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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Gaylord Earl Juvinall, March 9, 1958 to July 14, 2019, Age 61

Sweet forever dreams brother. Gaylord Earl Juvinall moved on to heaven on Sunday morning July 14, 2019 at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital after a long fight against cancer. Gaylord was born March 9, 1958 on his mother’s birthday. Orford Earl and Nancylee Juvinall brought him home to the house on Sontag Road off of You Bet Road off the Colfax Highway. There were already four siblings and we all helped take care of the little guy. Gaylord had a busy young life and he developed his passion for music at an early age. He played guitar and wrote music over the years. He was also a master tile man and his work can be found in many homes throughout the area. He was also an avid golfer at the Nevada County Country Club. He was the brother we all called our own “Peter Pan” as he was so friendly and smiled a radiant smile, he attracted people without trying. He leaves many friends.

 He was known by Gaylord, Goog, Jerry and Gooch. He had many bands and played country and rock all over the county. He was well known at the Holbrooke as a band to dance to. Gaylord even sang and did it pretty well! He never married but he was popular and loved by some fantastic women over the years.

In the trying times of his illness he lived with his brother Todd. His sisters, Cheryl Beck, Loana Juvinall, Valerie Gillis and Lillian Burkett helped to ease his burden. He leaves all of us and his numerous nieces and nephews, who loved him very nuch. Gaylord reminisced about his favorite things and told us many stories. He loved animals, hiking and baseball. We watched the Warriors and the Giants and we challenged each other with trivia questions. His last trip was to his favorite spot on the ocean, Fort Bragg. He spent a few days there walking the botanicals garden. He loved natural beauty. He spent many years swimming on the Yuba at the Bridge and Jones Bar. He visited his sister Lillian in Colorado and loved the scenery. He went to Costa Rica a couple of times and stayed in his friend Colin’s house there. He toured the rainforest and the volcano and loved it all.

We will all miss you terribly brother, you were a one in the world man and all of us and all your friends are grieving. But we know that you are reunited with Mom and Dad and you are all fishing for Dorado down in Cabo. Good fishing. We love you and miss you. I want to thank Loana for all the help in getting Gaylord to the doctor. And Valerie for her help in his expenses. And Trevor for help with his electronics. A celebration of Gaylord’s life will be open to all in the near future. Donations to cancer thrift and Hospice if you desire. And thanks to all the doctors and nurses that assisted our brother, God Bless you all.
All of us behind you Goog

Sunday, June 23, 2019

PC Culture destroys Common Sense and other rants

America is at the proverbial"crossroads" in which road to take forward.  Normal people, those with their heads firmly planted in reality, think many of the things in our older culture are just fine.  Others say things have to change to reflect an "anything goes" attitude.  To me, there has to be a happy middle but it appears not.

When someone mentions a return to the "good ol' days", the PC crowd says that is racist and other negative terms.  Of course, they say that about everything and everyone that disagrees with them.  All to shut down debate and send people scurrying away to hide.  No one wants to be called a racist so people do shut up.  However, we see people like me fighting back against those scurrilous ad hominems. I find that those calling names to shut others up are weak and afraid to meet others in the debate halls.  So they use this method to avoid facing their defeat.

All the years since the 1950s the "left/democrats" have tried to change history and accuse the Republicans of the very things they did or believed.  Democrats were the founders of the KKK.  They were the enforcers of the Jim Crow laws and they were the people that lynched blacks, Jews and Catholics for a hundred years.  But they were successful in changing the history books and along with a compliant mass media, create the lie they were the good guys.  We now have people brave enough to challenge those lies such as Dinesh D'Sousa and others.  And the look on the faces of those people that were fed the lies of the democrats is priceless.  Yet somehow the education system will not change the lies to the truth and point the finger of blame where it squarely belongs.  The democrats.

Almost every facet of American life that means anything nice and sweet is under attack by these socialist/communists.  They seek to rip the fabric of America apart and remake it into a Cuba or Venezuela.  We must resist them at every step.  Immigration into America is a privilege and always has been.  The left wants to open the borders and make it a right.  They could care less that America has its own culture and mores and they are doing their best to destroy the country.  We have a compact with each other and that is simply the "rule of law" and our Constitution.  The left is trying to ruin them by calling the Founding "illegitimate" as the Founders were slave owners and old white men.  Sorry to tell the left but your wonderful thoughts of the USSR, Cuba and other European Countries were founded by mostly "white men" as well.  All had the same goals though.  The governance of power by them over the masses.

