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Sunday, June 18, 2017

ALT-Left Wrecking America

Americans if the LEFT Gets their way
I am worried that America is under siege from within.  And those that wish it ill are from the left side of the political isle.  All my life until at least 1990 or so, America resisted and confronted the communists and the socialists on planet earth.  We confronted and went to war with them as our people knew the left was all about tyranny and big government.  All those communist countries with their Stasi police, all more or less like the World War 2 German Gestapo.  No freedom for the individual, only power for the state.

And in my lifetime I have seen the people of America slowly accepting bigger government as some sort of "savior" for them.  Each day we see more personal freedoms whittled down.  The old "frog in the cold water" story. But look at what is has come to.  Political Correctness, AKA PC has run rampant and our citizens are afraid to speak their minds for fear of being called some inflammatory name. Traditional things are belittled and tossed into the trash.  Religion in America, well Christian religion, is mocked and others like Islam are propped up as some sort of measure of tolerance.  Many people last week held rallies against "Sharia Law" coming to America.  They were attacked and counter protested by groups of people  Sharia Law would obliterate.  Homosexuals and women (feminists) were out there protesting the protesters.  But if Sharia went into affect as it has in other countries, the homosexuals would be tossed off buildings to their death and women would never go outside without a male escort.

So it seems to me the world for some people os upside down.  I went to a "Free Speech" rally in Berkeley and those calling themselves "Antifa", for Anti Fascists, were there creating violence against people reciting the US Constitution!  The Antifa's were the fascists yet they are so dumb they think not.  I blame the lack of critical thinking NOT taught in our schools.  Where everyone gets a trophy so no one's feeling are hurt. 
So here we are in the 67th year of my life and I am seeing things happening in America I thought we defeated 25 years ago.  What is worse it is the lack of leadership in America that has me worried the most.  All the debt and those yearly deficits undermine the future of America even more than an attack by some enemy.  We are only as stable and powerful as our economy.   But 535 people we send to Washington DC cannot seem to help themselves about the spending.  Wishing to be all things to all people they have put our country into a very precarious place.  Can you imagine paying a hundred dollars for a loaf of bread?  Or a tomato?  It has happened in the history of the planet.  We are allowing the politicians to be irresponsible with our money.  And they are getting record amounts of our money!  Never enough.

California is the best current example of "never enough".  I wonder how we can have such a low unemployment number as reported last week and have the highest welfare population.  How is that possible?  But the information is not trustworthy and we are all skeptical about "fake news" now.  All this angst and the attempts by the ALT-LEFT to undermine President Trump and his administration are making people distrust those we should not distrust.  But when 90% of the press is voting ALT-LEFT and donating their money to Democrats we see the problem.  The press is always preaching about the money (Citizen's United)  in politics yet they give millions to the left.  Not much to the right.  They are buying their own demise with their support of one party over the others.  But they deny they are influenced or that they influence the process. And we all know that is total baloney.

In my humble opinion, I think the A:T-LEFT and their lackey's  in the media are overplaying their hands.  Americans like to support the underdog.  We don't like it when someone or something is piled on.  And that is what we see with their attacks on Trump.  Most of the "fake news" is underwritten by anonymous sources.  And those sources are saying some really terrible things about Trump, his voters and the process.  And I think there will be a tipping point" that no one will like.  Trump was duly elected under the rules of our Constitution.  Those that want him out are committing treason and should be shunned.  Of course, they have their "freedom of speech" so have at it, but watch out.  I would suggest the left will be wiped out over the next few elections and the country will finally get right thinking people in charge of the place.  Well, except for California and New York.

America is the last best hope of a place where an individual is important.  Communism, socialism and whatever runs Europe could care less about you as an individual.  But I think you do.  And if you want to preserve this great place and the experiment unprecedented in human history (except Greece circa 500BC) you had better get involved.  In one generation we can lose it all.  In my lifetime I have seen this happening and if you don't pay attention you will become what most of history had you as.  A piece of canon fodder.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fight the democrat/media coup attenpts!

We must return fire to the liars and usurpers.  Trump is duly elected under our Constitution.  The left is trying to take him out with their phony, made up Russia fantasy.  All their phony attempts are based on a joke he made about Clinton's emails she destroyed.  As well as Trump saying Putin was a strong leader for his own country.  The left thinks they have an opening to take Trump out.  We must confront them at each and every turn.  Comment on their posts wherever they are.  In your newspaper, CSPAN, Facebook and all other media.  Don't let these traitors get away with their lies.

Let us organize and show the country we are behind Trump.  We can have out rallies too.  There are millions of us.  I understand we are the people that actually work so it is hard to get away.  The left has their paid protestors and thugs, we are just plain folks.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Brits are as evenly divided as America!

