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Monday, November 19, 2018

Check the link of the missing in the CAMP FIRE

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Post 2018 General Election Musings

What a crazy year for politics and elections.  And the final votes for some races are still in doubt today!  We have seen the President travel all over the country speaking at huge rallies of supporters to jinn up excitement to vote for Republicans.  We have seen the endless lambasting the President by the media and democrats.  Of course, no lie about the President or Republicans is unprintable in the media, TV and newspapers.  The internet was full of so much disinformation that it lost most of its credibility.  And we saw the platforms for Google, Facebook and others used for phony ads that were skewed to the democrats and against the Republicans.  And they all predicted a huge "blue wave" meaning they were going to wipe out the Republicans at all levels of the government across the land.

Well, it was not a "blue wave" but a mixed bag.  Even in my little county in California we experienced a mixed bag.  Some democrats some Republicans won offices here.  Many winner were DTS registration.  Declined to state.  Most of the non-partisan offices were won by DTS.  And the democrats have about 2,000 more registered voters now so for some reason they are claiming the county is now solid blue.  Not in my view. HERE are the Nevada County result as of November 13, 2018.  It is truly a mixed result by those party candidates.

The State of California is a horse of a different color.  The democrats have wiped out the Republicans and now have super-majorities in the legislature and they hold all state wide offices except one. HERE is the link to the Secretary of State where you can click on any office for the results.  It is not a pretty one for the Republicans.  In my opinion I see the flight of families and Republicans to other states that better reflect their values.  All those that backfill those losses are immigrants and democrats.  Many here for the free stuff.  And a lot of sanctuary for illegals.  With same day voter registration and lack of oversight I might suggest a few million votes are not legal.  But with democrats in control at all levels of the vote counting we will never get the truth.

And we saw a full court press by the democrats to take out all the 13 Congressional seats held by Republicans.  And they almost did it.  They got millions of dollars of "dark money" and huge donations from the likes of Michael Bloomberg to defeat the Republicans. HERE is the "OPEN Secrets" website queued to California races for Congress.  Click on each one and see the huge amount of money the "unknown" candidates of the democrats raised and spent.  In District Four held by Tom McClintock he was outraise almost two to one.  Millions were tossed against him.  If any person thought the left was truly outraged by "Citizen's United" decision by the Supreme Court, the real results are show the democrats benefitted and used it the most.  True hypocrisy.

But the flood of hundreds of millions of dollars does show it works.  A few exceptions exist from the November election.  A Senate candidate in Texas, O'Rouke, spent over 70 million dollars, twice as much as Ted Cruz, and he lost.  But in California we see the democrats took out three or four Congressional candidate incumbents with a two or three to one dollar advantage.  So what was learned?  The Republicans will start raising a gazillion dollars for the next cycle.  And up and up it goes.  Sort of like some of those old "Star Trek" episodes.  The dagger in the heart of the Republicans though was the retirement of over forty members.  Open seats are tough to win when you are outspent three to one.  Even here in District One, Incumbent Doug LaMalfa was outraised by a unknown "phony" farmer from Chico.  But he won the District by a pretty decent margin.

Across America we are seeing that close races are stolen from Republicans as ballots for democrats show up way after the election night.  Some are found in closets and car trunks.  Look at Florida where 88,000 ballots magically showed up in South State and most were for democrats.  Arizona saw the Republican win on election night but all those ballots found after and during the following week came in for the democrat.  They found a eighty thousand vote turnaround.  But how is this allowed?  The left says "count every vote".  Sure I agree but they must be legal!  The left floods people on election day to vote a "provisional" ballot and somehow those are tossed into the legal ballots so they can never be viewed as they are required under law.  That seems to be the strategy in democrat counties in South Florida.

