it to our bureaucrats and our police to see that our papers are in order. At least spare us their morality when we write."

    — Michel Foucault (The Archaeology of Knowledge and The Discourse on Language)

  4. He does speak the truth. He also does it with humor.

  5. Too bad you're not listening.....


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