Theresa May
The elections called by Prime Minister Theresa May were held yesterday and the outcome was quite interesting to me.  The Brits are a Parlimentary system and they choose their President (Prime Minister) from either a outright Parlimentary majority or a coalition of two or more parties.  Well, that is the case as we see the loss of seats by the Tories (like our Republicans) to a total below the 326 needed for a one party majority.  So May will have to get another party to join hers in order to keep the majority.  The Labout Party (like our democrat party) did not gain enough to form a government with any other party.  So Britain will still have a Tory in charge.

HERE is the results.

What is interesting to me is how the press reports all of this.  The press in Britain hates the Tories just like they do the Republicans here.  Even though May and the Tories got 318 seats this is deemed a loss by the press.  But just a few years ago we saw the same thing with the Tories winning David Cameron was the PM) and having to bring on board the Liberal Democrats to gain the majority.  And it worked just fine.  So a small party of 12 seats gets to be a important part of the government.  Unlike here in California where the democrats have a "super majority" and do not need to talk to anyone else to ram their agenda down our throats, the Brits will have to talk to the LibDems.

So my view is the Tories will do just fine and their manifesto will be in force.  There are some Tories that will now have to be listened to like Boris Johnson.  He is a strong voice on immigration.  And the Brits will be easing out of the EU and it is better to have them in charge than the Labour party.  That party is now in charge of a communist!  All in all it will be fun to watch the BBC gnash their teeth in disbelief that the Tories won.  Good luck to Theresa May and the Tories, they get as much respect as Trump does from the leftwing media in America.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

D-Day June 6, 1944. Thank you men for saving the world

All those brave boys storming Fortress Europe.  Americans, Canadians, Brits, French, Poles, all fighting to rid the planet of fascism.  Hitler had less than a year left.  To those who remain in the cemetaries of France and Belgium and the Netherlands, your souls are safe in Heaven.  Thanks you for being so brave and willing to risk your own lives for us. I only hope that the Europeans remember who saved them.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Liberal apologists are on the job

Is it any wonder we saw a sea change in the election of Donald Trump?  A man who tells us he will protect us as best he can?  Saturday he made a statement from the Ford Theater on the latest vile attack on people by Islamic terrorists in London.  Of course he said these very things during the election campaign while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wanted to "dialog" with those terrorists.  People know the difference.

But we seem to have a slice of America that thinks playing patty-cake with the killers is all we need to get along.  If we are "nice" to them, don't call them what they are they will leave us alone.  Well, we have seen this tactic fail repeatedly in Europe and elsewhere.  The first time I saw this failure was in Bali, Indonesia.  It was a favorite tourist destination and the people living there were peaceful and welcoming.  The terrorists attacked and murdered 202 people with bombs and other tools of death. Most of the dead were from Australia.  And we all got to see the indiscriminate murder of innocents.

But even after the downing of our Twin Towers in 2001 the left made excuses for those killers.  Oh "what did we do to piss them off" said many liberals and apologists.  And that attitude by the left is on display every time there is an attack.  Europe has tried to walk the line of not making it appear they are concerned the killers are of the Islamic faith.  Every time I listen to a European leader speak on immigration I say to myself "are you nuts"?  They let these people in as they seem concerned about the birth rates and replacement people for their countries.  But how can they not see they are bringing in people that refuse to assimilate into their culture and lifestyles?  They are committing suicide!

The terrorists in many cases are first generation jihadi’s who never assimilated and never learned the values of life itself.  They practice the culture of death.  But how many innocent children will die because the leaders there don't want to be called bigots?  When you look at the numbers worldwide I say to myself who is really the bigot?  There are 1.6 billion practitioners of Islam and we hear that 20% like Jihad and beheadings.  So 300 million people want you to lose your head.    But our western civilization still tries to be PC in the face of this threat.  And the liberals and the left make excuses for them.

Here in America, we are a little bit more pragmatic but not much.  Last week Kathy Griffin held up the bloody head of a Donald Trump look-a-like and all hell broke loose.  Even in little Nevada County, we saw blowback to the despicable act by Griffith.  And then we heard the apology and my goodness, we white males made her do it!  That is the latest mantra of failed people in America.  Whether some women or people of color, if they fail or are caught doing something untoward.  They blame those "old white males" for causing them to stray.  Excuses galore.  But what does that get them?  To me, a "white male" it gets them excoriation.  They cannot accept that sometimes failure happens and it may be their own fault.  But now they have a reason other than their own shortcomings for their failures.  ME! 