Overall the democrats took 38 new seats in the House pf Representatives and lost two maybe three in the Senate.  So we have a divided Congress.  Of course this works for me as the Senate will be doing the "advice and consent" on all Constitutional appointments.  Judges and Cabinet members and many down the line will be done and the majority of extremists in the House can do nothing.  We lost seven Governors but retain a 2 state lead with 25 to 23.  We maintained a huge advantage in state house where we have 62 chambers to 37 for the democrats.  Those are good numbers for the redistricting in 2020.  Though I would have loved to see the Republicans maintain their majorities it appears that the flood of a billion dollars really worked for the democrats.  Next time the Republicans better be prepared to meet the challenge or the country could become the mess that is California and New York.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Red Wave Coming on November 6, 2018

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What an exciting year to be an American and part of the political process.  Our country is a example of how we can proceed as a country without bloodshed or a civil war.  And no dictators either.  We run the place and once in a while we must tell our bureaucracy that we do.  They work for us, right?  But over the years as we work our jobs and raise our kids, the government forgets who their boss is.  But November 2016 changed that.  Donald Trump won and the status quo changed.

And the opposition to Trump went berserk.  The very first day saw a bunch of wild women marching against him in Washington DC.  They seemed a bit off their rockers to me as I listened to them speak.  Madonna said she wanted to see the White blow up and others were as nutty as she.  Later we saw a decapitated head of Trump shown everywhere and late-night hosts on TV told denigrating “jokes” about Trump and his wife and family.  And so, it goes.

This year the democrats said they would pony up women at all levels of politics to challenge sitting Republicans and open seats across the country.  And they have.  I think it is great to see so many new people jump into the fray.  I think they are concerned about the direction of the country and those that are in power.  That is what is great about America.  And then the democrat leadership and their formal cheerleaders, the “media” told us there would be a “blue wave” coming.  Meaning the democrats would wipeout the republicans and take over the Congress and other seats down ticket.

That was their meme.  They beat that horse everyday and did their best to inculcate it into everyone’s brain.  But what is happening two weeks from election?  There seems to be a turnaround and now I predict a “red wave” will take place.  Meaning the Republicans will hold the Congress and the Governorships across the country.  I watch the polls and I am seeing a huge trend to Republicans at every level.  And I think we all know why.

The democrats are simply unhinged and show it everyday on TV and in the news.  Riots, Antifa (the brown shirts of their party) burning down Berkeley building to deny a conservative the right to even speak.  The Kavanaugh hearings where they paid people to scream in the hearings and get escorted out.  While Chairman Grassley made sure he treated all with respect to show who the adults were in the room.  The Republicans treated Ms. Ford with all due respect.  Then we saw the political fiasco of California Senator Feinstein and her “October surprise” foisted on the county in September.  And then how her party members treated a good man, Brett Kavanaugh.  All lies and bogus accusations unremembered by the ones accusing.  Kavanaugh’s personal defense was so real and compelling that he swayed millions of Americans away from the democrats and into the arms of the grownups, the Republicans.  I say thanks.  And that was the beginning of the turnaround in my view.  People saw for themselves how low the democrats would stoop to get their way.  Like little kids at the grocery counter screaming for that candy.  Then we saw their progeny scratching at the Supreme Courts doors and screaming at the moon.  Their paid protestors on the steps.  Americans got to see these people and many millions have said to themselves and others, there is no way we can give these people power.  They will run America into the ground.  But of course, they still have a chance and it is up to Americans of good will to deny these democrats power.  We see these people are anti police, pro illegal immigrant, socialist in medical issues and higher taxes.  We don’t need to return to that do we?  So please follow my lead and vote for Republicans this election.  America is a great place for all but we must remember we are a nation of laws.  The last vision for us should not be thousands of illegals pushing their way into the country.  But if the democrats get the reins of power that is what we will get.  And you all get to pay for them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Blue Wave fantasy of the left morphs into red one for Republicans

Just a couple of weeks left and maybe this election will be a real stunner.  Most of the off year federal elections give the out of power party a victory in Congress.  Except for a couple of times this has been the norm.  I recall 2002 when the Republicans actually picked up a couple of seats and America stayed the course under Bush.  But alas, most of the time it is not so.  The democrat party has touted their "Blue Wave" theory based on history and who knows it might be.  But I am seeing other things in America that could lead me to believe the Republicans could hold the Congress.

