Todd J. Juvinall

I Miss my Husband very much! Todd was simply all about loving God, County, Family and People. My love , My husband is with Jesus in Heaven. He enjoyed communicating with each of you on Sierra Dragon's Breath. Todd was a Great, Loving, Kind man and will be Missed. Love you honey! Till wee meet again.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Will Amerca be the America we know? Vote Republican to Save America.

 There is a lot at stake in the November 3, 2020 election.  We have a choice that is the most stark in my lifetime.  The choice is simple, freedom and capitalism versus tyrant and socialism/communism. It is amazing that my father's generation, one back, fought and defeated the fascists and Imperialists and then communism only to see it come to the shores of America and pollute the minds of the last two generations of young people.  But that is how the left works.  They are always there trying to infect the people with their promises.  They used our own education system to do so.  We have seen it all summer and now the left says it will riot if Trump wins re-election.  You had better believe them.

We on the conservative side of the political scene do not riot.  We do not burn down our own cities or homes and businesses.  We are practical and peaceful people.  But there is a limit to our patience. We know the very system we love is under attack by people that have no idea what it is.  They have been brainwashed into believing it is unjust and formed from terrible thing in its creation.  But it really is simply a system that has evolved over time and is under constant scrutiny to be better.  That is based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  But somehow the fifth columnist in our country have twisted our founding and the system we have created into something bad.  Those leftists never give this wonderful country and its people credit for anything good.  Just like the media does to President Trump.  92% of his coverage is negative.  The media have been polluted and the colleges have churned out America haters and it really must suck to be them.

So on Tuesday Americans who have not voted yet will flood the polling places and cast their choice.  Freedom versus tyranny.  And that is all the way down to the dog catcher in every county across the land.  Billionaires in America have decided they like to buy election favors and have chosen the democrat candidates as their vehicle.  Across the land these billionaires have poured millions into US Senate campaigns and even House seats.  George Soros has spent millions to buy District Attorneys and has some victories.  And we see what he buys with DA decisions to not prosecute rioters and killers and other scofflaws.  All those criminals are released back on the streets after one night.  All because of the misnamed "bail reforms" put into law. Look at the major cities run by democrats and you will see a huge rise in crime and murders as the criminals have become the "victims" and the police the perps.  The world is being turned on its head.


What it boils down to is simple.  Get out and vote in huge numbers for the President  He is truly he firewall between the destruction of America and it transformation into a country unrecognizable to our fathers and grandfathers.  Reagan was correct when he said the country is only one generation away from tyranny if we fail to teach the freedoms we have taken for granted.  So true.  If we fail to safeguard our country from the billionaire tyrants and their lackeys, the democrat party and it's acolytes, we we probably be unable to rid the country of them in the future.,  Do not let them get a foothold. We see a unholy alliance of the Tech billionaires, the mass media, Hollywood and the democrats to swing the election to tyranny.  They won't let bad news be disseminated about Joe Biden but they have no problem trashing Trump daily.  Thanks goodness there are other ways to get the information as the internet is available and FOX News and talk radio have not been destroyed.

Get out and vote and make sure you check to see that your ballot does not end up in a creek or the trash.  The democrats cheat and widespread fraud is their game.  We will win fair and square if you all make sure you vote in numbers sufficient to show a massive victory.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Don't be fooled by the fake news media polls I am a political activist and have been since the mid 1970s.  At first I got active when the left in my county wanted to put me and anyone dealing with new homes and real estate out of business.  The left came to Nevada County from the big cities.  They wrecked those places to such a degree they decided to move here and gain our ambiance of peace and tranquility.  But they also brought their left wing ideology and tried to take over the county and city governments. I was part of the large group of people that fought them and we won the election in 1978 to remain a free county.  

But they never give up.  That is one thing I admire about the left.  If they get defeated they go lick their wounds and come back again and again.  That is one major reason we who love freedom must stay involved and forever diligent.  We have to meet them every single time they rear their ugly heads.  They do win office here now and the reason is there are more of them then us due to immigration from the cities they wrecked on the coast.  And now we see this sickness of the left trying to take over America.  We cannot let this happen.