No matter what color the founders of a socialist country are, they all share their disdain for you the individual.  You are a cog in their wheels and no better than a yes man or woman.  Your life is not worth a plug nickel unless you are in the ruling class.  At least here in America, you can move from the bottom to the top if you have drive and grit and don't claim you are a victim.  But America is under pressure to be a land of victims.  We have a gazillin whiners that think everyone is against them.  Rather than proving the "upper echelons" wrong the system has bred lawyers to sure and clog our courts with ingrates and complainers.  Rather than taking a second job to get ahead and save money for the future, the left forces their will on businesses and employers to pay more money or be fined or sued.

How the government can tell a business they cannot have a pay scale of their own is a puzzle.  The constitution says the government cannot put itself into a contract between people yet they have done it thousands of times.  I once had three jobs and a wife and child.  We worked hard and saved and made life better from our hard work.  I started my own business and became successful for many years.  All the while being surveilled by government agencies for compliance with their thousands of rules and regulations.  I have written numerous times to our elected officials that the Federal Register needs to be overhauled.  A government agency can post a new regulation into the Register and it becomes a law!  Without a vote!  That is not what the Founders wanted at all.

In little Nevada County this week we saw our taxpayer Library host a transvestite male reading to 3-8-year-old children.  Many of us could not believe it.  Our tax money hosting a perversion mixing it with children?  Who would have thought grown adults would do that?  Well, they did and now there will be hell to pay.  My county Supervisor who has issues of her own came out in favor of this ridiculous act.  Time to go.

I have friends that are trying to build a housing project in the South County and of course, the delays are incredible.  Eight years so far.  And all the yapping politicians and others that complain about the lack of housing can't step up o the plate and help.  All afraid of the PC Eco crowd and being called "developer" friendly.  Oh my.  And this anti-local attitude is all over the state.  Seems only 77,000 housing units of all types were constructed last year while the need is 350,000 a year!  But we see the gutless politicians are too afraid to act all over California and they hide behind CEQA and other dumb laws.  Anyone saw the zoning ordinances of Nevada County?  A thousand pages or so.  All telling you what you can or can't do with your own property.

Now we see a movement to get rid of single-family zoning in California.  The politicians from the big cities want multi-family high density to replace single-family zoning.  Of course, that is fine in its own district but to replace single family?  The chaos and revolution to follow will be terrible.  But this is now on the books in Minneapolis and coming to Oregon as well.  The PC crowd is telling you they know better than you how to live and where to live.  And while I am on it.  The politicians complain about the cost of housing yet accept no responsibility for their part in that.  The Uniform Building Codes, the laws for fire sprinklers and soffits and all the other add-ons like solar panels.  The require these costly items and then complain no one is building an "affordable" home.  It is as if these people are just plain stupid.  No common sense.

Culturally we also have a war going on.  We see some victories for common sense but they are few and far between.  The SCOTUS decided 7-2 that a cross at a cemetery is OK.  We with common sense applauded that obvious decision but the PC crowd became unhinged and apoplectic.  Why is it OK for them to be a bigot against "old white men" while complaining about racism and homophobia and other acts?  If a person thinks his religion opposes men having sex with each other that seems to be an opinion of common sense.  But somehow that perspective is called homophobia and is used as a slur against their view that it is a perversion.  Seems the religious folks have a right to their opinion.  But that is what the PC crowd does.  And with their compliant press, they turn things into negatives.  Look at what they are doing to their own front-runner for President, Joe Biden.  He worked in the Senate with other democrats from the south who were segregationists.  He said he did not share their beliefs but worked with them to gain support for the legislation.  You would think he wore sheets like fellow democrat and KKK guy Robert Byrd!

The country is being divided by these PC clowns and we as Americans must put a stop to it.  Confront it whenever it rears its head.  Speak out against their attacks on common sense and the American culture.  Confront their words with your words.  Americans need to start telling them to stop their lying about the country and the people.  We are a good and benevolent nation of men and women.  Defend it or lose it to the whiners.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Longest Day

Freedom.  What does it cost?  Can you pay for it with money?  Goods?  Blood?  What exactly is it and should we care about it?  The answer is, of course, we have to care.  Many people, men, women children, gave their lives so we could experience something most humans never got to experience.  The planet's history is mostly one of power by a few over the many.  Kings and other royal titles ran the countries and the people of their countries up until 1776.

At that time and for another number of years men and women had to defeat the greatest power on earth to gain their independence and throw off the yoke of Britain.  When that was finally done, those same men and women sat down to create the Constitution.  A document to guide us into the future and one that provides a framework and set of laws for us to live by.  Finally a compact by the people to stop them from being cannon fodder for the King.

