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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Let's fix the place. My Top Ten, more to come!

I know we all sit around and yap about the planet's and countries condition, right?  We also think we all have the answers to what ails America, its people and its culture.  Its government too.  Well here are my top ten fixes for what ails us and in no particular order.  I can't wait for the wailing and gnashing of liberals teeth.  What a hoot in advance.

1.  Abolish the IRS and replace tax collection with a consumption tax of no more than ten percent. (A few wirte-offs will stay)

2.    Abolish property taxes and replace with a consumption tax of no more than eight percent.

3.   Return all power and responsibility of the K-12 educational system to the counties.

4.    Replace the SCOTUS decision of Reynolds v Sims with a return to County election of their Senators in their respective State Legislatures.

5.    Abolish Civil Service and Government Unions at all levels of government in the USA.

6.  Require a true "balanced budget" every year or all legislators will be removed and elections called.

7.    Require all Americans at at High School graduation to do military service for two years. (with exemptions of course)

8.    No bill adding one dollar to the cost of doing private business will be legal.  Review every 10 years.

9.    Remove the Federal EPA and Education Departments.  (There are many more)

10.    Loser pays in lawsuits.

In the next round I like death by firing squad to drug dealers selling to children.  I think we need to carry out the death penalty of murders oin a timely fashion.  Like two years after conviction.  Regulations that impede on your property rights should be null and void or fully paid for.  No Commerce Clause interference if wholly within a State.  ETC!

So this is a start from my pea brain.  Why don't you think about your fondness wishes on making the place better and let me know on the comments section.  I have many many more but I would rather others jump in and discuss their favorites.


  1. This promises to be an interesting discussion Todd. I would add the Constitutional Amendment that has been circulating for several years that would require our Congress to be subject to every law the people are, and the people receive every perk that Congress does. We need to force Congress to stop doing things to us, and start doing things for us.

    1. Is it true all congress guys have permanent Obamacare. Even if we nix it?

  2. Average Citizen, I agree. Instead of representing themselves by dishing up special wealth and privileges for themselves...they should by treated the same as those they claim to represent. Amazing, but it's very human to follow the leader...after all remember kids saying "everybody does it" making it right to do wrong. BMW

  3. Specifics are always good. Require a bit of explanation on how #1 and 2 would be applied. Also would overturn SCOTUS on popular election of federal senators to Congress, and return to their being elected by state legislatures. And as you say, there are 'many more'.

  4. Things have gotten so bad for the FUE after being shunned at RR and having his sock puppets outed that he cant even get a comment on his cesspool about the unions Bordman! I guess his couple of readers thought the shunning included the FUE's own page. What a hoot!

    1. That local democrat moron Moores apparently commented on my comment on praising Boardman's column today. What a hoot!

  5. Cartman has been reduced to trolling for face book friends and Moores is the newest. Cartman will give him an education on his issues and Moores will move on like the rest of the county. lol

  6. Facebook comments? There was one. One.

  7. Jeff Pelline needs to show so badly that he is relevant that crows about getting a single comment on Facebook. Nobody cares. They are all reading The Union for their local news.

  8. Susie Cunningham Bavo: I'm pretty sure Boardman is is The Union just for his demographic, certainly not for his enlightened thinking.

    Yesterday at 08:24

    The only comment on Pelline's Facebook page...yet he portrays on his blog that there were multiple. What a liar.

  9. How come after 2 comments on this posting everyone starts talking about FUE? What/Who is FUE?
    Does #7 include girls?
    1 and 2 add up to 18% man that seems high. What about the fire tax? I really like the firemen here.
    #6 what happens if it hist and there is elections and the next group is so baffled they do the same thing? I don't know what you think but new congress people have about zero chance of making any decisions.

    " I think we need to carry out the death penalty of murders oin a timely fashion."

    Even Texas where it seems once a week DNA proves some guy innocent? That's Texas and we know they are a little nuts for killing people.

    1. The FUE is a failed editor of the local newspaper. The idiot can't even make it work at what he calls a "podunk" county full of "podunk" people.

      If possible I believe no one convicted of murder should be killed if the DNA does not match. So all should supply it for their own protection.


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