President Trump was elected fair and square in 2016 yet the "deep state" politicians and corporations and lobbyists decided to get rid of him through what I call a "coup".  They have tried numerous times through subterfuge and lies to gain control os the country.  We must not let them win.  After the China pandemic began we saw democrat governors and Mayors and City Councils and other elected officials flex their illegal muscles of power to control the people.  These people have tossed the Constitution into the trash.  Using a health scare they have decided they can override our rights in our best interests of health safety.  They decided it is fine to keep abortion clinics open but not churches.  You can go to a liquor store but not a school class.  It is crazy.

We just saw this week the arrest and the tasering of a woman at her middle school son's football game.  I saw that and was shocked.  She was outdoors without a mask and that triggered the idiots with the "power" to take her down.  Even though we have been relentlessly told by the authorities to maintain "social distancing" or wear  mask if we can't.  This woman was attacked even though it appeared she was maintaining six feet.  So the rules mean squat when the POWER wants to be flexed.  We also saw three church attendees singing out doors in a church parking lot get arrested in, of all places, Moscow, Idaho.  Really?  I was so mad I found the idiot Mayor of the town's email and chewed him out.  We must stand up to the bullies.

Then of course we saw the George Floyd incident which set off the riots across the land.  I do not support the knee on the neck of anyone so that may make some mad.  However we have learned that Mr. Floyd had fentynol in him to kill many people.  That drug is fatal in small amounts.  Now there is a debate on his death whether he died from the knee or the drug.  Let the truth be told.  So the protests of his death got hijacked by the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA groups.  They have been characterized as domestic terrorist groups.  The BLM are self proclaimed MARXISTS. Wimpy and chicken corporations and liberal movie stars sent these people millions of dollars fueling their riots.  And we find out the national and local media have withheld stories and videos on the riots.  Burning down American cities is off limits at the networks apparently.  Except for FOX NEWS.  Don't those who support the terrorists know they will be the first to be put up against the wall if they prevail?  That is what always happens with these kinds of revolutions.

Now we are bombarded by the fake news polls in such numbers it makes one's head spin.  Except for a couple of reliable organizations, the polls pushed by the media are bogus.  We call them push polls with loaded questions that afford the respondent little choice in a answer.  I always look at the underlying polls breakdown.  If you can easily find the partisan breakdown then you will see how unbalanced they are.  They under represent Republicans by seven to nine percent over the final results of the 2016  election..  This makes the poll biased and false.  But they are doing that to discourage you and others from voting the way we want.  Turnout is the most important thing I learned in elections.  And the fake media knows this.  So they want to dampen you enthusiasm and keep you home.  Don't fall for that.  In fact get out and get your friends out and make them eat their polls.

The democrat party has gone so far left the have become a favorite of Raul Castro and the ghost of Hugo Chavez. I am still very encouraged the people of America do not want to change course into socialism and communism.  I cannot accept the people of our county would want tyrants in charge of every part of theeir life.  So please don't fret about the fake polls.  Stay energized and make sure you and all those you know vote for freedom and the Constitution.  That means a vote for President Trump and all the Congressmen and Senators.  All down the line to dog catcher.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

VIGILANTE JUSTICE? across America, we have been witness to thuggery gone wild.  Using the myth of cops wantonly shooting unarmed blacks, the thugs of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter have turned American cities into burn piles and kill zones.  And we all know that the cities run by leftwing democrats are the ones on fire.  The Mayors and Governors of these states and cities seem to be in allegiance to the thugs.  How can that be?  In my opinion, I believe they thought that by allowing their cities and citizens to be attacked that would be a way to get rid of President Trump!  I know that sounds ridiculous but tell me what other answer makes sense?

When George Floyd died with a knee on his neck by a police officer, we as Americans were outraged and united in our position this should not happen in America. We now see the results of the autopsy of Mr. Floyd and it appears he had enough Meth and Fentynol in his body to kill him.   And his criminal record has been released and he was not seen as a very nice man.  Still, his death was an outrage and we all shouted NO!  But shortly after his death, the thugs decided they had a way to riot and loot by infiltrating any peaceful protests of the Floyd death.  And they sure have.