Usually polls are meaningless until a couple of weeks out.  We start seeing people taking their positions and trends begin to form.  Trajectory is important.  If the candidates start losing points that is usually a bad trend and portends defeat.  If the position starts a uphill climb then a victory might be in order.  We saw this with Trump's victory in 2016.  Hillary Clinton was a shoe in and all the polls were saying so.  But then as people started to really pay attention things changed and that developer from Queens was President.  I see similar things happening now.  Watching the Real Clear Politics (RCP) daily tracking polls it is showing a upward tick for Republicans.

Of course Americans can be hard to read sometimes and I am no soothsayer so we could all be surprised election night.  But watching the things happening across the land and the actions of the democrats and their mobs I think Americans will reject them as too violent and unhinged.  When I watch their smear tactics against Judge Kavanaugh and their use of Ms. Ford for the party's gain (they thought) I was convinced they would do anything to win back power.  They of course started all this the day after the 2016 election of Trump.  The democrats tried to get the Electors omitted to Trump to bail on him and vote for Clinton.  Only one person did that and we have never heard from the traitor since.

Then they had their women's march the day of the Trump Inauguration.  Their speakers were well known celebrities who came across as unhinged and drug infected.  Blow up the White House they said.  And much worse.  Today we see packages sent to some officials that were intercepted by the Secret Service.  This is what the democrats have inspired.  We must find these perps and punish them severely.  But the left has been using force and intimidation at all levels of our political process and that to me is not American.  We must tell the democrats to wait until they legitimately win back the Congress and stop their intimidation and violence.  We on the right lost to Obama twice and we never exhibited the kinds of things the left is doing.  But the left tries to tell Americans the Tea arty was no different.  Oh yes it was.  The TP was older Americans and wen they left a rally it was cleaner than when they came.  You won't find that with the lefty groups.  Occupy Wall Street was a trash generating bunch of scumbags.  Antifa in their black clothing and masks like to burn down other people';s property.

And then we have the Black Lives Matter types that hate the police.  But they are not above calling them for help when confronted.  You don't see Republicans rioting in the streets and trashing others property.  Only the left and the democrats who seem to like burning down their own homes and CVS's. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Grass Valley Union Newspaper bans free speech and press, call us trolls

It appears the Union has banned me from commenting online for 30 days. They are calling me a troll. Of course I am not but that is the way they can keep my ideas and voice from being heard. I simply am political and of course the other side comes after me all the time. I am like Trump in that if you attack me I hit back twice as hard. Hit as in comments and words. This week I was threatened with bodily injury by a commenter and I turned it in to the Union and the Sheriff. The results are they banned ME! You cannot make this stuff up. So I will use the FB groups and connections to get the conservative messages out as best I cam. I told the Editor of the Union that he is simply biased and with only two more weeks until the election he thinks it will be good to silence me on their venue. I have asked why the attackers of moi are still there and of course I get a generic answer. Besides, not one comment I made was cited. I did call a communist a communist and that upset the Union but hey when it walks like a duck! So I will be off the Union for 30 days and now maybe even longer since their bias is against the right. 

I get attacked by about five or six left-wing nuts on the Union site on every comment I make.  Now most of the time I am simply giving my opinion on the subject but these lib-nuts can't help themselves and they come after me with name-calling and vitriol.  So I smack them back.  A lot of my responses are in humor but we all know the left (and now the Union Editor) are unable to discern humor from seriousness.  Too bad for them.  But these lovelies are never tossed off for attacking me as I hold my own.  But they are like all liberals and they cry to the Owners and Editors about me and after a while they get their way.  Squeaky wheel stuff.  But the Union folded.  So we get to see the left do their door scratching at the SCOTUS building.  Shoot our Congressmen.  Scream at the Kavanaugh hearings and harass our people out for their dinners in the public.  But oh my, when I or other conservatives fight back the people that should know better about the free speech and press, fold and punish us!

