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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SBC 990's 2002-2009, you decide if they are worthwhile use of our taxpayers money

Over the last couple of years I have endured the self important musings of Steve Frisch, CEO of a non profit called the Sierra Business Council.  Now understand, I have nothing against the SBC or even this Frisch character since I have never met either one.  What has inspired me to do a bit of research om the I.R.S. filings, the 990's, is the ever glowing reports of how great Frisch says he and the SBC are.  Well after his challenge to go look at his organizations returns I did.   I decided to put some of the information here for others to make their own determination whether the SBC is important or no more than a scam on the taxpayers.

There are usually 20 plus pages to the filings and the only one that did not contain that many pages was 2007.  It contained only two pages.  If there are more I would ask someone to point me to them.  There is also no return for 2010.  That was the year that Mr. Frisch was actively campaigning against the passage of Proposition 23.  I am waiting breathlessly for the return which will show us all the percentage claimed for politicking.  What do you think?  Maybe all those meetings, letters and campaign appearances, emails, editorials etc, will add up too how much?

Greg Goodknight has asked Mr. Frisch if the membership and assets are up or down.  Mr. Frisch gave a glowing report on another blog about how well SBC is doing and it is gaining members and money.  He also claims his non-profit is not using much taxpayers money, you know, grants, loans and other government stuff.  You can look at the numbers and percentages gleaned from his returns and you make the call.

In 2002 the bottom line was a surplus of over six million bucks and by 2009 it was upside down.  Where dd all that money go?  It appears mostly to wages and benefits.  There is a check off box on the returns which ask the preparer if they are required to post a Schedule B, a list of the contributors.  The SBC checks the NO box.  I would like to know why we taxpayers don't get to see the contributors.  Could there be some folks they don't want us to see?  Maybe a bunch of liberal organizations?  Is the Tides Foundation in here?  How about a Soros outfit? Well, unless Mr. Frisch wants to become transparent with all the money givers I suppose we will just ave to guess.  Yep, his calls for transparency don't trickle down to his organization I guess.

 That goes for a listing of all his members too.  I have listed the total dues for teh 2002-2009 returns.  What does that amount too as regards the total number of members, you know, his claims for businesses all up and down the Sierras.  Could there be a lot of San Francisco liberals in there?

If you want to look at the returns here is the link.  When you get to the Attorney Generals site, just type in Sierra Business Council in the name box and it will take you to the returns, listed by most current downward. .

Here are the dollar amounts I gleaned regarding the Dues.

2004-$161,358,  this was on line 3
2006-No listing I could find
2007-No listing, only a two page return

It looks like the SBC may be losing members?

The following is the amount of public financing as a percentage of the total SBC operations each year.  It looks like the taxpayers supply quite a lot of money. These were listed on each return.

2006-None shown
2007-None shown

I would suggest if anyone wants to verify these numbers gleaned from the returns to go check it yourself.  This non-profit is a great example of what is truly wrong with the non-profit system.  Some people call these kinds of organizations no better than a money laundering scheme (though I don't think SBC is), and the laws should be changed to ensure they can't be abused.  Many of these kinds of organizations are viewed as a Job opportunity for liberals who can't find a private sector job and a repository for campaign workers who take time off to go campaign for other candidates or issues.  Sure, many say this is truly just a full time, taxpayers funded way to keep a cadre of workers but it would take a much more motivated person researching the folks to determine if that is true.

When a person is as strident as Steve Frisch is about how wonderful and important his SBC is I must ask, how does the SBC help our country in any way?  It appears to me, when I read the list of programs on the returns (to justify what?), that there really is no good use to the taxpayer or the community for the SBC.  It looks to me reading the returns that it shuffles a lot of paper.  So, read the numbers and you taxpayers out there determine if these kinds of non profits are worthwhile using your money or not.

Go to the Rebane Ruminations at ,  and go down to the Frisch screed at 3:21 PM on November 13 and then you decide if he is a BSer or not.  I think you will see he is a BSer.


  1. Todd, I had never questioned anything about Frisch's source of income. Maybe I should have. But then I usually think the best of people when I don't have any particular reason to think otherwise. This provides reasons. This is a glowing example of how the lazy self-serving interests of a lot of Liberals takes advantage of hard working, tax-paying private sector people. Rather than dwell on how offensive this is to me I prefer to consider just how miserable it must be to live life relying on how you can take advantage of others, legitimatized by phony social conscience, instead of enjoying the satisfaction of achievement and self reliance.

    Sad, really sad.

  2. Very true BW. I wonder how much more efficient the so-called prograsms SBC is spending taxpayers money on could be done by the private sector?

  3. OK so I looked at what SBC claims to be their "services". After listening to days and days of endless diatribe along these lines I get the impression this organization is a no-growth community organizing group that makes itself available to be purchased for reducing the amount of opposition to development by other local no-growth groups working in concert with SBC. This of course in trade for financial support of SBC's principal's political interest so as to facilitate further government funding to finance their salaries. Kinda like a "protection" service.