Many of America's great and beautiful cities are under attack and the democrat city councils, Mayors and the State Governors let them run wild.  The citizens of those cities who elected those fools may need to rethink who they want in charge of their policing and safety.  The weak-kneed Mayors told their police to let the thugs burn and loot the very businesses that they were supposed to protect.  A "summer of love" was announced by the loony Mayor of Seattle!  While the thugs took over six blocks of the downtown, murders and looting took off.  The police abandoned their Precinct in the area as the Mayor allowed the thugs to take ver.  And these thugs created an "autonomous" zone and became the de facto officials.  All the while the Mayor and her council members were protected by armed security while leaving the citizens and taxpayers to the wolves.  Well, until the thugs came to the mayor's home and things changed.  Seems the  MOB eats whoever stands in their way.  Even a sympathetic Mayor.  Shortly after, the Mayor called out the police.  Hmmm.

Even in Portland, Oregon the thugs have been allowed to trash that once beautiful city.  It's Mayor and Governor stood aside while the thugs took over.  And they are still at it today!  When the thugs attacked the Federal Courthouse and the Mayor told the police not to intervene, President Trump was forced to send help to protect the building and it occupants.  And what did the Mayor do?  Called the Federal police "SS" and Storm Troopers!  You cannot make this stuff up.  The same scenario is being played out across America and it is now in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

We see the same problems in that city of 100,000 people as we see in the others.  Instead of waiting for the investigation and facts, the thugs riot and loot.  The Mayor and the Governor did not act quickly enough to keep the city from burning.  All because the mistakenly though it would harm President Trump.  Sorry charlie, but is is harming Joe Biden and the democrat party.  Even the 17-year-old young man now under arrest for killing two men that were attacking him has now been clarified somewhat.  Chris Wallace of FOX has become one of the fake news spewers today.  He claimed the young man was a vigilante!  One kid who went to Kenosha to assist in medical care for injured people at the riot armed for self-protection is a vigilante!  And a militia wannabee?  The news folks are nuts.  But that is today's fake news take on the kid.  He was chased and attacked and hit on the head with a skateboard and replied with deadly force.  Maybe that is self-defense?

President Trump and the Republican Party are all in for peaceful protests.  That is the American way.  But when the thugs take control and start the violence, it must be met with force.  The police have to do their job unrestrained by dumbass democrat politicians running their states and cities.  If thugs are allowed to do their deeds unfettered, then they will multiply like the rats they are.  The Republican Party and President Trump have gauged American sentiment correctly on these riots.  And if people want to see these rioters come to their "suburbs", then, by all means, vote for Biden/Harris.  God help us.

Friday, July 31, 2020

So God Made a Farmer

I dedicate this Paul Harvey snippet to all those people in the farming business growing the food we all take for granted.  These "salt of the earth" folks are what makes America so great.  Perhaps all those young people running amok in our cities could learn where their food comes from and appreciate that hard work and American values are not so bad?  We need to pray over our meals and ad these people to that GRACE.  I say thanks and keep up the great work FARMERS!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Big City Mayors and Councils in cahoots with the Rioters?

When the American people saw the knee on the neck of a handcuffed George Floyd in Minneapolis by a policeman, we were all outraged.  And we were united that it is unacceptable;e and unAmerican to behave as that policeman did.  The outrage sparked protests across America and even the planet.  And then we saw that peaceful outrage gets hijacked by the racist ANTIFA, and the Marxist Black Lives Matter groups. And having seen up close and personal what the ANTIFA thugs are all about, I could guess quite accurately what would happen.  And of course, it did.  Rioting, burning down buildings and looting became rampant in the big cities.  And like the "energizer bunny," it just kept happening.  The Mayors of these cities that only a few days before were arresting people for breaking quarantine of the Wuhan virus pandemic to attend their church, were calling off the police to allow the rioters to wreck their city. And it appeared in many cases the Mayors and Councilmembers were simpatico with the thugs!