Somehow the "white males" especially the old ones, are to blame for the lack of success for these snowflakes.  But those moms and dad's that work hard every day to give themselves and their kids a chance in this competitive world are now the reason for defeat.  I could care less what color or religion and gender (two) you are, you have the capability to succeed in this country.  If you can't move to Europe and complain.  They will take care of you.  They will let you live well as long as you complain.

Are we getting sick of all this blame game?  I try to do my part in exposing these whiny snowflakes who can't seem to accept personal responsibility.  But there are so many it is hard to keep up.  And then the media types, 95% voted liberal, spread the "shame".  Here in  California politicians even let felons out of prison as they feel guilty these lovelies got caught.  Oh my we need to lessen the sentences for crack over powder cocaine.  And the death penalty?  The killers did not give a little girl a chance at life yet we spend an inordinate amount of money to "save" these killers from justice.  Hell, the left even tries to make the point that it costs more to execute a killer than to house them for the rest of their lives.  And some people believe that!

If the Western World does not wake up and get back to the reality of life we will become extinct.  If people want to live in the West they must assimilate.  If they don't the countries will see the erosion of their culture and the death of civilization.  We have to stop making excuse for those acts of depravity.  And we must boot out of power anyone that gives these people PC protection.  We must fight hard for survival.  The hope of the world is here in America.  We are the shining light of freedom and the importance of the individual and his/her life.  We practice life not death.  But the excuse makers don't have a clue that if we fail, they will be the first people stood up against the wall.  You want the Iranians in charge?  Assad?

We need to get tough with the rules on becoming an American.  Sign a pledge, bring in assets and learn the language.  No more "diversity is our strength” BS.  Americans are a distinct people and if you want to live here you must become a flag saluting, oath taking English speaking citizen.  Nothing less will save our country from the abyss of depraved people making excuses for murdering the innocents.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump Blamed for Portland Killers Murders, Obama had many more

Deranged Kathy Griffith
Honestly I am not surprised with the Trump Derangement Syndrome as shown by the news, both paper and TV.  Today's Union had an article on the heinous Portland murders and as I read it it did not take long for the Mayor and others of the city to blame Trump.  Page A8 had a picture of the killer wearing a flag and supposedly attending a "Patriot" rally.  Down in the story, the writers start their association between this nut and Trump's words and policies.

Now I have tried to get this logic and am unable to put their two and two together.,  The reporter quotes anonymous people saying because Trump wants to get immigration under control he "has caused those racist demons to stir again".  Meaning Portland was once the "skinhead" capital of the west.  So his, Trump's, desire to get a handle on terrorism, immigration and build the wall caused this killer to murder two and almost kill a third man.  (I wonder the registration of those murdered men).  If they are not democrats but Republicans that would blow up the specious argument of the reporter, right?)

So we have a killer, that if he was a brown man killing white people would be called a "lone wolf" and not part of a bigger group plotting the demise of western civilization.  Yet now we see the reports linking the killer to "white supremacists" and the demise of all races but whites.  The logic of these biased reporters is endless.  The man is nuts and should have been incarcerated long before this terrible incident.  Yet the policies of the liberal, progressive city and state of Portland, Oregon kept him free.  So who is truly to blame?  Maybe the politicians of the state of Oregon and Portland need to look in the mirror rather than at Washington DC and President Trump?

The press has the idea that Trump's policies and words are to blame.  Yet for eight years we listened to the pacifist Obama and his use of words meant to deny the truth about Islamic killers.  As well as the daily murders of black on black in Chicago.  He refused to call them what we all knew they are.  Soft approach was Obama's deal.  But look!  Murders galore.  So how come Obama never got the blame or tarnished by these wimpass reporters for the murders of so many Americans?  Bias in another direction.  I can't even recall one story that laid the blame for murders of Americans at Obama's feet for use of "soft" language.  But the murders still took place.  Boston, Fort Hood, Times Square and many more.

These kind of stories are why Americans are fed up with the lying and biased press.  We don't believe you and we don't agree with your lack of logic.  You are fast to blame Trump and anyone on the right while denying the same treatment to the left.  My goodness, so called comedian, Kathy Griffith holds a bloody head up representing Trump ala ISIS and you all blow right by that.  And bury it as quick as possible.  How many nuts will take that picture and use it as a justification for violence?  We will never hear of that connection by the leftwing press.  

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reminded me of Planet of the Apes 1969

North Korea is a wasteland for the most part.  It leftwing dictator Kim Jong Un, grandson of the founder of this mess likes to erect statues of himself and his relatives.  When I saw this picture I thought this was from that movie with Charlton Heston.  Where the great ape founder of Apeland had a statue of himself. What do you think?