Humans though have a tendency to want to gain power over others and over the years we saw that play out in both World Wars and other smaller wars.  Tyrants are something we Americans dislike and we do our best to take them out or at least neutralize them.  Even at the end of WW1, we saw the danger of communism and President Wilson sent troops into Russia to assist the anti-communists.  It failed and we got that tyranny for 70 years and later it seeped into China and some other places.  We saw the rise of fascism in Italy and National Socialism in Germany.

And America got involved to try and rid the planet of these terrible ideologies and the men and women pushing them.  In 1933 Adolph Hitler came to power and soon became a dictator.  He pushed his people into a war with the world and America became his enemy in December 11941.  Hitler and his thugs murdered millions of people and would have come to America if millions of brave Americans had not stopped them.  Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy landing.  We also call it D-Day and The Longest Day.  The thousands of young men that stormed the beaches of France and scaled the cliffs saved the world.

The men that did not return are in many cemeteries above the beaches they retook from the Nazis.  They lie there but their souls are in heaven.  Today we celebrate them and our President is there to commemorate their sacrifice.  We owe these people the respect and remembrance they deserve.  I am not even sure the education system spends any time on this but they should.  Most young people don't even know what a Nazi is.  Or a fascist.  Some in America try to call our President those vile terms.  That tells me they are uninformed and that teachers need to start teaching the meanings.

We have freedom today because men and women from our past  gave their all to preserve it.  The least we can do is teach the young about them and make sure no one ever forgets these men and women of the "Greatest Generation"/

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Teflon Trump!

I am old enough to remember the days when President Reagan was called "Teflon" because things just did not stick to him. The democrats were as bad then as they are now.  The difference is there is 24/7 cable and social media that inundates the airwaves with "news".  We note that most of the news we now call FAKE NEWS.  And after three years of a witch hunt to foist a "coup" on the American electorate, we finally have some peace.  The release of the Mueller Report, 450 pages in two chapters, and the "exoneration" on all counts of alleged "collusion" and "obstruction" should have been the end of it all.

Teflon Trump is working his magic.  In the case of the witch hunt, I and many others knew it was a hoax.  We were derided as was Trump by the left and their goons but we stuck to our guns and were proven right.   But knowing it was a hoax was not enough.  The democrats as we have seen lately could care less about the truth.  They simply embark on another "birther" type track and not a ounce of moss gathered on their sorry asses.  Even local idiots like RL Crabb has yet to apologize for his seditious cartoons and comments against the President.  The left only apologizes when they are caught screwing another woman, not their wife.  They trot the poor wife up next to them as they tell the people how sorry they are for screwing them and the other woman.   Then they get promoted in the democrat party and are usually awarded a TV show. California's present Governor is a prime example.
The same trolls of the democrat party can't seem to ask forgiveness for tearing the country apart and dividing it even more.  They lied about everything and Trump told the truth.  But the press won't allow the American people to take a breath and relax.  On to the next load of crap to try and tarnish Trump and the 63 million that voted for him.  Now the democrat controlled House of Representatives is trying to get Trump's tax returns.  And they want his kid's returns and even his 12-year-old son's.  They want all his business records and everything else.  All before he was ever an elected person.  We call this a "witch hunt" and a smear.  While RL Crabb and his goons write these ridiculous attacks on Trump and his followers, you never see anything about the left and their travails and lawlessness.

But it will all play out over the next two years.  Luckily the democrats have a clown car full of idiots running for President.  They are a gift that keeps on giving.  Now the party of diversity has a bunch of mostly old white men in the lead for the nomination.  The rest are stepping over each other in their pandering to every disaffected group in the country.  Women, people of "color", felons, terrorists, sexual deviants and candidates with affection for the old Soviet Union are running amok across the land.  Seems that RL Crabb would have a field day of cartoons with all that.  Yet crickets.

America is being held hostage to the loons of the left and their mouthpieces we call the mainstream media.  The media reports fake news all the time.  And to me, the worst they do is choose not to report things that might hurt their ideology.  You are being shortchanged every day by the Editors across the land who fail to print the real news.  They have you believe the left is a pristine group while the right are maniacs.  Of course with alternate sources now Americans can and do read other news.  And yet with declining subscribers and viewers the newspapers and TV News refuse to be fair and attract the people of the right.  That tells me it is all ideology, not business.