After all, why would the elected people call for the police to "stand down"?  I at first thought it was because they were afraid of being called authoritarian or racists.  But after a while, it became evident they were in cahoots with the thugs.  Did the people living in those cities know they elected people that would allow their property and businesses to be destroyed?  I am sure they did not.  But now when the rubber meets the road and the constituents saw what an error they made electing these people, things started to change.  Or maybe they didn't.  In reality, those same Mayors and Council members decided to double down and actually started to "defund" the police and reallocate the money for safety.  Social workers would now get that money.  I shook my head in amazement that people could be so dumb as to think that was a good idea.  But they are doing it.

So how does an elected official commit what I think could be treason and get away with it?  If a person or group is trying to overthrow the present government is that not treason? I recall the left saying those darn "militias" should be arrested when they stood up to what they considered government overreach and tyranny.  So why are they not obliged to treat their actions the same way?  All elected officials in America take the "OATH" of allegiance to the Constitution.  Here is the reference in the document.

“The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”
— U.S. Constitution, Article VI, clause 3"

Seems to me they are tossing that oath into the trash. (I took it many times)  That would mean they should all resign from office and allow true American patriots to take their place. Still, the voters of these cities and states need to step up and boot these elected scofflaws and get people in place that want to actually protect them and their property.  I suppose the campaigns of these spineless people now in charge were very sweet and they told those voters what they wanted to hear about running their city and state.  I bet they all said they supported law enforcement and the protection of their lives and property.  I bet they all did.  Isn't that the first thing we expect from our civilized laws and those we elected to enforce them?  Of course.  Why else do humans form a government?  To protect the people and keep the peace and stability of what has been created.  But that is not what we are seeing.

The Wuhan virus seems to have released a virus of a different sort.  The "power" of force seems to have been created and it has spread across the land.  Golly, I can issue edicts and Executive Orders and bypass the Legislature and the courts to get my way.  That seems to have infected many leftwing Governors and Mayors and Council Members across the fruited plain.  And because a fake news mouthpiece propaganda machine we once called the "press" does not hold those scofflaws to task, the people get shortchanged and uninformed about the true reasons and effects of these lawbreakers at the top.  So in many states and cities, the officials get away with their lawlessness and the chaos continues.  I look at the chaos this way as well.  Maybe one-third of one percent of the country's people are doing the chaos.  The rest are home or working and not participating on a daily basis.  But there is enough news from other sources alerting us all to this "rotten apple" chaos.  And we will respond as we usually do.  With elections.  But in the meantime, we need to hold these compliant elected officials to task and force them to do their job as we intended them to.

They must tell the rioters this activity is unacceptable and the police will now clear them out.  The looters have polluted the original reason for the unrest so the police have to remove and jail the anarchists until things cool down.  But even that is a problem as leftwing states have passed "bail reform" laws that really are just "get out of jail free" cards.  No reform at all.  Those laws must be repealed and bail reinstituted to at least keep the revolving door closed for a time.  In not so funny advice, in Seattle, we saw the Mayor call the creation of a "autonomous" zone in her city as a place to experience a "summer of love" like San Francisco did in 1968.  Of course, she could care less that her resident's homes and businesses were wrecked.  Well until those mobs came to her house.  And then we saw some action to stop the chaos.  Maybe that is the way to stop the mess?  Get the addresses of all these idiots in charge and post it for the mobs to come visit?

We see the left so this to those on the right.  First time I saw that was when Prop 8 signers of initiatives were "outed" so the thugs could go out to intimidate them.  And they did it with Brett Kavanaugh and now they are trying to smear Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of FOX.  The despicable actions of these people trying to smear good people should have dire consequences for them. Maybe all their assets and property should be "legally" taken to teach them never to try that again.  But that seems to be the rub.  No consequences for these scofflaws.  Like the child in the grocery cart at the check out stand screaming for that candy.  Do we give in?  Or do we say no?  We all know what the consequences are if we give in.  And that is what the rioters know too.  So they continue as the people in charge can't say no.  Or they are in cahoots as I think they are.

Maybe the President can deputize the cops in these cities and bypass the Mayors and Councils to stop the madness?  Or maybe these elected people can get some guts and tell the police to do their jobs and arrest the bad people.  Cool their heel's in the hoosegow for a few days then send them home to mommy's basement again.  But until we see some consequences these bad people will continue.  And if we allow the same people we thought we elected to keep us safe to hold office then it is on us.