    Can you fine tune that for me Todd?

  4. No need to fine tune BW, you have done an excellent job!

  5. Todd, good post. It is important to point out again that these kinds of non-profits are employers of last resort to a large cohort of workers who literally have nothing to contribute to the positive wealth creation side of our economy. The naturally attract the kind of ideologues who will worship at the foot of government subsidies, grants, awards, ..., and do everything possible to keep wealth redistribution going. They are the recipients.

  6. Todd: Good report. Nowadays, non-profits are funded less by personal contributions and more by the taxpayers (i.e. the government pick the winners and the losers). The statistics that you have provided show that SBC cannot function without public money. Charitable organizations should survive or fail based on charitable contributions given by a free people. I want the ability to choose which charitable organizatinos which I want to support. Right now, as a taxpayer, the government is forcing me to support SBC, SYRCL, APPLE, and other. It is wrong and a misuse of taxpayer dollars.

  7. Barry how true. SBC is the poster child for government handouts. 99% of their income is now from the taxpayers. That is the main reason the CEO should be investigated for political activity. How can a person getting 99% of their salary from the government not be considered a government employee?

  8. Barry, how about misusing taxpayer money's by using voter data based (from your wife's office, the illustrious Mr McClintock) to make personal attacks on people?

    I'd be more worried about your own personal actions before I start casting stones!

    M. Mooers

  9. Barry, this lib is all over the place trying to intimidate and he is sooo funny. Smoke on the water leads to delusional postings. What a hoot!

  10. Steve Frisch. LOL! I will respect George Rebane's comment to leave that poor bastard Steve Frisch alone on his blog. I simply asked how Frisch got no jail time for doing the same thing this Wu woman did this last week. Frisch is in the Recorder's office public files as a person liened for not paying payroll taxes. His wife is also listed time after time. This all apparently happened with his Passages restaurant in the early 90's.

    Now I see Frisch is posting some threats for various things said about his records in the Recorders office. It appears to me (I am no lawyer) that the things Frisch did are the same as Wu did. Not paying payroll taxes for the withholding of the employees taxes. Liens and other issues from the EDD of California. So instead of clearing up the issue, Frisch is now threatening George and Moi. Of course the truth is the best defense and all I seek is an explanation of why Frisch had no jail time like Wu? Then again, maybe he did and I will have to check the files back then to see if he was in or out.

    1. You should link to the Wu story so people can see you are really talking about the obvious fact the grant mooching troll in Truckee is the same as her. He should be treated the same and shunned by the community. Has anyone anywhere tried to defend this Wu character? Nothing from the lefty set for sure. OH I get it she supported the progressive causes and events, until other peoples money ran out. LOL

    2. Good idea. Now read her story then go to the recorders website and look up Steven Frisch. You tell us the difference. Exposing him made him claim I was trying to intimidate him. Jeeze what baby.

    3. Now apparently Frisch is trying to say if he posted that someone was a child molester that Rebane would leave it. Now why would the desperate fellow say that? He is listed numerous times in the Recorders public records as a tax chart and sao that is "true"! I seems the Frisch is now trying to make up some stuff that is of course, untrue so as to divert. What a guy!

    4. Who did the grant whore hear that from? His and the purple hippos dear friend and commie hero Terry Lamphier? LOL

  11. Hey has everyone read the whiner Steve Frisch crying like a baby over on RR? What a turd sucker. LOL! Anyway, I call him now Truckee's "village idiot" for his constantly trying to justfy his tax issues which are very similar to Ms. Wu's here in Nevada City. Does anyone know if he did time in the hoosegow?

  12. That SBC guy Frisch is happy to play the purple hippos game and slime others all the time but is a big puss because he can not take it for doing way worse than those they slime.

  13. Screw you guys, I know you watch everything I do, eyes everywhere I go probing, judging and rejecting. But the up side is you are watching ME! The most important thing to happen to this county since gold. You bunch of po dunks think you are so special with your stupid family values.

    My Family values were the size of my trust fund, that's funny, trust fund. My family never trusted me because I always claimed to know important people who I happened to breathe the same air with.

    Gotta run, my pre bed roast beef is ready. Henry the eighth was a po dunk piker, watch me consume, no don't, it makes kids cry and people throw up. Ta Ta for now nothings.

    PS Big Todd, thanks for the food porn!

    1. Golly this article is about the Truckee shyster. And not about you. LOL!

    2. Everything revolves around me podunkers!

    3. Just like the planets around that gigantic sun! LOL!

    4. From the picture of the grazing FUE it looks like its more of a gigantic moon! No light there just darkness of the soul, its the narcissistic kind LOL

    5. He scares off the potential people coming here I bet. They are looking for light!


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