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I Miss my Husband very much! Todd was simply all about loving God, County, Family and People. My love , My husband is with Jesus in Heaven. He enjoyed communicating with each of you on Sierra Dragon's Breath. Todd was a Great, Loving, Kind man and will be Missed. Love you honey! Till wee meet again.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Ashey Judd is mentally challenged and disgusting

This woman is a feminist she says.  Is this what women want to be viewed as?  She is a pathetic example of a Hollywood "star".  My goodness, where did you hear this?  At a women's march for what?  What is it that she wants?  This is why America put Trump in office.  We are disgusted with mental cases like this being shown by the media as "role models".  How can anyone let their daughter act and talk like this?  So copy the embedded code and send it everywhere as the example of what these liberals think and say.  Pathetic.


  1. Did she say "rainbows replaced with suicide notes". A cry for help. Michael Moore wearing a 49er hat. The 1 and 9ers are also crying out for help. So much mental anguish on display. My heart breaks as I watch them melt into the the abyss of those who lost their humanity and all self awareness. I hope they don't hurt themselves as they continue to unravel by the minute. If there was ever a time for an intervention, now is the time. Too much pain and horror in our mixed up world.

    1. They really are fragile. Are they all on welfare?

  2. It was Obama that said elections have consequences.

    Here's some good news from The White House that will really piss off crazy nut job Senum and the water warriors! Good news is since Senum's quickly failed taco joint business is boarded up she has time to go back to Keystone and fight some more! LOL!

    President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders Tuesday to advance the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. Trump signed a total of five orders regarding environmental issues in the Oval Office, including a pair addressing the pipeline projects as well as actions to expedite environmental reviews for high priority projects.

    "The regulatory process in this country has become a tangled up mess," Trump said. Trump added that his actions on the Keystone and Dakota Access projects would be subject to terms and conditions being negotiated by the United States.

    He also told reporters gathered in the Oval Office that if a pipeline is built in the United States, the pipe material should also be built domestically.

    1. We need his strength to stay the course against the snowflakes and their backers. Go Trump!


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