The comments are on every article they print and they are asking us all to come read and make a comment.  Well the liberals can come and call me and others fascists and other nasty things but I called a obvious commie a commie and that is a no-no.  This is why the press is so disrespected in my view.  Totally biased.  As Brian Hamilton told me they don't want to "baby-sit" this stuff and so they ban people, mostly right side political.  I took the liberals and democrats crap all my life and that was just fine with the press.  Then when I and others across America started to return fire all of a sudden the "discourse" has become untenable and nasty and course.  Well yeah.  Now we are not going to take these attacks on us anymore and that is the rub.  The already biased left papers and media has to hear us too and they don't like it.  Hell Hillary Clinton said that violence to defend her party is fine but did you see or read that in the Union?  Nope.  

Anyway, this opened my eyes more to the bias that exists even in our little paper that I have subscribed too all my life as did my parents.  All because the Editor has no balls to defend his own paper from liberal attacks.  

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Stocks and Bonds are doing what they do

Image result for money cartoonWatching the markets is fun and most of the time.  It is a reflection of current events played out with people's money.  So many things at play.  Up and down we go, round and round we go.  Since we are a capitalistic country, people are always betting things will get better and their portfolio's will increase in value.  And it works that way most of the time.  Now we have all these computers running the decisions for traders and when there is a glitch of some sort we see either a meteoric rise in the markets or a decline.  We are seeing a decline this week.

I am no expert at all but from the sidelines I see many reasons for these ups and downs.  World events, interest rates (up or down), confidence in the overall economy, jobs, stability of the currency and many more things influence our markets.  Very complex.

Some people know how to "play" all these things and still make money.  After-all that is the reason we have these markets isn't it?  Of course.  There are commodities, stocks and bonds, small companies and large ones.  Lately I think the huge tech companies are the reason things are going south this week.  People are losing faith in them.  They all seem to be anti-republican and anti free speech.  And Americans don't like that.

I have friends that are making money on stocks even as the indexes head down.  Medical stuff will always be a winner as Americans want better tools and medicines.  I once had a friend that liked Proctor and Gamble stocks.  People will always be having babies and need the things they produce.  Well now with diminishing birth rates that might be a problem.  But it showed me there is a reason each person's opinion on a particular stock is so personal.

Image result for money cartoonThe major thing I see with the banks and credit cards is this.  There was once a "usury" cap on the interest rates a bank could charge.  Somewhere along the way that cap evaporated and we see "Mafia-like" rates charged on credit cards and loans.  And it seems every time the government gets involved with the banks and investments things go awry.  Too big to fail?  Not in America in my opinion.  If a bank or credit card company has so much income and deposits then if they fail why should the taxpayers pick them up?  We saw that locally with some banks that were sold and the depositors and taxpayers took a huge hit in their pocket books.

Now we see the government has forced debt in the form of a couple of trillion dollars onto the graduates of out colleges.  They get their degrees and also a note to payback that is sometimes overwhelming.  Maybe $200,000 to get that female studies degree.  Rather than get the costs of  a class under control (same for public schools)  the government just dumps money on the issue.  So wastes is huge and the taxpayers get hosed.   Rather than make a professor actually show up and teach the taxpayers get hosed.  It is immoral in my view to force this debt on our young people and not force reforms in the universities and colleges.

So just like the early 2000's when the democrats forced banks to lend at a future loss regarding mortgages, we have spent our wad and now seem to be regrouping.  That is what America does.  There is always someone out there that will figure out a way to make money and sometimes it works.  Sometimes not.  But the spirit of the American to make money and a better life for themselves and the country is hugely successful.