With all the problems Trump is trying to fix for the country, you would think the democrats might find a little common ground with the Republicans.  But they can't get their heads out of their asses long enough to breathe the fresh air of accomplishments.  Oh well.  In spite of all that fake news and liars called democrats, Trump is making America great again and that sits well with me and my fellow travelers.  Lowest unemployment ever.  Women, blacks, Hispanics and Asians working.  While the democrats are still refusing to leave their momma's basement and give up their PJs and Cheetos, the rest of us are working hard to keep the country moving ahead and safe.  Maybe the left will learn they can't have it all their way.  Spoiled brats and ingrates usually get their comeuppance.  All the while President Trump is Teflon and they can't get over it.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Joe Biden Exposed as the racist hypocrite he truly is

Joe Biden announced his run for the 2020 Presidency this week.  The man who never had a job other than a political job thinks he is what America wants and needs.  Well of course now that he is out from the shadow of Barack Obama, he is no longer protected from the media's reticence of criticizing the first half black, half white President.  Almost immediately his record of political positions and legislation has come under scrutiny and it is being interpreted by the left and the right as making him unfit to lead America (for opposite reasons, however).  Candace Owens spoke at the NRA convention this week and exposed his racist background in a short synopsis.  Here is Candace. In a nutshell.  Biden's apology tour across the lamestream media is a fraudulent attempt to change history.  President Trump has shown through his policies the best cure for racism is a job and pride in that endeavor.  More Americans are working than ever before.  Blacks included.  Biden's big deal was to vote with Bill Clinton in the '90s for the mass incarceration of men, mostly blacks and now he is backpedaling.  America needs more Trump and less Biden.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Democrat Extremists at all levels are wrecking the country

Are we sick of the vitriol yet?  I am and I bet most Americans are too.  But that is not stopping the ridiculous pursuit of President Trump by the looney left of America.  We saw a two-year proctology exam of the Trump campaign by Special Counsel Mueller.  All that time the democrats were salivating that the conclusion would be "Collusion" with the Rooskies to defeat the Hillary Clinton campaign.  After twenty-five million bucks, employing numerous democrat lawyers and 500 supeonas, the Mueller report was completed.  And the end game?  NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION!
Of course, I always knew there was none and so did many of the talking heads on the right.  Hannity and Rush parried all the lies by the left every day.  And they were spot on.  Trump made a joke (see Youtube above) and I saw it live.  And that joke got the haters thinking maybe they could turn that into an investigation.  So the anti-Trump crew in the Intelligence and Law Enforcement branches did just that. Review the above YouTube at 47 seconds for the joke,.

Never mind that all this investigation was based on another fallacy.  Hillary Clinton paid Fusion GPS 11  million dollars for "dirt" on Trump and they hired a failed Britsh spook named Christopher Steele to gather the info.  Well, he now says he got it from the Rooskies and it is all UNVERIFIED!  Meaning it was fabricated.  So to the common people, it seems the collaboration with the Rooskies is Clinton and her campaign.  Yet Mueller knew there was no collusion by Trump early on and still pursued it knowing it did not exist.  I think he was trying to trap Trump in some form of perjury trap like he did with General Flynn. (Who I hope Trump pardons)  But Trump and his lawyers were too smart to fall for that trap and issued "written" responses.  Mueller was stifled.  And his 18 lawyers most of them Hillary supporters were stifled as well.

So on and on this phony investigation continued and it gathered in some "process" crime indictments and even some arrests and jail sentences.  But not one for the underlying reason AG Rod Rosenstein ordered.  Collusion!  I would suggest this process is anti-constitutional and very scary.  An unelected bureaucrat is given GOD_LIKE powers over all others?  That is not right.  These kinds of positions have no place in America.

But the results of this proved nothing and kept America from being the "progressive" country it truly is.  We were stuck ion a time warp while all sides spewed their information and conclusions.  But as I said, the "right" was spot on while the "left" was totally wrong.  But the left will have none of that "truth".  They are apoplectic that Mueller and AG Barr found nothing.  But of course, the left has stated they have found a bunch of things they can impeach Trump with and therefore they are proceeding.

 I think the country needs a break.  Stop the silliness and just accept you all lost to the better candidate in 2016.  There is another election in 2020 and I suggest you try to win that and forget about the past defeat.  In the meantime, democrats are paralyzed regarding legislation to keep the country moving along.  They cannot even fix the obvious immigration issues that need their attention.  And millions are sneaking here and bankrupting us. How about our roads and bridges and water and sewer issues?  Balancing the budget?  Homeless veterans?  And many more.  But they can't see past their noses and it is all "get Trump" all the time.

If the democrats keep this up they are in my view reassuring Trump's election and the Congress returning to Republican control.  The R's seem to me to be the adults in the room.  The lefty candidate for President are all looney tune socialists and the American people are not socialists.  The rising star of the gal from New York, AOC, well she is just a moron but she is the democrats moron.  And she represents people that have no clue how to survive in a complex world. So my recommendation is to proceed with the business of America and start getting the things done the people want to be done.